Friday, October 31, 2008

~Happy Halloween~

ARRRR Mate!!! We kicked off Halloween with a fun playgroup party! The lil ones had so much fun playing with balloons, dancing, making crafts, eating candy, eating cookies, eating pretty much EVERYTHING!! Thanks, Stephanie for hosting it at your house....we had a BLAST. We even have another fun playgroup party on Sunday...thanks Laura for hosting this :) After the fun festivities this morning we can home to take a good long nap to get rest for the neighborhood Halloween party. There we rode on a hay ride, watched a magician and got many many goodies. Then we went to our old neighbors house to trick or treat....It was so nice to see Dana again. Finally, we came back to the house to trick or treat around the block and hand out candy to some trick or treaters headed to our house. We had a fun filled day and boy is Momma TIRED!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 Years in the Making

YIPEEEEE!!! My sister, Jenny, just found out TODAY that she will be a MOMMY :) I can't be more excited for her and her family. They have waited a long time for this and I know what great parents she and Paul will be. She will be going in Friday to get more bloodwork to check HCG levels and then hopefully soon after have a sonogram to see how many precious lil ones she will be welcoming to the world come JULY!
~CONGRATULATIONS, Jenny, Paul & Kylie...Mason and Madelyn can't wait to meet their new cousin/s!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Dentist Appointment

Monday was Mason's first dentist appt. A friend had recommended us to this wonderful Kids practice! I was not sure how Mason was going to do...but he never ceases to amaze me...He did great!!! He even asked to go back to the Dentist :) It was fun for him...he got to clean a snake's teeth with the Dentists equipment, he got to pick out his toothpaste flavor and he got many many goodies and a green balloon. We got a great report from the obviously we are doing something right! Next visit will be in 6 months....I know he will love going back :)

~Sweet Shower~

This past weekend I traveled to Dallas where my good friends and sister hosted me the sweetest shower for Madelyn! They put so much thought and effort to making her shower very special! It was great to see many of my friends who came. I also got to meet the newest family member, Nathan~such a happy lil guy :) Jenny, Laura and Leigh Ann....Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful shower for sweet Madelyn....we are so blessed to have such great friends and family who love us!!!

The Hostesses: Laura, Jenny, Leigh Ann

The cute cute wreath Laura Sue made for Madelyn-Laura why did I not get you in the pic too?!?

My mom and her sis showed up in the same dress :)
The Family...without my mom..How cute is Nathan!!!

Fun girly things ;) for Madelyn
The YUMMY cupcakes!
**Thank you so much to all my friends and family who came...I have pictures but they are individual pictures of me and my guests.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Very Particular

~Mason has become VERY VERY particular! He is such a funny boy :) All I know is HE KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS!! Here are just a FEW things Mason is EXCEPTIONALLY particular about~

1. "No Mommy's Hair"- Since I HARDLY wear my hair down..(usually in a hat or pulled back unless it is Sunday :)...Mason has found a new love...My hair DOWN...and boy does he let me know when he doesn't like it!!!

2. "No, Daddy's Hat...Back" -The ONLY way Marcus can wear his hat is on BACKWARDS!! Ther is no wearing it on the right way. Everyone we see who has a hat on backwards he points it out.

3. "Goofy Stuck on Mars, or Mickey Tower, or Mickey and the Baaahhh"- Mason is very picky when it comes to his shows! He LOVES Mickey Mouse :) He loves these three episodes the best...we could rerun them over and over again and he would sit for HOURS watching them if we let him! This past weekend we took a 5 1/2hr road trip to Abilene...I thought we were prepared...TONS OF MICKEY on DVD!! But over and over he kept asking for the ones we DVR'd at the house!! YIKES!! Maybe he watched too much Mickey during my 1st Trimester :)

4. "Boy's Shoes"-Mason is a SHOE FANATIC!! If I need to run to the Mall I can always keep him calm if I tell him he gets some new shoes and he proceeds to say "Boy's shoes" This stems back from an UNRULY Lady!! Funny thing though...I hardly buy him SHOES!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pedi Ped Shoes so I usually buy those.

