Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mason Doesn't Skip a Beat!!

Well....we made it through Mason's surgery. He was such a trooper. Since Mason doesn't get up till around 7:30ish we had to start the day off by waking our sleeping boy. Then we headed off to the hospital. I was so nervous and anxious to get the surgery overwith. Mason was a ball full of energy while we talked to the docs and prepared for surgery. Bless his little heart...he did not know what was coming his way. FLASHBACK: His anesthesiologist was the same one who helped me when I had to head back to the hospital after having Mason when I had chemical meningitis. He was such a great doc...I was glad he was in good hands. One of the hardest parts was watching the docs take my lil boy away to the surgery room....he just looked at us LIKE why are they taking me away from my parents??? I stayed strong and only a few tears were let loose. Then we were off to WAIT!! Hard to do and felt like an eternity, but was only 30 min. long and the total surgery took 11 minutes. But the most heartbreaking part of the whole surgery was walking back after Mason was out of surgery and waking up from the anesthesia. He was crying...he did not know where he was...he was all swolen....and he just did not look like himself. I grabbed him and rocked him in the chair until we were discharged. I felt awful for him...I wish I could have taken his place in the room. When were released they gave us precautions and symptoms to watch for in the next 24 hrs. They said he will probably be clingy, fussy, nauseous, tired etc....they also said to make sure he doesn't get a rash which could be an allergic reaction to the meds. Well we got home and Mason was HUNGRY!! It was 9:00 and he had not been able to eat ALL day before the surgery. Well he sure did eat a whole banana, juice (only clear fluids) cheerios and he would have eaten more, but I did not want his stomach to get upset. Anyways, he was tired after he ate so he was off for a nap. Well he woke up like nothing had even happened to him. He was ready to play, eat, and have a great time. So needless to say he bounced back pretty quickly!! However, the next day he started to get a rash but bennadryl took care of that. So that brings us to today...he is happy, no rash and ready for what the week ahead holds....MEETING HIS NEW FRIEND LANEY :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My MAN!!!
Sarah tagged me to do this, so here goes...

The Game of Tag about your MAN:

1. Who is your man? Marcus Michael Schultz

2. How long have you been together? Married for over 51/2 but dated 3 yrs before getting engaged

3. How long did you date? We started dating right when I graduated from high school....Laura helped to hook us up :) THANKS!! We dated 3 yrs before getting engaged.

4. How old is your man? 28

5. Who eats more? WELL.....I would like to say him, but I think I do ;) I eat a lot of little things around the house but when we eat a meal together he usually eats more.

6. Who said "I love you" first? He did...I was at the Tri Delt lodge meeting all the pledges and I had not seen him much during rush week and it was late at night and he threw the 3 words in at the end of our it was after about 3 months of dating.

7. Who is taller? Marcus....tall and skinny

8. Who sings better? Lets start of by saying in HS I had to take a fine arts and EVERYONE was in I had to do what everyone else did and JOIN....Big mistake HUGE mistake! Well my BFF Laura and I ended up being in the ALL GIRLS choir (aka the group of people who are tone deaf, can't carry a tune, and OBVIOUSLY can not sing for their life!!) But Marcus is not any better than I :)

9. Who is smarter? We are both smart in our own areas....Marcus is great with numbers (buying and selling) Me....language arts side...only to a 5th grade level though ;)

10. Whose temper is worse? Good question....I would say him, he would say me!! Poor Mason....we need to work on this!!

11. Who does the laundry? Me...he helps when it piles up after trips

12. Who takes out the garbage? Usually him, but I do when it is REALLY overflowing

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Marcus does, but when we came home from the hospital I did because the bassinet was on that side so I could easily get to Mason and feed him.

14. Who pays the bills? He is better with numbers, so he does :) I RARELY even see the bills :) I like it that way. (but I am good at creating bills for him to pay)

15. Who is better with the computer? Toss up: He is an EXCEL wizard, me I can type fast

16. Who mows the lawn? Moy....yes neither of us....Marcus mowed it ONCE maybe and then we hired Moy!! He is cheap $20 every week.

17. Who cooks dinner? Jason's Deli, Quiznos, HEB fully cooked dinners, any restaurant we lay our eyes on!! I HATE to cook and don't do it that often....Marcus doesn't seem to mind :)

18. Who drives when you are together? Depends on when and where we are going. He thinks I am an AWFUL driver....I admit he is PARTLY correct.

19. Who pays when you go out? Who ever brought their wallet...doesn't matter it is all in the same family :)

20. Who is most stubborn? Marcus....if it is not his idea it is a BAD idea until it is HIS IDEA :)

22. Whose parents do you see the most? Toss up again......we see both in month we see mostly his fam then the next we see mostly my fam.

