Monday, August 28, 2006


Mason's Nursery is finally completed. I put the finishing touches in the room today. I do have a quilt being finished and will pick that up Wednesday. I could not upload all the pictures on the blog so here is a website I have created for him with the pictures on it. Take a look :) I absolutely love the room!! I love to go sit in there and imagine what it is going to be like with him here.


37 Week appointment

I had my 37 week appointment today. I was crossing my fingers for some more good news. I am now a little over 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced. My doctor said Mason had dropped...that explains the constant pain I am feeling :) She thinks she will see me deliver by LABOR DAY !!! WOW, that is so soon! I can't even imagine that possibly next week I will have my lil boy in my arms. We shall see if she is right. I better go pack my bags....

Monday, August 21, 2006

36 week update

Today I went to my 36 week dr. appt. I had tons of questions and wanted to hear good news. Well the best news was that I had only gained 1 pound in the last two weeks!! That was a plus considering what I had gained 2 weeks ago!!!!!!! It looks like Mason is not quite ready to come see us yet. My doctor did an exam (WOW! that did not feel good at all) and I am 1 cm but not effaced. She felt his head and said he moved it. It looks like I will have a couple more weeks to go until we meet Mason. If he doesn't come with in 3-31/2 weeks she is looking at inducing on September 14th. I hope he decides to make his arrival sooner though. She said I am looking at about a 7 lb baby boy :) It's a waiting game now!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bragging about my 2 MEN!!

1st: A lot has gone on in the past couple of weeks with my lil guy. At my appt. a few weeks ago I went to the doc. She measured my belly and I was not measuring. I was a couple weeks behind. It made me so nervous, so she sent me to ultrasound. It was awesome I got to see Mason again for the 5th time. When they measured him in ultrasound he was measuring in the belly, just not sure why my belly was not measuring on the outside. At that appt. he was 4lbs and moving all around. The doc said he was going to be a lil baby probably max 7 lbs. I went to my 34 week appt. yesterday and they scheduled me for another ultrasound (now my 6th which doesn't happen often). The picture above is of Mason yesterday. They measured him again to see if he was still growing and on target and we was. I was so glad to see him and hear he was a growing boy. He now weighs over 5lbs. The ultrasound lady said she saw a little hair on his precious head. He has never been a thumb sucker (or at least when I have had an ultrasound), but for pretty much the whole time we saw him he was holding his big toe and bringing it close to his head. It was too cute!! The countdown is on. I can't wait for his arrival. I guess I should pack my hospital bag soon.

2nd: Marcus has worked for BP (British Petroleum) ever since he was out of college. He is a natural gas trader. He absolutely loves his job and is great at it. I guess when you are gambling with other people's money it can't get better than that right?? Anyways, we have been waiting for a few weeks to hear about this new job position he interviewed for with a new company BG (British Gas). We finally heard last week that he got the job. It is a a great opportunity for him and I am very proud of him. He starts next week. The only downside is that he will have to drive to the Galleria area in Houston for work, which will probably take an extra 15 min or so to get there. This is a great move for him and us and I can't be more proud of him!


Here are pictures from my team shower they threw me. I absolutely love them! It was very hard to resign and not go back. We all got along and had a great time. The last picture is of the whole team. From left to right: Charla, Jennifer, Lynne, Susie (who I have worked with since I started, my mentor, believe it or not she is the same age as my mom!!, but doesn't look like it), me, Kelly (she is my age and was hired the same time I was and we have become great friends and have always worked on the same teams together), Kim. The shower was for all my friends from school. I was unsure of how many would come since it was in the summer and people are usually on vacation. I was so excited to see the many people who came and showed their love for me. Now that everyone is back at school and I am at home it is hard. I have already visited many times and gone to lunch with everyone. They were my family for 4 years and it is weird not to go back. Someone else is in my old room and that was real hard to see. I know they will miss me and I will for sure be a constant visitor all the time. I LOVE THEM!!