Monday, April 30, 2007

Port Aransas

This past weekend Mason had his first trip to the beach. We went to visit Marcus' parents for his mom's birthday. Marcus' parents own a condo in Port A. We have visited there since we were in college. It is a fun place to relax in the sun. Mason will visit Port A many more times in his life!! At first we thought the weather was going to be cloudy and rainy, but Saturday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. We took Mason to the pool for his first swim, except the water was WAYYYY too cold for him to swim. I would stick his feet in.....he did not know what to think. I can't wait till the water warms and we can swim all day long. Daddio and Ganny-D took him for a walk on the beach and stuck his feet in the sand......the boy LOVES his walks outside.

I'm ready for the beach Mom!!

Mason loved the breeze from the coast while we were taking the ferry to Port A.

About to make the trip to the pool

Having fun in the sun with Daddy!!

BRRRRR, we just stuck our feet in the water was way too cold to swim :)

I'm pooped...that sun can wear you out.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Army crawl & Funfilled Weekend

These past few weeks Mason has started to "army" crawl. He gets on all fours rocks back and forth then plops back on his belly. He uses his forarms to crawl to get around. It is so cute. He can "real" crawl, but I think he likes army crawling much better. He now sits up from a lying position and pulls himself up to a standing position. He is getting to be a BIG BOY!!! I have my running shoes on...ready to try to catch the lil man :) It is so much fun watching my lil boy discover and learn new things.

You think you can catch me!!!

This past weekend Marcus and I went to Las Vegas. We met some college friends up there for a funfilled weekend. I will not get into all the details, but it was the most fun Vegas trip I have had. We shopped, laid by the pool, got facials and makeovers, and WON some money. (Well Whitney and I won some money.....the guys however did not have such good luck) I only played black jack a total of a couple of hours the whole time were were there and came home with $600.00!!!!! Yeah!! It was so much fun seeing friends and relaxing by the pool.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter........and.......Mason's Famous

Mason's First Easter

Mason's 6 month pictures: These were taken right when he turned 6 months and I can't believe it has already been ANOTHER month!!

My son is FAMOUS!!!! Marcus and I went into The Picture People where we had Mason's last pictures taken. I was ordering more pictures. While we were waiting to pick them up I glanced around the studio. Right in front of my eyes.........MY BOY!!!!! They took a picture they had taken of Mason and framed it and put it on display. I did not know they were going to do this. If I would not have gone back into the studio this weekend I would have never know. I took pictures of the display below. He may not be the gerber baby yet....but there is still time :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Travel Agent.....

I absolutely LOVE to travel!!! I also love looking up vacations for friends and family. Recently my friend Whitney, from college, got me a job as a travel agent. She works for Bell Travel in Lubbock and her boss has hired me on for outside sales. I am so excited. I can now book you on your next vacation, or if you know anyone getting married I can book their honeymoon....I CAN BOOK ANYTHING. Good thing is I am FREE of charge. Even if you need airfare or just a hotel I can book that too!!!! But, the BEST thing about my new position is........I work from HOME and work on my own time or when I want to work. It is great!!! So next time you need help with travel or know of someone who needs help please contact me I would love to help.

My new work email is: