Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Turks and Caicos 2011

Our second annual vaca to our favorite beach…Turks! We headed out at 4am to the airport for our 6am flight :) The kids always do great!  They are super excited when we wake them up early….then they crash by the time we take off to Miami.  We have a short 1hr layover and then a quick 1 hr flight into the Turks.  We land and are on the beach by 1pm!  The kids had a great time again this year and are ready to go back! 

Turks2011 581 Turks2011 582

Swimming at the pool!  Our room was on the first floor walkout straight to the pool, so we hung out there tons.  They also loved the pool because there is a swim up bar and they would go order smoothes!  They also have a swim up smoothie bar in the water park area of the resort! Did I mention how much we LOVE Beaches Turks and Caicos! 

Turks2011 587 Turks2011 598

Hanging out at the beach….building one of MANY sandcastles!  It was cute…all the kids would all come together and build huge sandcastles!

Turks2011 791 Turks2011 596

Turks2011 794 Turks2011 631

While Mason would play in the sand…Madelyn spent most of her time lounging on the chairs…drinking her smoothies or just relaxing!

Turks2011 640 

Turks2011 657 Turks2011 653

Getting ready to have a YUMMY dinner at “the cook in front of you place” as the kids like to call it!  Mason…was not wanting to have his picture taken…i had to sneak one in while he wasn’t looking.  He was SUPER tired after a long day at the beach…he was lounging outside on or porch while we waited to escorted to dinner! 

Turks2011 679 Turks2011 682

He livened up when he got to “help” cook our shrimp! 

Turks2011 704 Turks2011 709 Turks2011 710

Playing frisbee one morning with daddy waiting to go have breakfast with all the Sesame Street Characters!  The were so excited to eat breakfast with Elmo, Big Bird, and Abby Cadabby…Madelyn more than Mason!  However, tides changes once we go there in person with the LARGE FURRY CREATURES!  We had a great breakfast overall!  


Turks2011 701Turks2011 735 Turks2011 740

Turks2011 751 Turks2011 747 Turks2011 737 Turks2011 773

Parasailing:  I love parasailing…however last summer I did not parasail when we went to the Turks…so I knew I wanted to this time.  SOOOO….my lil buddy decided he would parasail with me!  He was excited…but on the boat ride out into the ocean…he did get a little scared.  The driver soothed things over when he released the HUGE spider man parasail we would go up in!  It was so much fun!  Mason had a blast…looking all over the island, looking below for fish, sting rays, and even trying to look to see if he could see Houston! :)  We were only up for about 15 minutes, but it was so much fun! Turks2011 789 Turks2011 815 Turks2011 820 Turks2011 829 Turks2011 832 Turks2011 837 Turks2011 835 Turks2011 887

Hanging out around the Resort:  This year I did not get ANY pictures at the Water park!  Mason still loved going down all the water slides, playing of the pirate ship and swimming up and getting smoothies!  Madelyn’s favorite part was getting popsicles by the dozens! She also loved the pirate ship!  Usually we would start by the pool then make our way down to the beach!  Madelyn still is not too much of a sand fan, so she would just sit and watch…sometimes we would take our iPad down to the beach and let her relax watching a movie.  Mason however…loved to be buried in the sand! At one point he looked at me and said “Mom, I just love the beach”  Here are a few pictures of us just hanging out around the resort!

Turks2011 571 Turks2011 620 Turks2011 633 Turks2011 637 Turks2011 644 Turks2011 693 Turks2011 785 Turks2011 840

We’re Sailing on a Boat: This trip we decided to rent a private boat to take us on a tour of the Turks!  This by far was one of the best days we had…and we had many reservations about leaving for a 5hr excursion on a boat with Madelyn…however we were prepared!  Our butler stocked us up with food/drinks/snacks/towels etc…and we were off.  We stopped a several islands looking for Sea Shells, Conch Shells, Sand dollars, Crab.  We also made a pit stop to check out the Iguanas!  Our driver also took us snorkeling! Mason LOVED to snorkel and watch all the fish. We took turns snorkeling and Madelyn stayed on the boat, fed the fish and watched movies :)  She was a great little boat traveler…she even took a nap on our way back to shore :)  The kids ALL 4 :) had a blast exploring the Turks!

Turks2011 1011 Turks2011 854 Turks2011 890 Turks2011 900 Turks2011 905 Turks2011 911 Turks2011 932 Turks2011 966 Turks2011 975 Turks2011 976 Turks2011 997 Turks2011 1000 Turks2011 1002