Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vail Vacation

This past week we went to Vail with my family and sister’s family.  We had a wonderful time skiing, tubing, playing in the snow, and hanging out!  It was beautiful there.  Mason had a blast, but the babies for the most part stayed inside warm and cozy.  We also met up with Jason and Kelly our aunt and uncle while there…it was great to see them.  Mason loved having snow ball fights and tubing (he was in his own tube and flew down the mountain and couldn’t wait to do it again)!  Madelyn LOVED climbing the 2 staircases at the condo and EATING all day long :)  Mason and Madelyn were so happy to see Nanny and Papa and their Aunt Jenny and Uncle Paul and cousins too.  We were sad to leave, and can’t wait to do it all over again next time :)  We were there when Vice President  Biden was there and my parents saw him at a restaurant in Beaver Creek one afternoon and as we were leaving to come home we saw Air Force Two at the airport! However, our flight home was AWFUL!!!  At first we were scheduled to land early, but ended up flying all over Texas landing in San Antonio where we sat on the airplane for 1 1/2 hrs. before landing in Houston because of a storm :(  Over all we were in the airplane 6+  hrs.  Thank goodness we got Madelyn her own seat…Overall they did really well…a few minor meltdowns from lil miss who only slept 45 minutes on the plane!  We didn’t arrive home until 10:00pm and the kids weren’t in bed till 11pm…so we have been playing catch up on some much needed rest :)

Vail2010 047 Vail2010 123

View From Condo                                       Playin’ with Papa

Vail2010 195 Vail2010 209

Snowball fight with Kylie    Playin’ in the snow with mama

Vail2010 227 Vail2010 252

                                        More snowball fights with Nanny…Mason won :)

Vail2010 098 Vail2010 277

Madden…with those big baby blues!


Vail2010 306 Vail2010 300

                                                                Building a snowman with Papa

Vail2010 295 Vail2010 391

The only time I could get Madelyn out in the snow…NOT A FAN…yet :)

Vail2010 414 Vail2010 424

On the Gondola Ride up to take Mason tubing

Vail2010 317 Vail2010 444

Walking through Vail Village                           Night Night time! 

Hopefully I will upload the pics from my other camera which has the picture of Air Force Two on it…SOME DAY!