Wednesday, June 25, 2008

~Sweet Sweet Sound~

When we returned from Antigua we had a doctors appointment. I was almost 10 weeks and was unsure if they would be able to hear the heartbeat from the doppler. When I was pregnant with Mason I bought a heart doppler like the ones they have at the doctor's offices. I was able to hear his lil heart beat all the time. Well we went into the doc office and the nurse found the baby's heart beat right away :) I love that lil sound. Now I can listen at home during the day and before bedtime like I did with Mason. Mason also loves listening to the heartbeat....he will point and say "baby baby" sooo cute! Here is the lil beating of baby # 2!

**it is the faster of the two sounds you will hear**

Sunday, June 22, 2008

May/June Highlights

Long time LOTS going on!

Memorial Day weekend: My good friend from college, Whitney, and her husband came to H-town from Lubbock visit us and see the new place. It was so much fun seeing them. I had just found out I was pregnant and was SUPER TIRED, but we still had a great time hanging out, eating at Perry's Steakhouse (my favorite place) and SHOPPING...even though I did not buy anything due to my growing belly :) Whitney had met Mason once before when he was about 6 months old! He loved them. He loved walking in Randy's shoes and making Whitney put on and take off all of his own shoes. It is not often we see each other, but we are getting better at visiting and meeting up in fun destinations!

Randy's Shoes

Before dinner

Randy's other shoes ;)

HS Girl's Weekend: A while back we set a date to FINALLY get together and have a fun relaxing girl's weekend. We hardly get to see each other and when we got together we picked up where we all left off. We met at my house, relaxed, ate, relaxed, and ate some more. I am borrowing pictures from Mav's blog :) It was fun getting to see all my friends from HS and meeting their lil ones!! WOW, what 10 yrs. brings...BABIES :) Camden was such a smart lil girl with a fun spirit! I loved how she talked!! Laney, can I say TONGUE!! This lil girl will melt your heart with her big brown eyes! Caden, sweet sweet lil Caden. What a handsome lil guy! What a great lil boy you have Thompson!!! It was crazy to think Mason was once that small and SOON ENOUGH I will have another one that small! He was such a trooper traveling and everywhere we went....what a cutie :) I was sad that Mason was not there to play with his lil friends, but I have been EXHAUSTED and NAUSEOUS so I thought I would try to be the best host I could be and let Mason go with his daddy to Abilene. I sure missed him. However, Laney did get to play with him for a day since Laura arrived in Houston on Thursday. Mason LOVED being around the Baby :) They would hold hands it was tooo precious! The weekend had to come to an end, but we had a blast and started a new Tradition.

Antigua: Each year Marcus and I visit a new beach destination. This year the lucky spot was Antigua. What a beautiful place it was! We had a great time laying by the beach, taking a catamaran sailing down the coastline, and enjoying the beautiful weather! While we were away my parents came to Houston to watch Mason. They had a blast. He learned his ABC's, took 3 hr naps (nanny and papa wore him out), went to Chucky E. Cheese, went swimming and lots more. I don't think he had a spare minute to miss us, but we sure missed him!

Our Villa on the beach

View from our villa....just steps away!!!!

The beautiful beach

The Resort

1 of the Resorts Pools


The resort as we sail away on the catamaran :)

Sailing away on the catamaran

Marcus jet skiing in the knee got in the way

Our cooler and cell the butler gave us


While we were away Mason....

Nanny wore me out!!!!!

Mason LOVES to swim especially with Kylie :)

Learning his ABC's

tired boy!

fun at Chuck E. Cheese

Monday, June 02, 2008

Mason is..........

I am almost 8 weeks and due in January. We are soooo excited and can't wait!!! Mason will be such a wonderful big brother!!!