Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Her Gig is up!" ~ultrasound lady

~Madelyn's Birth Story~

I had made it to another Monday, as I thought I would. I was not having any GOOD contractions over the weekend and knew she was in there to stay! I guess Mason made a comfy spot in there for her. Marcus had the day off due to MLK day and my doctor's appointment was scheduled for 11:00am. We had our babysitter come over to watch Mason. Marcus and I planned to go to lunch after the appointment and then home for another fun day with Mason. We were going to be induced that Wednesday if all looked and went well at the appointment. Madelyn had different is how our day/Madelyn's Birthday went:

10:00- Headed out to ultrasound/doctor's appointment (I wanted to get there early and see if I could be seen earlier) On the way Marcus and I were talking about where we wanted to eat for lunch......Mason was happily playing with his babysitter and did not even care we had left!

10:30- The ultrasound lady called us back ready to see Miss Madelyn in my tummy for the last time! Of course we had tons of questions: About how much does she weigh, Does she have much hair, Are all her measurements good, Is the cord around her neck, Is her heart rate good.....and then the last question.....Do I have any fluid left?? That is when the ultrasound lady said "Her Gig Is UP!!!" I could tell there was NO fluid because there was no black spots while she scanned over my belly. At that moment....We knew we would be having Madelyn TODAY and SOON!

11:00- After the ultrasound we went in to see Dr. Andrews. She walked in and said "You need to head on over to the hospital and I will be right over to break your water and start the induction! It all happened so fast. She also checked me one last time...I was 3cm dilated and almost fully effaced. She was still low, but had not come any lower.

***At this time I walked across the building to the hospital, calling my parents and the babysitter trying to get things squared away with Mason. He was having a blast with the babysitter so he stayed there until my parents or Marcus' brother got to the house to get him. Marcus at this time was headed home to pick up all our bags and cameras/camcorder. He called his parents and was back to the hospital quickly. SO MUCH FOR OUR LUNCH TOGETHER! :)

12:30- After about an hour of getting my IV hooked up and getting all my paper work done Marcus was back at the hospital and they had just started me on PITOCIN! I really wanted to avoid pitocin, but as I should know I CAN'T PLAN MY DELIVERIES! I was feeling good...contractions coming nothing to serious :)

12:45- Dr. Andrews came in to break my water. With Mason I did not have to have my water broken so I was unsure how this was going to go. Anyways, she proceeded to break my water...WHICH THERE WAS NONE since I had no fluid. I was still at 3cm too. I really wanted my doc to deliver which meant I had to deliver by 5pm before she was off. I was not to optimistic about that because It was almost 1 and I was still a 3!

2:45- After upping the Pitocin every 15 minutes...I was DYING! The contractions were AWFUL and right on top of each other! As I have said before I was trying to NOT get an epidural since my experience last time was HORRENDOUS. I asked the nurse to come check me to see how far along I was and that was going to sway my decision on getting an epidural. If I had progressed a lot I was going to stick out the PAINFUL contractions, but if I was not much further I was going to get the epidural and CROSS MY FINGERS for a better experience! The Nurse came in to check me and I was STILL A 3. With being on pitocin for 2 hours and still a 3 I caved and got the epidural.

3:15- I received the epidural...the Anesthesiologist was GREAT and the epidural was flawless! BUT I was still feeling every contraction....the edge was taken off, but I still had to stop and breathe through some very had ones! Now with Mason I FELT EVERYTHING because my epidural did not work so I was unsure if this was normal. Well, the nurse told me to give it a few more contractions and I SHOULD not be able to feel that is what I did. In the meantime my doctor came to check me AGAIN. I was thinking...I can't be much more....the nurse just checked me! However, I was wrong. I went from a 3 to a 6cm in a matter of no time. Madelyn's heart rate began to drop too, but would come back to normal. It was due to the quick progression I had made.

