Monday, June 25, 2007

Caymans and Mason Walking EVERYWHERE!!

The past week Marcus and I took a little vacation to the Cayman Islands. It was very relaxing, beautiful, but we missed our lil guy so much!! The weather was AWESOME the whole time we were there and the water was AMAZING!! While we were there we took a couple of excursions. We rode waverunners for 2 hours and went snorkeling at two different spots along seven mile beach. I have not had those pics developed from the water camera so I will have none of those to post. Then for our second excursion we took a catamaran boat out to stingray city sandbar where we fed and swam with the HUGE stingrays. I was amazed at how BIG they were. The first day at the beach at our hotel a stingray swam up to us, but it was not near as big as the ones at the sandbar!!! That was pretty amazing....the guides showed us their stingers....they did not look as bad as they are :) We also fed the Tarpons at the Wharf restaurant. Here are a few pics of our vacation! ****Did I mention....We came home a day early because we missed our lil guy so much!!!

The view from our hotel room......LOOK AT THAT AMAZING WATER!!
Being lazy on the beach!
Stand out side our hotel room on the beach....we just opened our door and we were right on the beach!! The room was GREAT!
Our lil friend (crab) we met while sitting on our porch.
The sunset at the Wharf restaurant

On the catamaran at stingray sandbar
I took this picture of the stingray from the catamaran....they were HUGE
Me holding a baby stingray
Marcus holding a Momma stingray....the girls are bigger than the males :)

Well after many international phone calls we decided to hop on a plane and come home a day earlier. It was all worth it to see my lil guy. I missed him soooo very much. I held him and kissed him all day. As I posted earlier....Mason took his first steps on Saturday the day before Father's day and now there is NO stopping him....he is walking EVERYWHERE!!! I will for sure loose the extra LB's i gained on the vacation :) chasing Mason around. Here are a few pictures of him walking. I love this boy more and more each day.....what an amazing gift I have been given, Mason, my precious son!

Mason playing with can hardly see them :)
"I am coming for you daddy!"
"Ok mom....are you ready cuz here I come!"
"Daddy and I will fight over this for many years to come!"
One more time....I'm a comin'
YEAH!!!! Mason! What a big boy walking :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Packed FULL Weekend

This weekend was packed full of fun, family, and firsts. Here are a few things that went on this weekend:

1. Mason's second plane ride, but FIRST to Abilene

2. Laura's baby shower for Laney

3. Mason's FIRST steps (Yes he took 7 steps to Marcus on Saturday afternoon, but I was not quick enough to get the camera :(...I will get some since he is walking ALOT running shoes are on and probably won't come off!!)

4. Marcus' First Father's Day: it was special because my parents, his parents and we got to spend time together on Saturday. Mike, Marcus' dad, cooked out steaks then we all got to whitness Mason take his first steps toward his was AMAZING...I was in AWE..he is only 9 baby is growing up FAST!

*Here are a few fun pics of this weekend:

The new face Mason loves to make :)

With his daddy on Father's Day
Laney's Shower Hostesses
The Diaper cake my friend Kelly made
The wreath Kelly made also

On the plane back to Houston on Father's Day

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Past Month........

WOW!! It's been a LONG time since my last post!! The past month has been very relaxing yet very busy. We were gone for three weekends in a row and then for a month straight we were finally home to relax!! These past few weeks have been full even though we were home. We have relaxed at the pool, took Mason to his first Astro's game, met new friends, turned 9 months, crawling all over the place, pulling up, and even taking few steps followed by a fall on the bottom, getting his first tooth, flew for the first time......AND MUCH MUCH MORE!! These next few weeks however we will be very busy traveling a baby shower, and Marcus and I to the Caymans for a little relaxation by the beach. I will miss my lil guy soooooo sooooo very much :( Here are a few pictures of the past month to show you what we have been up to! Hope to post again very soon with some other exciting NEWS!