Monday, July 30, 2007

The invitations are ordered.....

WOW!! How fast this year has flown! In just a few short weeks my lil guy, bubba, my love will turn 1. How did that happen??? It seems like yesterday I was preparing for his arrival, yet at the same time it feels like he has been a part of our family forever!! Mason IS the BEST. There are so many things I already miss about him from when he was newborn, yet I absolutely LOVE watching Mason grow, learn, and explore. I can see it in his eyes, he is curious, caring, interested, and amazed with the world around him.


  • when he plays with my neclace

  • when he looks into my eyes and gives me a huge smile

  • when he runs up to my leg and hugs me

  • when Marcus gets home and Mason runs to his dad and his face lights up

  • when he talks as he is going to sleep

  • when he wants a drink or something to eat he comes up to me and takes out his passy

  • when he plays peek a boo with me

  • when he says ma ma ma ma when he is ready to get out of bed

  • when he rolls over and plays with my nose (not hard to miss :) to wake me up when we nap together

  • when he holds out his hand for me to walk with him

  • when runs and lays his hed on me when he is tired and ready for his nap

  • when he laughs when we feed him pizza (he could eat a whole slice or two!!)

  • how he hugs his bear and leans in to give him a kiss

  • how he smiles at others until they smile back at him

  • how he squints his face to smile

  • how he laughs when he eats something new that he likes

  • how he lays his head on my chest when he wants to rest

  • to stare at him and tell him I love you as many times a day as I can!

I can't even wrap my mind around how fast he has grown and changed in just a YEAR. I have ordered his birthday invitations and I guess I am "ready" for his 1st birthday, but I will be in tears thinking how fast my lil guy is growing right before my eyes. One day he will be taller than me, picking me up, and hopefully taking care of me when I am old and gray, but for now....I am enjoying every lil precious moment together and realize how BLESSED I am to be Mason's mom!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Obstruction of Tear Duct

So when was your first eye doctor's appt.? I can't remember when mine was or even if I have had any other that the eye checks at elementary school. Mason had his first eye doctor's appt. last week. At 9 months!! I never thought I would be taking my lil guy to the eye doctor for a while, but it came sooner that I had expected. At his 9 month check up I told the doctor that Mason has had a watering left eye now for almost a month. His left eye would water tons and when he would cry it would POOR out tears unlike his right one. It did not seem right to me so I mentioned it to his doc. He recommended me to an eye doc so we went to see what was up. I just expected him to say "It is a blocked duct....give him eye drops and he will be fine" Well that was far from what he said. He did say it was a blocked duct, but he would have to open up the obstruction or he would eventually get bad eye infections :( He explained that all infants have closed ducts but are opened by 6 months of age and if they don't then the doc would have to open the duct. Well.....that is what we did today......we went back to the eye doctor and he opened his tear duct which he said was VERY clogged.

Here is how the procedure went.....MOM very WORRIED and dad by their sides, Mason was put into a pappoose (like a straight jacket for infants) so he could not move. Then the doc went in through his duct with a NEEDLE!!!!!!! No medication for Mason at all!! We were in the room with him to give him comfort...or as much comfort as you can give a little one in a pappoose with a needle coming right for your eye. Anyways, the procedure took about one minute and he opened the duct. Now for the rest of the week we have to watch to make sure the duct doesn't close again, and if it does this means we have to put Mason under and put a tube in his duct so it drains!! My poor guy!! Who ever knew of this????? I cried the whole time he was getting the procedure done, however Mason did not make a peep until he was poked. Not while he was restrained or after it was over. They said he would probably sleep......NO not my lil guy he was happy and ready to play :) His eye is fine and I pray that the procedure works and he doesn't have to get the tube in his eye. He was AMAZING through the whole thing!!!