4:00- I was still feeling the contractions and they were worse. They were traveling up my back and in my lower back. The nurse asked me if I wanted the anesthesiologist to come give me more medicine...I hesitated, but opted for more. This is where things get a little HAZY! The second after he gave me more medicine I lost my was all muffled then my heart rate and Madelyn's heart rate went OFF THE CHARTS! They turned the pitocin off and gave me oxygen to get our heart rates back to normal again. Finally, I was calmed down and we were back on track. The Pitocin was turned back on.

***This last hour and a half FLEW by! I was still feeling the horrible back contractions so the nurse was suspecting that Madelyn had been Sunny Side Up this whole time and that was cause for her heart rate to drop and my back contractions. We kept moving me from side to side to try to turn her...she kept checking me to tickle her head to see if she could tell if she was for sure sunny side up.

5:00- The nurse comes in to check me once more...Madelyn's heart rate was still not was in the low 80's and not coming back up! I was 7 1/2 cm after she checked me.

5:15- Dr. Andrews came in to do another check...They kept asking me if I thought she has dropped further and if I felt like I needed to push...I had that feeling with Mason, but not Madelyn. As soon as she walked in....the said "We are having this baby now!" I was shocked...I was not FULLY DILATED! She got all ready and got me ready to start Pushing. Marcus said, "If you can deliver Madelyn by 5:31 she will be born when Andrea was born." Dr. Andrews replied "OH...she will be here SOONER THAN THAT!" Mind you it was already 5:15!

After a few pushes and the heart rate still LOW and not coming up....there was not much time to left to deliver....SO OUT WITH THE VACUUM! During my next contraction the Nurse pushed her whole forearm down on my stomach while Dr. Andrews used the Vacuum and I pushed and OUT came Madelyn. It was either that or emergency C-Section with me KNOCKED OUT COMPLETELY!

5:24- Madelyn Dawn Schultz entered the world just 9 minutes after the doc came in! QUICK !!!

***Out in the waiting room was Mason, both our families and Aunt Jenny and Uncle Monte ready to meet Miss Madelyn. They actually had no idea I was pushing...they thought the nurse was still checking me and was waiting to come back in the room. Madelyn all along had her OWN plans on arriving :) I am just glad she is here in our arms.

HOWEVER: I had to leave the hospital WITHOUT HER!!! I was discharged after 2 days and she had to stay one more night under Photo therapy for Jaundice :( I was soooo sooo sad I had to leave. I did not leave my room till late Wednesday night and then went back up to feed her...she could only be out of the lights for 30 minute increments every 4 hours :( We tried everything we could for me to stay another day....INSURANCE...that's a long story! But the next day she was READY to come home and we were all glad she was HEALTHY! Big Brother is LOVING her...he has his moments, but he will be a WONDERFUL big brother to Madelyn! We are so blessed.

Typing my post right when the Pitocin started

Are you kidding...That is what I was supposed to FOCUS on!

Mason arrived right before Madelyn was born...he did not know what to think since I had the oxygen mask on!

Madelyn was about to arrive :)

Our Family of FOUR :) (I do have a gown on!)

Let me explain....Mason HAD to wear these orange pumpkin shoes...good ole' uncle Monte who brought him to the hospital knew Momma would not like that and brought more shoes, but before we could even get them on...Madelyn came and we forgot all about our mis matched shoes :)

I love Mason's expression here...This is the FIRST peek he had a Madelyn.

Playing at the hospital

Getting her hearing test

Just look at that sweet smirk!

Aunt Jenny holding Madelyn....Jenny's next! Madden will be arriving in early July!!
YAHOO!!! We get to FINALLY take her home :)

You can tell she looks a little yellow still, but we were glad to get to take her home!

Big Brother checking in on baby sister!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Madelyn!

Proudly introducing

Madelyn Dawn Schultz

January 19, 2009


6lbs 12ozs 18in long

Monday, January 19, 2009

Well TODAY is the Day!

