Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Please Pray

Last night one of my good friends and roomate from college, Melanie Rothwell Byrd, got the call. What call...she has CF (Cystic Fibrosis) and got the call that the PERFECT set of lungs has arrived and was ready for her. She entered surgery at 11:30ish last night for a lung transplant and ended around 6:00am this morning. The surgery went BEAUTIFULLY!! Please pray for her recovery.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mason's First Day of School

With a good nights rest and read for the big day...Mason was off to his first day of school! He had been to summer day camps that is sorta like MDO before so this wasn't our first rodeo :) We had already met his teachers and found his classrooms and met some of his friends (6 boys 2 girls) in his class. Mason is however the OLDEST!! In Katy all MDO programs go with the school district and don't start MDO programs until 15 months old so that puts Mason at the HEAD OF THE CLASS :) As we drove up to school Mason was saying, "NO SCHOOL, NO SCHOOL"...I was nervous to what that day was going to bring. I dropped him off and he cried so I sat for a sec while we played a puzzle together then one of his teachers distracted him and I made my exit. I took a peek in the window as I was leaving and he was perfectly content. A few things I was nervous about was him not eating or sleeping while he was there. I was anxious to pick him up to see how his day went. They give a written report at the end of each day with all they did. When I walked in he was playing and having a GREAT TIME! He ate semi good, he took a great nap and had a blast. We got to take a Birthday Snack since his birthday was the day before school started. He loved that HE took the Happy Birthday Snack...he could not stop talking about the Happy Birthday Snack when he got home. The teachers were commenting on how well he was talking and what a funny lil guy he was. I was happy to see that he showed his personality to them! Later that night I heard Mason say "March March March" and I looked over and he was marching lifting his leg! I NEVER march around the house! I asked the next day at MDO and they learned how to March in Music class...too cute! All in all he has had 1 1/2 successful days so far at school. The other 1/2 day we were evacuating to Austin and now this week school is CLOSED :( due to IKE! Next week, I look forward to seeing what else Mason learns from school.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Love!

This past weekend we celebrated Mason's 2nd birthday! We celebrated with 5 of Mason's friends that all have birthdays around the same time :) We had his party at Pump It UP Jr. and the kids as well as the adults had a blast!!! Happy birthday lil guy!

~Mommies and their birthday boys/girls~
The yummy cakes made by Audrey
The party favors
Their personalized balloons
Watching the PIU video before entering...yes MOST of them sat still and watched the video :)

It's my Happy Birthday party, Mason kept saying!!!

The loot :)
All lined up singing the Happy Birthday Song

Make a wish...
The fun tractor I got from Nanny, Papa, Kylie, Jenny and Paul...He LOVES riding this thing especially in 2nd gear!!

My fun Horsey I love riding too from DD and Daddio!
It makes real horse noises and plays songs...SO FUN!

MY BIRTHDAY DAY!!!! We took Mason to Chuck E Cheese to eat dinner and played on almost ALL the toys and games...we wore him out :) We had a blast. I was so sad that his train table was not finished being put together for his birthday but we have it now and he loves it.

***Thanks to everyone who came and spent Mason's special day with him. Thanks for all the fun toys...I think we have Toys R Us in our game room :) It was especially fun this year because Mason could say happy birthday to his friends and he knew what it meant. He knew it was HIS DAY!!!***

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Well...I am the one holding up the NAME deciding. Is it bad that I don't want a nick name to take over our baby girl's real name?!? We really love the names: (Dawn is my middle name)

Madelyn Dawn
Madyson Dawn

and Marcus is set on Madelyn and calling her Mady! I love both names and always have, but I just don't want her to go to school and tell her teachers "my name is Mady" when IT ISN'T!!! I guess I have a funny thing about this since I was a teacher...or maybe it is JUST ME :)