Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This summer our Schultz family vaca was to Mexico!!  We are a family that LOVES the beach and who can complain when you are headed to Mexico!  It was so much fun, relaxing, and the kids always love getting to spend non stop play days with their grandparents!  They love love love to wear them out ;)And the grandparents love to spoil the kids!  We did lots of relaxing by the beach, playing on the water slides, eating, and building sand castles!  Mason loved Cancun….the waves were high and he loved trying to jump and surf them!  Madelyn likes the more calm waters, but had a great time digging in the sand and playing on the Pirate ship with DD.  Their most favorite this summer was their TATTOOS!  This vacation was the beginning of many fun tattoos and hair braiding for Madelyn.  Mason had a blast sky riding with Daddio in this car parasail…something neither of them had done before and they both loved it!  Madelyn and I had fun swimming with the dolphins!  Mason wanted to just watch, but Madelyn loved petting them and giving them kisses :) Each summer we look forward to our next family vacation with the Schultz crew!

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