Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1..2..3...What Will It Be?!?!?

My sister, Jenny, had her first ultrasound yesterday since finding out she was pregnant around Halloween!!! She had been waiting for this day for a while...and I was on pins and needles waiting to hear their GREAT news! She is almost 7 weeks along. When she went in for the ultrasound...the Nurse said....DON'T get worried if we don't see the is really early! Well the moment she started the ultrasound....there he/she was strong heartbeat and everything!! That's right Jenny and her family will be adding 1 sweet blessing to their family in early July....maybe the 4th of July on Jenny's birthday :) We couldn't be more excited for them!!! Now I can't wait to find out BOY or GIRL...but that will probably be AFTER Madelyn arrives...WOW that is hard to imagine :) Congrats!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Deal of the Day

Thanks to my friend Audrey (SUPER SHOPPER) for my deal of the day! Last night had their Britax Marathon car seats for $42.99 plus tax FREE SHIPPING!!! YES, that is right a REGULAR 250.00 dollar Car seat for 46.00!!! I stocked up...I got 3 one for the new lil one and 2 for my hopes she has twins..we will find out on Wednesday :)
*** had a computer GLITCH and the price was WRONG! I contacted them and the guy HUNG UP on me....what do you think...should they honor the price?

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Big Boy Bed

(waking up this morning in his big boy bed!)

All week I have been talking up Mason's BIG BOY BED!!! So on Friday afternoon Mason took his last nap in his crib....and it was a long one :) When Marcus got home from work Friday we began turning Mason's room into his Big Boy Room with his new bed and bedding. He was so excited to watch us put up his big boy bed he couldn't wait to get in it! I wondered how long that would last..... Well it was time for our nightly routine after finishing up with his big boy room. Bath, brush teeth, read books, then bed! He was sooo excited he wanted to skip reading the books....WHICH IS NEVER THE CASE! But, we still read to him and put him down in his bed. We rushed to the monitor to see just how long it would be before he climbed out. YEAH...he slept there all night and until 8:20 this morning!! The next test was NAP!! Well...I am typing this as he sleeps AGAIN in his big boy bed :) He did get up once and try to escape (which he couldn't) cried for daddy and Marcus went back in and put him back down and told him stay put we would be back after night night! My lil guy is growing right before my eyes!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

30 Weeks

Wow! That is all I can say...WOW!!! In just a few short VERY BUSY months we will meet lil Madelyn. How can it be that time has FLOWN! Today was my 30 week appt. and this past Tuesday we had a 3D ultrasound to peek in on our sweet lil girl.

*30 week appt: I always get nervous getting my blood pressure taken...I worry it is going to sky rocket or plummet like it did with Mason toward the end of my pregnancy which resulted in Preeclampsia and Toxemia. I really really pray that I don't get this with this pregnancy.

  1. Weight : +1 lb from last month

  2. Blood Pressure: 116/80

  3. Belly measurement: 29 weeks...I measured a couple weeks smaller with Mason too but he came 10 days early :)

  4. Heart beat: Heart Rate 143

  5. Questions/Concerns: I had been sick and dehydrated earlier in the I went to get monitored on the L&D floor to make sure everything was fine....Madelyn checked out PERFECT!!

  6. Make my last round of appts.!!!! I can't believe I am in the home stretch! I had Mason at 38 weeks...that means if she decides to come early... only 8 more weeks to go!

**I am working on her nursery...the crib and bedding come next week and I plan on finishing the painting (with help) next week as well!!! As for now...I better get some Christmas planning/shopping done before time slips away and January creeps up on me :)