5. "More NA NA NA"- Mason LOVES to SING :) He loves to hear me SING...YIKES!!! His new fav song is So What by Pink! Maybe I should turn his CD on once in a while with HIS songs on it...but he LOVES this song...he always asks for MORE when it is over!

~These are just the TOP 5 that he seems VERY particular about...such a funny guy!!~

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How Long????

So just curious...How long are your ultrasounds and who gives them? I have always LOVED my doctor! She is upbeat and funny...(as funny as you can get with an OB :) Anyway, I have lots of friends who see the same doctor as I or a doctor in her practice. We began to talk and I always wondered how long their ultrasounds were and who gave them...considering I had a few "minor" scares when pregnant with Mason and now this lil one! I always felt like we were "In and Out" when it came to have our ultrasounds. doctor doesn't even give them. They have an ultrasound tech give them...even if something is wrong! My doctor doesn't even get the Doppler out and listen to the heartbeat...her nurse does it!! Anyways, my ultrasounds on average have been ONLY 7 minutes!!!!! I thought these practices were all normal and just the way things were done, but after talking to others who have OTHER doctors seem to get more personal treatment and in depth ultrasounds!!! I know this is late in the game to be questioning this now, but I was just wondering who "in other areas" get the same prenatal services I do and who gets different!! Am I crazy for thinking that my doc should "do more" when it comes to ultrasounds?!?

Friday, October 03, 2008

2 Years and 25 Days

We SHARED!!! We have been talking about today for a while now. Today was the day we were going to "SHARE" our P, Paci, with the Ducks. I did not know what to 'think' about how this day would go. Mason has always LOVED his 'P'. But, I knew the day would come where we needed to be a big boy and cut the cord with the P. So today was the day! We had one last nap with it, one last car ride with it and then it was off to the park in our neighborhood. We also live on a lake, so the perfect opportunity arose to share our P with the ducks in the lake by the park. One by one Mason tossed his P into the water waiting for the ducks to come 'share' with him. It came time for his last on...his BLUE ONE!!! This one by far is his fav. Daddy gave it to him to toss like the others...BUT...Mason needed ONE LAST SUCK of his P! So he sucked away, took one last gaze at it went to the ducks too! Such a GOOD BIG BOY! I was so proud of him....not the test of time (nap, night, and school) time that is. We have had a successful Night and Nap without the P and now we await next Tuesday to see how he fares without it. I know he will be just fine :) Did I mention...I AM SO PROUD OF HIM!!!
**Sorry, you still have to tilt your head**

**Yes we did retrieve the P's from the lake and toss them in the trash**

I Went to the Hospital

Yesterday to visit a friend who just had her second baby. I did not think twice about driving up to the SAME hospital I had Mason in 2 years ago. When we walked in I was flooded with emotions...some GREAT and some NOT SO GREAT!!! Walking through the L&D floor and past the nursery I was anxious, nervous, and SCARED. It brought back the HORRIFIC memories of my labor with Mason. I was in that same hospital 2 years ago to have Mason and haven't been back since yesterday! I did not think it would have that effect on me, but thank goodness I will be delivering at the NEW Memorial Herman hospital here in Katy. I am not trying to be superwoman, but with what happened last delivery, I am choosing NOT to have an epidural or pain meds UNLESS I have to have a C-section. I just want a healthy lil girl that doesn't have to spend days in the NICU like Mason did. I know people may call me crazy AND I know my labor will more than likely not be repeated again, but I don't want the slightest chance of having to miss the first few days of my lil girl's life if I can help it. With that said....seeing all the LITTLE ones in the nursery and holding my friend's lil boy I couldn't help but get excited about the little girl growing in my belley :) She will be here so soon and I can't wait for her to meet her Big Brother and for us to see what this lil precious looks like. This pregnancy has flown by and we have yet to give her a name, or put together a nursery for her! By no means am I "ready" for her to arrive, but I can't wait because I know she will bring so much joy to our family.

**Before I went to the hospital and I dropped Mason off at school, Mason and I were practicing our "Trick-Or-Treat" in the car just to get him ready for Halloween! I just love how he says "Trick-Or-Treat".....please disregard my voice...I hate listening to my voice!

~sorry you have to tilt your head~