Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our Morning Jog

Just got a little bit colder!!! Ever since the cooler weather came through about a week ago we have had to make just a few changes to our morning jog.

Mason all bundled up ready for our jog

Doesn't really like wearing the hat...... he just likes saying "haaat haaat haaat" with a long drawl

Mason is talking up a storm and learning new words everyday. He loves to take my hand and lead me to where he wants to go weather to eat, get a drink or snack, or play outside. He loves playing hide and seek....he thinks if you can't see his eyes he is hiding ;) He is such a riot....what a personality our lil boy has!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Home Sweet Home

There are so many meanings to this title. First, October is the 1st month this year we have spent the FULL month HOME on the weekends. I would like to say this is the 1st month we have not purchased plane tickets for somewhere, but that is not true. Marcus did get to go to the Red Sox vs. Angels game at Fenway Park to watch his friend John pitch, but that was a Tuesday night. But the traveling begins again very soon!

The first weekend I posted about last post...we had a FULL weekend home getting our first haircut and going to the pumpkin patch.

The next weekend my friend Leigh Ann came down to help me pick out stuff for the house we are building!! THANKS SO VERY MUCH Leigh Ann. It was great to see her and catch up where we left off the last time I saw her. She was a great help....we got EVERYTHING done even though we drove all over Houston to tile shops and paint shops that were CLOSED...we still managed with our expertise help to get it all done....and without any FIGHTS between Marcus or I.....(Leigh Ann...we will be painting the wine grotto MERLOT!!) Also just before I had to take her back to the airport she came to the house to see Mason. Can I just say Mason has a new BFF!!

This past weekend we had a birthday party we went to. Mason's Uncle Monte kept him while we danced the night away to the Spazmatics!!! If you have never seen this band play YOU HAVE TO!!! I was cracking up the whole night and hardly able to dance they were the funniest thing! They are dressed up like nerds and play great 80's tunes. They play in Ft. Worth, Austin and Houston. Marcus' friend hired them for his wife's party. It was a great time!

Also, this week I went to visit my parents and saw sweet Laney again. She just keeps getting more precious each time I see her. I was holding her and Mason at the same time.....he did not quite know what to think. At first I think he was a little upset seeing his momma hold another baby, but he warmed up to Laney....he just wanted to touch her sweet face :) Laura has all the pictures :( so I don't have one to post.

And on to this coming weekend. We are still busy but going to relax because the next two weekends we will have big weekends traveling to a wedding and to Marcus' 10 yr high school reunion!! I can't believe mine will be this coming year!! WOW time flies....but it will be great to see everyone and where their lives have headed since high school.

Also, Our house has been started...they put the form down and next is the plumbing then they will pour the foundation.....I can't wait to see it be built from NOTHING and made into our home!!

He's the General around our house!
Standing inside the house!
The house framed for the foundation (sorry so dark)
The fountain that we will see from the back of the house.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What all can you fit into one day????

1. Flag football
2. Cracked finger
3. First Haircut
4. Trip to the mall
5. Out to lunch
6. Pumpkin Patch
7. 2 naps
8. Wagon ride
9. The list could go on :)

Those are just the MAIN things that happened this past Saturday!

NO, Mason did not crack his finger.....thank goodness! Marcus cracked his finger in two places playing flag football while Mason and I jogged around the track. Everytime Marcus plays flag football something ends up BROKEN!! (he thinks he is going to play AGAIN this coming Saturday)

YES, We did take Mason to get his 1st haircut. Some may think......he doesn't have much hair and what hair he does have doesn't need cut. was BUSINESS in the FRONT and PARTY in the BACK....(a mullett) or soon to be one anyways. So, we decided to get Mason a big boy do! He was a real trooper. He did great. Only a few cries were let out when he saw the scissors and blowdryer coming at him. He got to sit in a fire truck and watch the Wiggles while he was getting a trim :) He loved ringing the bell. My lil guy is a BIG BOY now. I swear in one pic it looks like he is in Kinder!!

Can you see the lil tail in the back :)

This is a cool place :)

I am driving NOW!!