I made it to Monday! However, Miss Madelyn had other plans for me. I arrived at my doctor's appt. for my last ultrasound and doc visit. Well during my ultrasound we discovered Madelyn had NO FLUID left so it was time to head to the hospital for induction. Please pray for a safe delivery!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Over The Hill

I made it to my due date and then some! I am scheduled for my doctor's appointment tomorrow, to discuss what is best for Madelyn. Here's to me at 40weeks!!!

**Looks like I will make it to another Monday :)**
What do you think???
  1. Will she be born on MLK day? (will my doc send me over for induction after ultrasound tomorrow morning?)
  2. Will she be born on President Elect Obama's Inauguration Day?
  3. Will she wait till Hump Day, Wednesday, the day we are talking about inducing?

**Whatever the case...she will be here in our arms soon enough and I can't wait to see her sweet face and show her to her big brother, Mason!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Due Date to ME!!! Happy Due Date to ME!!

~I can't be pregnant FOREVER right?!?!~

Monday, January 12, 2009

Making it to Monday

I keep making it to Mondays. At the end of each appointment the past few Mondays both the doctor and I thought the next time we would see each other would be in the delivery room. Well, Madelyn has different plans! And those plans seem to take me to Mondays and my next doctor's appt. Hopefully today was my LAST Monday appointment. I was anxious to see what she would say and if I had progressed in any way (which kept me up all hours last night not sleeping well :(

Blood Pressure: GREAT

Weight Gain: +0 YEAH :)

Madelyn's heart rate: STRONG

**Still almost 3 cm dilated and almost fully effaced. Still not much change there!

So if I make it to NEXT MONDAY we will do an ultrasound, check out the baby, and induce....let's hope we don't have to wait much longer to hold sweet Madelyn in our arms and she makes it here before I make it to another MONDAY.

While I am away (at the doc that is) Mason and Hunter will play....and PLAY HARD...which lead to a 3 hr. nap today :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

39 weeks

Tomorrow is my next dr.'s appt. that she and I both thought I would not make it too! UNLESS tonight I go into labor. I was thinking last night COULD be the night with the FULL MOON, but Miss Madelyn is very comfy where she is...just needs a little more time on her own before she enters the world! Here is the latest pic from last night before dinner...and possibly the last belly pic before I have her. I am anxiously awaiting my appt. tomorrow to see what all doc has to say....hopefully she will come THIS week and come on her own!

Friday, January 09, 2009

39 Weeks and Overcautious

Today I turned 39!! 39 WEEKS. I have never seen 39 weeks before because I went into labor at 38 weeks with Mason. Last night I had a HORRIBLE headache. I took Tylenol and went to bed extra early in hopes it would go away. However, every time I would get up in the night and when I woke today it was STILL lingering. It was making me CRAZY!! After having toxemia/preeclampsia with Mason I am more than cautious when it comes to the first signs of this......headache that doesn't subside is one sign. Well, I called the doc. and she wanted me to come in and be monitored and have blood work done to see if there were signs of toxemia in my system. I was glad to be heading to the hospital "just in case"

So the doc calls and says go to the hospital where you wish to deliver and they will be ready for you and "just in case" we have the baby today! Ok...I thought....I am prepared RIGHT!?!?!? Well, my phone rang AGAIN and it was the doc. She proceeded to tell me I needed to go to the "OTHER" hospital Memorial City because Katy did not have any rooms. This is when I went into ANXIETY PANIC mode.....because this was the dreaded hospital I delivered Mason at and I was FOR SURE not going through that delivery again.

Long story short....I arrived at Memorial City got to the L&D floor for monitoring and blood work. Blood Pressure=CHECK, baby heart rate=CHECK, contractions= not many CHECK, blood work=CHECK Everything checked out PERFECT! No signs of toxemia/preeclampsia...I am free to go home...YES STILL WITH THIS DREADED HEADACHE :( So here I am in bed resting but wanting to be outside on this nice day playing with my son! So today I was overcautious but happy to hear everything still looks wonderful and we will soon meet Madelyn!

