Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Day

Here is a glimpse into our day:

7:15 am: Madelyn wakes...she did great last night! I put her down at 9:15 she woke at 3:00am to eat then went back to sleep until 7:15 GOOD GIRL! She eats her breakfast and dirties a diaper and then we play a bit before going to get Big Bro from bed.
8:00 am: Mason wakes! Baby sister and I go get him up from bed :)

*I take Mason to the potty right when he wakes up and then it is time for breakfast and Mickey.

*While Mason is watching Mickey I get him ready for the day. Today we are meeting one of Mason's good friends, Hunter, at Pump It Up to bounce! When I tell Mason what we are doing he is SOOOOO excited!!!

8:30 am: We head downstairs to watch more Disney Channel while I get ready ( a little makeup and a hat) before we head out at 9:00. Mason and Madelyn hang out and play a bit before she dozes off before we leave.

9:30: Pump It Up here we come!! The boys have so much fun they ran, bounced and played for 2 hours straight...we were the first ones there this morning and the last ones to leave! We had to potty once while we were there :)

11:30: We head home for some lunch of chicken nuggets, pears, and yougart. Madelyn ate her lunch at Pump It Up
12:30: We play a bit in the playroom then wind down to get ready for nap. Before nap we usually watch an episode of Mickey or a movie. Today is Movie Monday on The Disney Channel and I DVR'd Dumbo. While Mason and I were watching it Madelyn dozed off.
1:30: Time for NAP! Mason reads 2 books to me and I tell him a story then he is off to dreamland.
2:00: Madelyn wakes for a 2nd lunch then she fall right back to sleep :) Yay...I can rest too!

3:45: Mason wakes from his nap singing and talking to himself...Madelyn still snoozing away!

*I take Mason to the potty again :)

After Mason's nap he requests to watch Mater (Cars the movie) on his T.V. He watches Cars until Daddy gets home around 4:30! Time to play with Daddy :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Brown Eyed Girl

One Month Old

Seriously! One month has gone by...REALLY! I felt like the last month of pregnancy CRAWLED by, compared to this first month that I have had with Madelyn. It has been wonderful :) in every sense of the word! You forget just how much they grow and change DAILY...I can't take my eyes off of her...except to sleep of course. She has already outgrown some of her clothes!

Sleeping: She usually stays awake for about an hour sometimes more before falling back asleep (she likes to be held) She is usually awakened by a big diaper blowout OR Big Brother Mason :) However, I think she likes some noise around when she is sleeping. Sometime I feel she would never wake to eat if I did not make her. She goes for about 4-5 hrs sleeping before waking during the night. I usually put her down around 9pm then she wakes from 1-2:30am then goes right back to sleep until 6:30-7am!
Eating: Madelyn GUZZLES down her milk!! She is a gulper :) She can eat in a record 10 minutes! Sometimes she eats longer, but for the most part she is quick and to the point. During the day she eats every 3 or 4 hrs and at night about every 4-5 hrs :)

Likes and dislikes: Madelyn LOVES to be held. She loves her lil butt patted and she LOVES to snuggle (something Mason never liked) She is beginning to like her soothes her at night time before bed. Madelyn loves her Baby K'TAN sling...she falls right to sleep when I put her in it. She doesn't like when she has a belly ache (who does), She doesn't have too many dislikes YET :) We have gone on a few walks while Mason rode his bike and she seemed to like strolling through the neighborhood. If she poos during the night and I don't hear it she will sleep through it and it won't even phase her. I feel awful when she does wake to eat that she has been sleeping in a poo diaper!

Madelyn has BIG BIG brown eyes. When Mason was born he had BIG grayish blue eyes where Madelyn's are brown! She does have a ring of blue around her brown though...they are beautiful eyes :) We have nicknamed her Squeaky...that is all she seems to do..awake, at night, ALL DAY...she squeaks! I love those sounds :) We cherish every moment we have with her and Mason and love watching Mason with her! He is doing MUCH MUCH better having his lil sister around!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Go Check These Out!

THANKS, Ashley!!! I love love love my sneak peek :) I can't wait to see the rest! You are awesome!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Call Me Crazy

After a few weeks of ENDLESS diapers and a 2 yr old ready to potty train...I decided it was time to say goodbye to the Pampers and hello to Mickey and Thomas big boy undies :)

Day 1: Feb. 9th- We had 3 accidents, but realized he DID NOT LIKE pee pee running down his legs!

Day 2: Feb. 10th- Mason had school today. They have a policy that they can't come in underwear until they have 2 weeks accident free! So Mason will wear his pull up and his Mickey underwear over the pull up until he is accident free. They will take them to the potty often and when Mason tells them he has to go. He did great at school and pee peed on the potty.

Day 3: Feb. 11th- Morning no accidents :) Evening one accident...daddy took Mason to play outside and they were playing too hard and forgot to come in and take a restroom break! Only 1 accident today!

Day 4: Feb. 12th-School again...No accidents at home after school!

