Monday, September 27, 2010

Swim, Splash, and Play….Mason’s 4th BIRTHDAY!!

This year there was no question as to what kind of party my lil guy wanted!!!  Just so happened we had the perfect place :) The invites went out and countdown began to the perfect party day!!!!  The week was VERY VERY rainy…thunderstorms and days of just RAIN!!!  I had high hopes…the “very trusty” weather channel had sun shine predicted for the Saturday ONLY!!  Well the day came and sunny it was…PERFECT!!  Most of his friends we invited were able to make it and we were so happy to share this special day with them doing what Mason loves to do best…swim!  With balloons galore hung, the swim toys ready…I wasn’t sure what to expect?!?!  Would all the kids swim…would they want to play on the boat, would they be afraid of the pool…etc.  However, they all jumped right in and had the best time ever!!!   They would have stayed swimming all afternoon.  After all the guests left we opened his gifts and played all afternoon with Nanny, Papa, DD, and Daddio….Mason couldn’t have had a more awesome day.  Watching him play with his friends and enjoying his day put a huge smile on my face :)  Happy Birthday BIG boy…we love you very much!!

Mason's4thBirthday 073 

Mason's4thBirthday 035Mason's4thBirthday 047 

The goodie bags and ready for the guests to arrive!

Mason's4thBirthday 079 Mason's4thBirthday 080 Mason's4thBirthday 083 Mason's4thBirthday 106 Mason's4thBirthday 051 Mason's4thBirthday 163 Mason's4thBirthday 208 Mason's4thBirthday 172

Getting ready to eat pizza and playing on the playset…Mason’s big birthday present!

Mason's4thBirthday 185 Mason's4thBirthday 167

Mason's4thBirthday 174  Mason's 4th 039

The guys glued to the TV watching football!  The kids loved to hang out on the infinity edge!

 Mason's 4th 042

Singing Happy Birthday!!! 

Thursday, September 09, 2010

First Day of School

Mason4yrsold 039 Mason4yrsold 054

All summer Mason has kept asking when he gets to go back to school.  He has loved school and I am thankful.  You would have though differently if you saw me drop him off when he first started(a few years ago), but always had a smile on his face and did not want to leave when it was time to go home!  I just knew Madelyn would follow suit.  SCREAM…CRY…HATE every minute of school.  However, this Tuesday her first day she proved me wrong…for which I am thankful.  She did cry, but proceeded to have the best day ever.  Then throughout the week she would point to herself and say “me school!”  I am so happy (for now) my two scholars :) love school and are happy!   

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Happy Birthday, MY BIG BOY!!!

4 YEARS OLD!! How can that be!!  Happy Birthday BIG BOY…we can’t wait to celebrate your special day with all your friends and family this weekend at your party!  We love you!!

Mason4yrsold 072 Mason4yrsold 077

Mason4yrsold 078 Mason4yrsold 084

Mason4yrsold 013 Mason4yrsold 025

Mason4yrsold 022

One of his gifts we gave him along with both grandparents was this playscape :)  HE LOVES IT!!!  Mason and Madelyn have both enjoyed playing on it!  Thanks Nanny, Papa, DD, and Daddio for putting huge smiles on your grandkids’ faces ;)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

I HEART Boston!!!!

I HEART Boston! I HEART Birthdays!! I HEART Black Eyed Peas!!! AND… just so happened I got to celebrate my 30th in a wonderful city FRONT ROW watching the group I love the most!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Marcus for taking me and getting us the tickets to BEP!  I had never been to Boston before and I fell in love….maybe not with the winter time, but the city was awesome!  We had a full 3 days to enjoy Boston.  

Right after we landed we were off to Fenway Park to watch our good friend, John Lackey, pitch for his new team!!  We had AMAZING seats, thanks Krista and John.  I love the field.  It is a smaller field, but the fans are great and Marcus really loved when they sing Sweet Caroline in the 8th every game…I think that was his fav. part :) 

Boston 018 Boston 029

Boston 024 

The next day we did a Duck Tour…it was fun and it was a great way to see the city…all the historical sights.  It was fun because it was half on land then they drove the bus into the water and we did a cruise of the Charles River.  After the Duck Tour we did some shopping on Newbury street and ate at some fun restaurants as well.  Later that night…BEP!!!!!!  As I got ready to see the Black Eyed Peas with Krista, Marcus went to the baseball game again!!

Boston 035Boston 036 Boston 041 Boston 082

Boston 092 Boston 108 Boston 201

After a LONG FUN night dancing….we slept in and I headed to the Mandarin Oriental Spa at our hotel for a was nice to relax and enjoy our last day in Boston!  We headed  back to the Fenway Park one last time before we had to head home!  I had a great 30th…and on my real birthday Marcus, Mason, and Madelyn did not disappoint.  They had even more surprises up their sleeves.  I can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store for us!!!

Boston 126 Boston 128

Boston 184 Boston 150


 Boston 203