Sunday, May 06, 2012

Herding Kittens

That’s what 3yr old soccer feels/looks like :)  This spring and friend and I had an AMAZING idea….”let’s put our 3 yr olds in soccer!” So we did!  We were placed on an all girls soccer team New England and anticipated our first practice.  Well…let’s just say it was like herding kittens the first practice.  I thought to myself…what did I get us into now :) I honestly contemplated calling the YMCA and making excuse after excuse to withdraw Madelyn from soccer…HOWEVER…I stuck with it and I’m glad I did!  The first game came around and the girls did AWESOME!  She did twirl her pig tales the whole game, but she did not run off crying, or refuse to participate.  She go in the game, ran around with the crowd and even kicked the ball a few times!  With the season coming to an end…Madelyn has done great and well over exceeded my expectations :)  She has scored several goals, can keep up with the older girls most of the time, and enjoys herself!  I am glad we stuck it through!  She loves having her friends on her team!

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This season in baseball we chose to put Mason in Rookie 6 coach pitch!  I was a little nervous because it’s the “REAL DEAL” They have outs, they have to know the game, they only get 5 pitches…and Mason has done awesome!  His hits have progressively gotten better, he is understanding the game….it is more exciting to him now!  He has played all positions, but his most favorite to play is catcher…he loves to get suited up in the catcher’s gear! I was worried about coming into this year of baseball…he wasn’t much of a fan of t-ball, but he has had a blast playing this year!  With only a few games left Mason has improved greatly….I’m so proud of my Pirate!  And of course getting the sno-cone at the end of each game makes it all the better :)



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Disney World

After months and months of convincing Marcus we should take the kids to Disney World….March 10th finally arrived!  I had never been to Disney and Marcus had only been 1 time when he was younger!  I was sooo ready to go and take the kids….Marcus on the other hand was not as eager to take our 3yr old  :)  After the Wolfe family graciously invited us to CRASH their annual family trip to Disney…Marcus gave in and we were booked and ready to have some FUN!!!  I spent countless hours planning the perfect character meals, park attraction musts etc….that when the day finally came we were armed and ready!  We met the Wolfe family at the Grand Floridian where we called home for the next 6 nights!  We all had so much fun….Jeff, Tour Guide, led us through Disney with perfection!  We went, saw, and conquered DISNEY thanks to the Wolfe family!  The kids had a blast together and I do have to say our first “FLAWLESS” trip to Disney will be very very hard to beat!  We met almost all the characters, rode all the rides, got to see the blooming of flowers at Epcot, played at the beach at The Grand Floridian, watched countless fireworks shows from our resort, dressed up in our favorite characters, ate and ate and ate :)  After coming home we asked the kids what their favorite part was…Madelyn’s was meeting all the princesses/characters, and Mason LOVED Tower of Terror!  Most of all…they loved having the Wolfe Family company :) My favorite was Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique with Madelyn and riding Peter Pan’s Flight (if you blinked you would miss something in the ride…it was so short…thats why we rode it a dozen times :)  Marcus loved Space Mountain and Rocking Rollercoaster! 

January 2012….A New Year!

After taking a LONG break from blogging…I’m playing catch up!  We have had a very busy busy 2012 so far…and with summer approaching it still isn’t slowing down!  I like it that way :)

January 5: 10 years has passed and I have been blessed to spend those wonderful years married to my M.  We celebrated our 10yr anniversary this year…we have so much to be thankful for and so many more years to make some great memories! 

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January 19-My baby girl turned 3!  We had a Minnie Mouse party and celebrated with her friends at our clubhouse.  We had a balloon twister and train ride!  The kids had a blast!  Madelyn loved having all her friends there to celebrate with her and of course her grandparents and uncles and aunt and cousins! 

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Sports Galore!: This winter was a start to many new sports!  Mason had decided he wanted to play basketball and I enrolled Madelyn in Gymnastics :)  I did not know what to expect with basketball but Mason ended up having a good first experience in basketball.  His coach was great!  After the first game I was a little worried, but he progressed really well and really enjoyed playing!  Madelyn…I knew she would love gymnastics!  At first she was hesitant, but since she was in class with a friend she was able to settle right in!  It is so cute to watch and she has done a great job! We are still taking gymnastics and about to start Ballet :)

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