23. Who kissed who first? Marcus....after a few dates (i think) under his parents tree in the front yard...we weren't too obvious were we ;)

24. Who asked who out? Well.....Laura and I were going to Wet N Wild in a few weeks and Laura invited him to join us so not really either....after wet n wild he asked me to a watch a movie at his parents house :)

25. Who proposed? He did!!

26. Who is more sensitive? Me...absolutely 100%.

27. Who has more friends? Equal

28. Who has more siblings? sister for me and one brother for him

29. Who wears the pants in the family? Mason!!!! :)

TAG: Whoever has not been tagged :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Tomorrow Mason has to get tubes put in his eyes!! This saddens me to think my lil guy is going to have to be put under and have tubes put in his eyes. About a month or so ago we had to have Mason's left eye "irrigated" because it was not draining. Well 70% of the time that works and nothing furhter has to be done, but in Mason's case it did not work. He has had pink eye and more tearing clogged up in his left eye. SO....we made the decision to get the tubes put in his eyes to stop future infections or clogging of tears. The doc assures me that he has done this procedure 100's of times and that Mason will be just fine. He told me that since Mason's eyes are so big you will be able to see the tubes :( He has also told me that some kids have pulled their tubes out before. I am so scared of this happening. At least they are not in forever. He should get them out in about 4-6 weeks. So, please pray....tomorrow at 6:30am we will head to the hospital and should be home mid morning.

Hip Hip Horray!!

Keep Laura, Matthew and Laney in your prayers today!! Laney is ON HER WAY!! YOU CAN DO IT LAURA!!! Stay strong :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday, Bubba!

What an amazing day we had! I just can't believe my baby is now 1!!! All day I kept looking at the clock thinking back to what was happening at that specific time last year, the miracle of my son being born. WOW, there are no words to explain the love, admiration, pride, happiness I feel everyday toward our son. What a special most precious gift we were given......THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
We had family and friends show up for Mason's special occasion. We held his big bash at the club house where we will be moving. It was great....lots of space, a pool and playground for all the kids to play. Here are a few pictures of Mason's BIG DAY!!

The cake looks like his invitations :)

His smash cake!!

The girls loved carrying Mason around and playing with him

Peeking at his gifts :)

The only time Mason cried was when EVERYONE belted out the Happy Birthday Song :)

He loved his chocolate cake!!

washing off!

BOY!! Were were pooped, but stayed up all night watching college football!! We had a great PARTY!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Here is what we have been up to the past month:

*For my 27th birthday Whitney, a good friend from college, and I went to NYC to see the Justin Timberlake concert at Madison Square Garden. That night the concert was being taped for HBO. IT WAS AN AMAZING CONCERT!!!!

Before the concert at Marriott Marquis where we stayed :) At the concert :)
JT singing his heart out!!
The view from our seats!!
The damage we CANAL street :)

**Here are a few pics of Mason trying out for the NFL :)
Here comes the pass....
Touch Down: Mason's Victory Dance (we had the outdoor speakers on and Mason had on his boogie shoes..he loves to dance ;)
Or should I be a KICKER...since I was good at that in momma's belly :)
Such a CUTIE!!
But mom says I have to wait to go to the NFL, so for now I guess I will just help her out with the clothes :) AND, YES!!! I can climb on and off the couch, chair, pretty much ANYTHING :)

***I'm a BIG BOY NOW!! My lil guy is about to be 1...boy the time sure does fly!! Well here is what my big boy is doing: 1. Sleeps in a toddler bed, (he climbed/fell out of his crib so we changed the setting to the toddler bed, but have not put the toddler rails on his bed yet...don't think we are quite ready for that just yet!! 2. Climb on EVERYTHING... and know how to get down correctly with out busting my head :) (DADA tought him this) 3. NO MORE BOTTLES!!! I have been drinking Milk for a few months now and I just drink out of a sippy cup...Took it like the CHAMP that he is! 4. NO MORE mushy baby food :) I only eat BIG BOY food. He love to eat what Marcus and I eat. He loves pizza, cheese, sandwich meat, chicken nuggets, waffles, pancakes, hash browns, fries, bananas, watermelon, tomatoes, and much much more.

Just waking from a nap...he can't climb out now!

****Photo shoot :) I took Mason to our neighbors house to get a few pictures to set up at his first birthday. We had our family pictures and one yr. pictures taken today, but they won't be ready for the BIG day on Saturday :) I am NOT a photographer AT ALL, but thought these turned out cute considering I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING :)

I love how he squints to smile......SO PRECIOUS :) Looks like we will just have 2 teeth when his first birthday rolls around :)

*****HOUSE!!! They have cleared the lot where our house will be built and they plan on pouring the foundation within the next few weeks:) YEAH!!!! I have been busy picking out things for the house, and still have a lot more to do!

My next post will be when my lil guy is 1!!! Just a few more days!