WAIT...what is that thing?!?

WAIT....I don't like this :(

Look at that hair :)

This may not be bad after all!

OH NO....not the blow dryer! All finished :)

Don't I look like a BIG BOY!

YUMMY....when is lunch?

NUM NUM NUM!! ( that is what Mason says after he eats something yummy :) Chocolate ice cream after my favorite restaurant for lunch!

Later that day we took Mason to the church Pumpkin Patch! They were having a big carnival too. Mason loved walking around looking and trying to pick up all the pumpkins. It is sooo hard to get a picture of Mason the minute I would snap the picture he had already taken off to the next thing.

These are HUGE :)

HUMMMMM...which one do I want?

Maybe this one :)

I can throw this one like a football :)

I will take this one.

and this one....
or maybe this one...
ok...I think I am happy with my choices :)
Here they are....Mason's two pumpkins :)

Finally, this week I picked up the pictures we had made of the family and Mason's Year old pictures. I was sooooo pleased with them. I got them framed....It looks SOOO GOOD!! I have spent a small fortune...maybe I should go back to college to study photography ;)

Now that we have a few weekends ahead of us here at home...I am sure they will be just as full as this one.

Monday, October 01, 2007

When it rains it pours.....AND....Baby Laney Kate

WOW....these last few weeks have been nothing but crazy :) Mason has been a pretty healthy boy...the occasional congestion has been the only sickness Mason has really had. However, this past week was a little different. Sunday night Mason was not his normal self.....going to the restroom MUCH MUCH more than he usually does!! Then on Monday he just went down hill. Our son, WHO DOESN'T LIKE NAPS, was very lazy and slept tons. He did not have a fever when he woke that morning, but after his second nap he woke up with almost a 103 temp. I was very nervous...he was clingy and just laid his precious head on my chest from 2-6pm that day. During that time I called the doc to make an appt. and started pumping him with fluid!! Well we found out that he had the virus :( Bless his little heart!! I hate the virus and know he must have felt AWFUL!!! Thank goodness he only had the virus coming out of one end.....he pooed TONS!! His fever finally broke and was feeling SEMI better. I had already planned a trip to Austin to visit my parents (and see their new house...they just moved there) and to meet precious Laney Kate. Well, with Mason feeling better (I thought) we loaded up the car to head to Austin. Thank goodness it is a short 2 hr. drive ;) I got to Austin early Thursday and went directly to meet miss Laney. I did not take Mason....did not want to chance anything since he was just sick. Can I say she was the most precious little girl I have ever seen......OH and Laura the best lil mommy Laney can ask for. Laura, you are doing wonderful and Laney is so lucky to have you as her mom!! The strength you have shown in her fist two weeks amazes me!! During that visit my mom called to let me know she did not think Mason was doing well, so I rushed back to my parents to comfort my lil guy. This time...I just knew it was not the virus. He was stumbling when he walked and not walking straight and tugging at his ear!! We all know where this is ear infection. He also had bumps behind his ears which freaked me out, but ended up being swolen lymphnoads. I felt awful, but I had to leave Friday to fly to Abilene to host a baby shower for my friend Kristi. Thank goodness I came back early Saturday after the morning shower. Sunday we headed back to Katy and then Monday back to the doc. I bet they were tired of seeing me....I sure know I was tired of seeing them. After 4 straight days of travel I was beat!! Anyways, after a few days of rest we are BACK IN BUSINESS :) Thank goodness Marcus and I did not get the virus. Mason is as sillier as ever and learning new things by the minute!! He loves being outside so we jog in the jogging stroller every morning and ride in his new wagon every afternoon. You would think I would have lost TONS of weight, but I put a cookie in my mouth for every diaper I change ;) Enjoy the pics below of the last few weeks.

All smiles until the ear ache!!!

Starting to tug at his ear :(
How old are you Mason?
Mason just loves to ride in his Radio Flyer wagon!

The proud MOMMA :)

Precious and me
My parents' new pad
Me, Kristi, Whitney (Best Friends from College) at Krsiti's baby shower she is due with a boy Kagen in December ;)