Day 5: Feb. 13th-After one accident of tee tee in the morning...Mason decided he did NOT LIKE that feeling anymore! He went poo poo in the potty, "I POO POO A LOT" as Mason said, and was accident free the rest of the day. Today he started telling us more ON HIS OWN that he needed to go to the big potty.

Day 6: Feb.14th-After playing all morning and a trip to Target we are accident free and "I POO POO A LOT" again in the big potty!

.....So far we are on our way! Mason wears his SLEEP UNDIES (pull-ups) for nap and bed time and we put Mickey, Thomas, or Lightening McQueen over them. With the first week almost under our belt....Mason has surprised me once more and done an amazing job taking on this new task! He is SUCH A BIG BOY!

Go Fly A Kite

This week my parents came to visit Mason and Miss Madelyn :) They never come empty handed...and this trip they came with a Kite! Not just any kite a CARS kite with Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater on it ;) He LOVED it...and so did Marcus. It was a WINDY day out, thank goodness, so after Mason woke from his nap Papa, Mason, Daddy, Mommy went to fly his Cars kite. It did not take long before the kite was soaring in the sky! However we did have some kite crashes...into the house and in the lake, but that did not stop Papa from getting the kite back high in the sky. After a while Mason wanted to ride his bike so Marcus took the kite to the front yard and had more fun flying it than Mason did! The next day Papa decided that the kite was not high enough in the sky and that it needed longer string, so we trekked out to Target and Walmart in search for longer kite string. We found it and that afternoon the kite took off again HIGHER in the sky. That is when I decided I need to try flying it! I was not quite the kite flyer Mason and Daddy are....because within a few seconds of me flying it....Lightening McQueen took a nose dive right into the lake....on the opposite side of the lake from our house. Needless to say...the $5 kite was a GREAT purchase for the WHOLE FAMILY :) excluding me...I will just take the pictures next time!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Main Man

Mason is LOVING his lil sister. He loves to hold her and give her kisses...too sweet :) However, he is having a tough time with sharing OUR TIME! Thankgoodness we have had the grandparents in town to help keep him busy and give us time to spend some extra special alone time with Mason. I know in time Mason will get adjusted to having baby sister around :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

~2 Week Checkup~

Lately I have LIVED at the Pediatrician's office! Today, however was different. We took Madelyn for a WELL 2 week check up. We were finally at the doctor for a wellness visit! Of course she passed with flying colors! We have a beautiful HEALTHY lil 2 week old! So far, she eats every 3-4 hours during the day and eats about every 4-6 hours at night! She has done GREAT so far sleep wise...we shall see, she is still itty bitty :) and they change DAILY! She had to get a shot today...they give the Hep B shot at the doctor's office instead of the hospital. So she had a BIG day! After the doctor I fed her again this afternoon only for her to throw up again! I thought we were HOPEFULLY getting past that since she has not thrown up in 4 days! I could feel her body getting ready to throw up when she did so I was there to hold her....poor poor lil girl! I wish I could hurt for her! She is resting peacefully now.

Measuring Head

Getting weighed...I have this same picture of Mason at his 2 week check up, but he PEED all over his self...he had direct aim at his EYES!
The doc giving her a clean bill of health! He has been our Pediatrician for 2 1/2 yrs and he is great with Mason and Madelyn.

Sweet Sweet Pictures I took relaxing waiting on the doctor.
Head Circumference: 14cm
Weight: 7lbs 13oz (25%)
Height: 19 1/2in ( 25%)

Monday, February 02, 2009


Just only 8 days old Madelyn gives us a SCARE! I had just fed her 30 minutes before then put her down in the bassinet. It was dinner time and my mom had made pizza. Marcus had already gave Mason his and ate, so I grabbed a piece of pizza and headed upstairs to the game room to hang out with them. My mom was headed down to be with Madelyn...she had been in our room for not long at all ON HER OWN when my mom walked in to check on her!

She walked into Madelyn hiccuping and projectile vomiting ALL OVER! She picked her up and yelled out for us. Marcus RAN down the stairs while Madelyn continued to throw up and then SHE WENT LIMP...BREATHLESS!!! It is all such a blur now. I grabbed one phone and my mom grabbed another and we dialed 911! We were in such a panic...she was still lifeless...we jumped in the car the nearest hospital is not even a mile down the street! SO, we headed to the ER. We went straight back and by this time she had finally came to and was breathing and was calmly sleeping.

They checked everything out at the ER and she checked out PERFECT...lung x-rays, vitals, blood sugar...etc. She had just choked on some of her milk coming back up and when they vomit that much it can cause them to "FAINT" and go lifeless like she was!

As we were at the ER the police came to check things out....Mason was stirred up from all the comotion, but calmed down when the police came...he offered them a popsicle! :)

I have never experienced anything like that before and I sure don't want to EVER AGAIN...It was AWFUL...we are thankful she is HEALTHY and HAPPY today and we can't keep our eyes off of her :)

The next day she vomitted a few more time so I took her to the peditrician to check things out. Conclusion: I have A GOOD MILK SUPPLY!