Monday, May 26, 2008

~Too Sweet~

**This is Ella a lil girl in Mason's playgroup...aren't they SWEET??!!! They walked to the restaurant holding hands and then when we were done eating and heading back to the car...they looked for each other's hands and started to stroll back to the car. When they had to part Mason was sooo sad...he blew Ella kisses but was not ready to let her hand go....but good things must come to an end and it was NAP time :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New House

Here are the updated pics of the new place....long time coming I KNOW!!!!!!!! There is still so much to do and I wish I could just snap my fingers and it all be done, but I will have to be patient :)

Living area downstairs

View from breakfast area looking into the kitchen...if you look close enough you can see I have taught Mason well....he is sweeping the floors :)

Desk off breakfast area and kitchen

breakfast area...still need a rug and my 2 chairs from pottery barn that are BACK ORDERED until JUNE 30TH!!!!!!!!!

built in entertainment in living room

bedroom entertainment area/the picture of our bed did not come out well...OH WELL!

Dining room

Wine grotto room

downstairs powder bath

Study: we have yet to do ANYTHING to this room :)

The built in bookshelves....still almost EMPTY!

Mason learned a new trick ;)

The staircase :) I get my exercise running up and down these with Mason everyday :)

Marcus' steam has a couple of shower heads and I have yet to shower in it...I am more of a bath girl :)

My vanity area in the bathroom

My bathtub ;)
The closet built in
1st guest bedroom

2nd guest bedroom

built in bar in game room...I did not take a picture of the game room it was A HUGE MESS....Mason loves spending his time up here playing and watching the ducks and boats drive by :)
Built in bookshelves.......and
hidden media room door :)
stadium seating in theatre room....Marcus' great escape
where we spend our night watching our TIVOed shows :)

So finally I feel settled with NO MORE BOXES to unpack...we have window tinting people coming tomorrow and A WHOLE HECK OF A LOT MORE TO DO to finish it, but I am loving every minute in our new house!
*Leigh Ann thanks for all your help picking out tiles, granite and more for our house WE LOVE IT!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What a fun filled four days we had in Cancun, Mexico. We went this past weekend with Marcus' family. Mason was such a GREAT traveler! We swam, played in the ocean, ate, and had a great time :) Here are some pictures below to recap our relaxing trip to the beach!

Such a good lil traveler:

ubove: waiting to get on the plane in Houston

below: riding on the bus to meet up with DD and Daddio in Cancun

View From our room

Walking with Uncle and daddy to the POOL (kick kick kick) everytime I say pool Mason follows with "kick kick kick" guess he's paying attention in swim lessons!

One of the MANY swim-up pool bars

hangin' with mom on the beach

Daddio Funny :)
Me and Uncle

Listening to the fun music at dinner Mason's favorite thing to do

Our last night before dinner

I love DD's neclace

Riding in the golf cart to the golf course restaurant!!

View of the Golf Course and infinity pool...BEAUTIFUL :)