Thursday, November 30, 2006

I've Been A Good Boy

The countdown is on.....25 days till Mason's First Christmas and almost a year ago when I found out I was pregnant. Boy does time fly. He has already had his first trip, first Halloween, first Thanksgiving and now in 25 days his first Christmas. If you can't read on his hat it says "I've been a good boy" and that rings true!! I could not have asked for a more precious gift. He has been sleeping through the night for almost a month now, he is always smiling, and he is my heart!! I could not imaging my life without him. He is stuck with us forever!!!

This week he has especially been a really good boy. His Uncle Monte is moving to Houston and he came to town for the week to look for a place to live before he starts his job next Monday. Monte, Mason, and I all week have been busy apartment huting, furniture shopping, and mall shopping for work clothes!! Mason tagged along all week and was a real trooper. Here are a few pictures of Mason today while we were furniture shopping. He was all smiles which warmed my heart on such a cold cold day.

*I am looking for a My first Christmas ornament and have not found the perfect one yet....if anyone knows of any place let me know.....I want something maybe personalized and for sure with the date on it. I have searched and searched and I am running out of ideas.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dress Up

Only once in Mason's life will I ever get to play dress up with him......when he can't talk!! He tries to talk but I just pretend he is telling me how much he loves me and what a great mom I am instead of "stop dressing me up I just want to hang out in my diaper" One thing Mason is not lacking of is clothes. I find something new everyday. I have forgotten all the clothes he recieved from his showers and ones I bought when I was pregnant. I want him to get to wear all his clothes at least once, ya know. He also has more shoes than me!! The ones he has on are Robeez and they are wonderful....they can't kick them off and they seem very comfortable. He has quite a few pair of these, they come in all colors and different styles. My little man is getting so big I just can't believe my eyes when I look at him. I love every little piece of heart overflows with joy to have him in my life.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Road Trip

This past weekend Mason took his first road trip. WOW!!! There is so much you have to pack for a lil one....I almost forgot I had to pack for myself :) We went to Austin to visit my sister and to do a little shopping. My mom came too!! She rode with Mason and me to Austin. Mason was a real trooper. He slept the whole way in the car. My mom, sister and I went shopping in San Marcus on Monday while Papa (my dad) kept Mason. They had a little boy day of pooping, playing, and most imporantly sleeping. On Monday night Aunt Laura and Uncle Matthew came to see him. He just loved their company. She was so cute with him....he remembered her from when she first saw him only 2 days old. We all had a fun shopping, relaxing, and just hanging out in Austin and we are ready for the holidays. I can't believe only a short week until it is Thanksgiving.

These past two months have been a whirlwind. I can't believe how fast time flies. In my last couple weeks of pregnancy I thought a minute felt like an eternity and now the minutes fly by so quickly. It has been a blessing to have Mason in our lives and we are lucky to have such a wonderful baby. Each day I love making him smile. I can't wait till we will be watching our little guy play baseball, football, or whatever he desiers. I know that time will come shortly and I will enjoy the present because they grow and change daily. Here are a few pics from the Road trip and Mason having fun with mom and modeling his new ski cap.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2 Month Check-Up

We went today to Mason's 2 month check-up. He is looking healtier than every. He was weighed measured and stuck with many needles. The poor lil guy!! When he went in for his 2 week check up and they weighed him he sprayed himself in his eye with his pee!! This time (being older and wiser) he held it in until I put his diaper back on....good boy!! Mason weighed 11 lbs 13 ozs (almost doubled from when we brought him home). This makes him in the 50% . Mason was 23 in long which also put him in the 50%. I have a growing boy on my hands. After the doc came in checked him out and told us what we already knew, we had a very healthy and beautiful little boy, we waited for the nurse to come give him his shots!! During this time Mason was happy smiling and gooing. When that door opened he knew what was about to happen...did I also mention how SMART my boy is? Mason clenched his fists and started to cry....he knew what he was in for. The nurse gave him his immuzations which consisted of 4 shots 2 in each leg and the rotovirus through a liquid drop. Mason was a trooper. I am proud of him and can't wait to spend the rest of my life watching him grow and change.
*Post doc visit with dad

*Pre shot pic playing with dad

*Pre shot pic playing with mom

*Post shot with dad (poor lil guy)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thank God for Grandparents

What would we do without our parents!! There are no other people in the world that jump at the chance to stay up ALL night, change DIRTY diapers, and SMILE the whole time. I am very thankful for Mason's grandparents. He is so lucky to have them in his life. They love him more than anything. I am luck too!! Marcus and I just went on a little vacation to Las Vegas and Nanny and Papa (my parents) kept Mason over the weekend and they had a blast. Everytime the grandparents come for the weekend and have to leave they have tears in their eyes. I do wish we all lived closer to share these precious times more often.

As for Marcus and was really hard to leave Mason. I did shead many many tears. The only thing that kept me from going nuts was knowing he was in great hands. I did call about every hour just to hear my little guy laugh, cry, eat or even snore while he was sleeping. We did have a great time just the two of us in Vegas. We went to a show, ate, got massages, and relaxed. I went to Neimans and got a make over for a new post baby look. The lady who did my makeover had just done Jewl's makeup a few months before. I ended up buying all the makeup...I just loved it. It was a relaxing getaway, but I was happy to come home and wrap my arms around Mason.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat

My lil punkin' was a pumpkin for Halloween!! He was such a good sport. We dressed him up, took millions of pictures and took him to my friend Kelly's house to go Trick or Treating. Needless to say he slept the whole time and I ended up eating his candy ;) I just want to eat him up too!!!