Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hometown Team: Astros

First T-Ball Game 128This spring Mason is playing T-ball and he LOVES it.  He gets to play with some of his friends which makes it even more fun!!!  His team is the Astros and they had their first game this past weekend.  Despite the RAIN, THUNDER, and LIGHTENING (which in  my personal opinion they should have called the game) Mason had a blast.  He had 2 hits, rounded the bases and played short stop next to one of his friends.  They seemed to chit chat the whole time :)  He is finally getting the hang of running to first base after he hits the ball...instead of running after the ball he just hit!  I love watching all the lil ones playing…they are sooo cute especially in their uniforms :)  Here are a few pics of Mason and his first Astros outing!

First T-Ball Game 091 First T-Ball Game 105 First T-Ball Game 110 First T-Ball Game 118

First T-Ball Game 134

Friday, April 09, 2010

3 in 1


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We had many fun festivities leading up to Easter day.  3 egg hunts, an Easter Extravaganza in our neighborhood and Mason’s class Easter party.  We went to visit the Easter Bunny at the mall…much to my surprise Madelyn didn’t scream just a little sad face…Mason by now is a pro at telling them what he wants!!!  We woke up early and headed to the 8am service and when we returned Mason and Madelyn were excited to see what the Easter Bunny had brought them then we headed out to the front yard to hunt the eggs the bunny had left.  Madelyn was more interested in playing in the mud with no shoes on than finding the eggs.  Sweet Mason did help her out until he realized Madelyn was throwing the eggs out of her basket as fast as he was putting them in….then he decided to keep all the eggs in his basket :)


Mason has started playing T-ball with 2 of his friends.  He is enjoying playing ball…I will have to say he seems to like it more than soccer.  His first game is tomorrow…one thing we really need to work on is after he hits the ball he runs after the ball instead of running to 1st!  It is so cute to watch all the little guys and gals playing. 

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We are seeing the light at the end of a VERY VERY long tunnel.  After a total renovation of our back yard…adding a pool, outdoor kitchen, and bathroom we are finally about to be FINISHED…just in time for SUMMER :)  We had the landscaping done last week and they plaster the pool next week and then FILL er’ UP!!!  I am so ready to get things back in order.  The front yard is still a mess.  Along with the backyard renovation we have been doing some other little projects around the house that have kept us busy busy busy! 

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