Friday, August 07, 2009

Turning 3

My baby....I love him so!

~Cruising~Climbing~Jumping~OH MY!!!!!

In a blink of an eye...Madelyn is hitting so many milestones I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Honestly I thought since Mason crawled and walked on the early side Madelyn would take her time and be my observer...WRONG!!! The day she started sitting on her own she decided to take off and crawl. She has always been able to go from stomach to sitting position on her own when she was able to sit on her own. THEN...for sure she would wait to start pulling herself up...NOPE! When I put her down for naps, I love to watch her on the monitor crawl around and stand up in her crib...she does this for a while before plopping back down to settle to sleep. She has started jumping holding on to her crib side...I know we don't have much longer before she props that leg over the crib and climbs fingers are crossed!!!! Mason did that before a year old too!! YIKES :) Now Madelyn loves to pull up on anything and everything and cruise around and around and around. One other thing she loves to do is CLIMB!! She gets this cute grin on her face, focuses on the red slid on Mason's Kangaroo Climber, and darts straight to scale the red slide. I of course am right behind her to catch her if she falls...which she never does! I am more tired now chasing her around at the end of the day than I was when she wasn't sleeping through the night. What am I to do....I have a feeling walking is not too far away for my lil stinker...only 6 and a half months old...WHAT AM I TO DO!!!!!!!! PAUSE TIME :)
Peek a BOO!! Pulling up
My sweet
Me and my sweet :)