Wednesday, June 23, 2010


BUT…I don’t foresee that happening.  We do many fun things, I take tons of pics, but I fail at the follow through!  This summer is flying by fast and furious.  I was prepared with tons of activities for us to do which has made all the difference.  Here are a few pics of what we have been up to…Lots of our time has been spent in our backyard paradise, but I have yet to upload all the pictures…that is next post!

Hide and Seek: Mason showed Madelyn where to hide then he FOUND her!! He still loves to tell people where to find him!

Pool 067

Splash Park Fun: Ok we don’t have THAT in our backyard, but we met up with some friends and had a BLAST!!!

Spring2010 226 Spring2010 228

BEP Concert at the RODED…whish was a WHILE ago, but WAS AWESOME from the Action Seats!!!

Spring2010 161 Spring2010 171

Mason’s T-Ball Party: They had a blast shooting the water guns, playing on the Swing Set (SHHH….but that is what we are getting Mason for his birthday :) and bouncing on the bounce house!

 Spring2010 240 Spring2010 255

A trip to Austin to visit my parents and dinner with my 2 cousins: Spring2010 239

Me and Marcus’ trip to Jamaica with friends….THE ONLY PIC I TOOK :( out our room door straight to the beach :)

Beach vaca2010 001

Daddy’s big Soccer and Football Game with his company.  Marcus WAS the halftime show!! He bet he could catch a pass against a former college football player.  He was given 7 tries…HE DID IT on the 3rd try :) Mason and Madelyn loved watching Daddy in action! Marcus scored in soccer and football…MVP!!!!

Beach vaca2010 022 Beach vaca2010 005 Beach vaca2010 021 Beach vaca2010 024 Beach vaca2010 026 Beach vaca2010 033

Many boat rides around the neighborhood:  We love to take the boat around feeding the fish and ducks…the kids love driving with daddy! 

april 426 april 427

Surprise Party for Daddy:  Marcus turned 31 and I threw him a surprise party and he was surprised!!! We did not do much for his 30th so I wanted to do something FUN FUN for this year.  I GOT HIM GOOD! It was so much fun planning his Casino themed party!!!  I had it at our clubhouse.  I rented a casino company to come and have black jack, craps, and poker tables there.  I had Mexican food for dinner and we partied all night!  We had a great turnout…even his two brokers from Connecticut and Kentucky were there!!! 

The Cake                                                  Let the games begin

cake games

Guests                                                              Mr. Bartender

guests bar

Arriving…                                                Singing happy birthday SHOCKED

arriving SHOCKED

Playing black jack                                      Serious Poker game going

gamess poker

At the end of the night….Melanie was the BIG winner.  I gave a prize to the person who WON the most “money” and Melanie hit the big jackpot!!! 

More to come as we stay busy busy busy this summer….