Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Port A

This summer we headed down to Port A with Marcus’ parents.  Marcus grandparents bought a condo there when he was young and he grew up vacationing there.  We had a blast relaxing by the beach, swimming, and cruising around town in a golf cart!  Besides a few minor mishaps (getting stuck in the sand with the golf cart, and Mason puking all night the second night) We had a GREAT TIME surfing the waves!!!


And were off…ready to hit the beach

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Mason was so excited about the waves at the beach…he was ready to jump and surf!  Madelyn…she is still not too fond of the sand, but we did take her in the water and she did enjoy the waves splashing her! 

sept11 028 sept11 030 sept11 156sept11 032

After a quick dip in the ocean…we were hungry…so what better place to have a quick bite right of the beach!  HOWEVER….we drove right into thick sand and got stuck!  Finally, after several pushes and a piece of cardboard and about 30minutes we were out :) 

sept11 037 sept11 039 sept11 042 sept11 044 sept11 047 sept11 052

YUM….what better than a melting chocolate fudge bar after dinner :)

sept11 055 sept11 056 sept11 058 sept11 059

The next morning we went of a dolphin watching tour.  We headed down to the pier and off we went!  It was great weather…cloudy and not too hot!  We saw several dolphins and a light house.  After a few minutes into the tour…Madelyn “I have to go potty” SERIOUSLY…I just took you right before we got on the boat!!  Thanks goodness the boat was equipped with a port-a-potty! We got it all set and Madelyn relieved herself!  After seeing several dolphins and enjoying a nice boat ride we headed back to the condo! 

sept11 064 sept11 071 sept11 074 sept11 075 sept11 077 sept11 082 sept11 086 sept11 092 sept11 099 sept11 107 sept11 120 sept11 123 sept11 128 sept11 130 sept11 134 sept11 136 sept11 138 sept11 148

After several chocolate donuts, chocolate milk, chocolate cake and tons of other junk food…Mason woke up sick ALL NIGHT!  The next day he was puny, but we still managed to have a blast by the pool and at the beach :)

Saturday, October 01, 2011

September 8th

Seriously….5 yrs old!!! My boy is 5!!!  This year we weren’t going to have a party for him (GASP), but at last minute I threw a little shin dig together for him and a few of his friends.  He wanted BATMAN…so Batman it was :)  He enjoyed his “party” at Clay’s Restaurant!!!  I didn’t have to lift a finger and that was NICE :)  I believe the kids had a great time too!  They ran around, fed the animals, had a pinata, ate, had cake….fun times!

 Sept11 010Sept11 009  Sept11 011 Sept11 018 Sept11 032 Sept11 033 Sept11 040 Sept11 052 Sept11 061 Sept11 062 Sept11 066 Sept11 079 Sept11 080 Sept11 085 Sept11 092 Sept11 095 Sept11 108 Sept11 110


  • loves school
  • loves soccer
  • has the sweetest heart…loves his little sister
  • loves to dress up as superheroes
  • loves to cut, draw, paint, write letters
  • can ride his bike without training wheels
  • likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Tom and Jerry, Batman, Robin, Captain America
  • loves for me to put him to bed every night
  • doesn’t take naps
  • just realized he has allergy induced asthma :(
  • loves the beach, sand, waves, building sand castles, being buried in sand…anything beach :)
  • makes friends easily….every day at school walking down the hall several kids yell out “HI MASON” several I have to ask him….who is that? :)
  • has a very active imagination (His teachers have told me several WHOPPERS Mason has told them :) 
  • He loves to skateboard, jump on his pogo stick (very random birthday requests)  He was able to buy the pogo stick with his birthday money :)
  • loves to play catch and hit baseballs with daddy
  • Can’t wait to ride the bus to kindergarten next year
  • still had meltdowns like a 2 yr old! 
  • does simple math…adding and subtracting
  • starting to learn sight words to read
  • loves to practice writing his name and other letters
  • loves loves loves chocolate milk
  • will try MOST dishes I put in front of him…loves shrimp and crab legs and mini corndogs
  • favorite color orange (for today)
  • will be Batman or Captain America for Halloween
  • is very serious at times you wonder if he is really having fun….only to find out he was having a blast!
  • loves laser tag
  • not afraid of heights (he will be the one to ride the roller coasters with me)
  • DOESN’T KNOW WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD IN MARCH…it’s a SURPRISE…at least for as long as I can keep the secret :)
  • he is very sneaky….loves to sneak downstairs and make surprise gifts for us (a baggy with a treat usually batman chewys in it)
  • loves to help me grocery shop…likes to help load and unload the groceries :) 

I know I am leaving out tons….but I could go on and on!  Happy 5th Dude!