Thursday, March 11, 2010

Much to do….no time to post



We have had a lot more progress and I would guess we will be all finished with the pool, outdoor kitchen and bathroom addition in about a month.  It is so exciting to see it all come together!

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KIDS:  Here are some fun pics of the kids the past several weeks! Rodeo is in full force and I have seen Kenny Chesney and will see Black Eyed Peas this next week…SO FUN…can’t wait to take the kids to all the fun activities!

FebMarch10 238FebMarch10 137 FebMarch10 312 FebMarch10 339 FebMarch10 388 FebMarch10 407 FebMarch10 423


Other fun pics: I am taking a camera class about how to use my fancy camera and love it…here are a few pics of things we have learned… I have only had 2 classes, but did not even know my camera did all these fun things :)

FebMarch10 240 FebMarch10 283 FebMarch10 192

This past weekend I headed to NYC with my sister and Kelly…we had so much fun…no pics of that weekend :) We have been busy busy and so glad to see some warmer weather headed our way…hopefully to stay!  Madelyn is growing so fast…she is saying so many words…she can for the most part say anything (within reason) that we ask her to say.  She is still eating like a champ and poor thing has been sick…anything Mason brings home from school she gets :(  Mason is a lil toot!  He is all about being at home.  We will be out and say…I want to go home and play.  He also says “ This is our house and no one can live here but us…well Nanny, Papa, DD, and Daddio can”  He is also “about” to outgrow his naps BOO HOO BOO HOO!  We have a  busy summer planned with several trips planned, wedding, birthdays, and relaxing by the pool…I wouldn’t have it any other way :)