That leaves us still WAITING for Miss Madelyn to make her Debut! My next appt. is Monday...will I make it then or will I be holding my precious daughter in my arms?!?!?

So WHERE WAS MASON? My friend Laura and her son Hunter came to pick him up while I headed to the hospital where Marcus met me. Mason and Hunter play wonderfully together and they both were very very excited to spend the afternoon together :) Laura picked up McDonalds for lunch and took them to wear themselves out at her house running around playing in the back yard and in the playroom. Laura said when she had mentioned to the boys it was almost nap time Mason went to get his blanket and monkey, Hunter went to get his blanket and she found them in Hunter's room in his bed ready for nap!! TOOO CUTE!!! However by this time Marcus was on his way to pick Mason up and I was waiting to speak with my doc one last time before I headed home. Marcus got Mason and headed home for a LONG nap after a fun fun afternoon! Thank you again, Laura, for entertaining my son this afternoon.....he LOVED being at your house! :)

Monday, January 05, 2009

38 1/2 Weeks

Well...I made it to my appt. this afternoon! I had one last ultrasound and visit with the doc. I was anxious to see/hear of any progressions I have made. I had Mason at exactly 38 1/2 weeks so I guess she will come a little later...FASHIONABLY LATER :)

Ultrasound: She has NO room to move...she is all balled up head down ready to come ;) Fluid level was great, cord pressure was wonderful, heart rate 146 STRONG, +/- 7lbs, and Madelyn was hiding her face!!

Weight/Blood Pressure: +2lbs and 122/78

Visit with the doc: 2+ cm dilated almost fully effaced and can you say LOW!!! She is going to fall out...or at least that's what all the pressure feels like. So I had little progression but at least some! Doc. guesstimates sometime in the next few days she will make her appearance...but then again..WHO KNOWS...just a waiting game now!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hide Seek

Mason's new FAVORITE game! He LOVES LOVES LOVES to play Hide Seek :)

Mason: Play Hide Seek

Mom/Dad/Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles/ANYONE: Ok..I will count "1..2..3..4..5.."

Mason: "I hide in Baby Sister's Room"

Who ever is playing: Begins counting and then says "I'm Coming"

Mason: "In ___________" (He loves to TELL you where he is hiding, but every time he is found he is AMAZED at HOW you found him!!!)

Mason: "YOU FOUND ME!!!!!!!!!!!"

He would play this for HOURS! Every night after bath we dry him off and he takes off to HIDE. He runs through the game room NAKED and then usually lays down outside of our guest bedroom door, but recently he has been going in the guest bedroom and hiding under the covers...TOO CUTE!
Mason saying "You found me!!"

Saturday, January 03, 2009

January 5, 2009

This coming Monday Marcus and I will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary! I know I could go on and say how I can't believe it's been 7 years already and time flies and so much has gone on! The pictures below will reflect our lives together from college to marriage to bringing Mason home and then our awaiting miss Madelyn and that will portray what a WONDERFUL, FULFILLED, BLESSED 7 years we have had with many many more to come! Marcus, THANKS FOR GIVING ME THE WORLD!
First Comes Love:
College: YIKES we look so young :)
Then Comes Marriage:
January 5, 2002

Honeymoon: Jamaica

Summer 02'

World Series 03' in San Francisco

July 4th 04'

Las Vegas 05'

New York 05'

Dominican Republic 05'
New Years, Breckenridge 06': Found out I was pregnant just shortly after this trip :)
Then Comes Baby in a Baby Carriage
Mason's Birth: September 06'
****Now we just wait to add Madelyn to our family in 09'!****

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hard Working Man

This morning we were playing in the game room with Mason's new toys from Christmas. He was loving his new tool set. We put on his tool belt, hard hat and he got to work! It was cute...he loved adding new tools to his tool belt and using the ones he knew like the hammer! He had seen me hammer quite a few things these past months hanging things in his room and baby sister's. I love seeing him play and pretend is sooo cute :)