Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Mini Vacation

This summer Marcus and I headed to the Caymans in August.  We went for a 3 night getaway.  My parents came to our house and held down the fort for us while we enjoyed the beach, relaxing, and each other :)  We ate at some YUMMY restaurants, relaxed by the beach, and snorkeled. 

meachamvaca11 295 meachamvaca11 296 Beautiful Sunsetmeachamvaca11 232 Our little friend walking on our patio

 meachamvaca11 244 meachamvaca11 274The amazing water…so calm and clear!  Sting rays would swim up close to the beach!

meachamvaca11 259  We stayed at the Westin…our room was on the corner first level walk out right to the beach AHHHHH!

No Training Wheels

This summer was so hot…it was not enjoyable to be outside for extended periods of time unless we were soaking in the pool.  Mason kept asking and asking if we would take his training wheels off his bike….with us being out of town so much too…we FINALLY were able to take them off!  Right before his 5th birthday we stripped the bike of the training wheels, suited Mason up in head to toe gear and sent him off!  Marcus worked with him for quite a while one Saturday afternoon.  By early evening Mason was a confident 2 wheeled bike rider.  The next step was teaching him how to start and stop by himself.  That Sunday he hopped back on the bike and mastered stopping and starting in no time.  My mom said when I learned to ride a bike I wouldn’t stop my bike…when I was ready to get off I would just JUMP!  I’m glad he has decided against that ;)  I am so glad he loves to be outside riding his bike and playing…Madelyn however is my homebody who loves some TV!


meachamvaca11 388 meachamvaca11 304 meachamvaca11 307 meachamvaca11 308 meachamvaca11 324 meachamvaca11 335 meachamvaca11 343 meachamvaca11 345 meachamvaca11 359 meachamvaca11 364 meachamvaca11 366 meachamvaca11 372 meachamvaca11 374

I’m A Big Girl Now!

Sept11 058

Madelyn had been using the BIG potty for a while!  We would put her up on the potty right before bath time or when we were changing outside from our swimsuit.  This summer was so busy…I just couldn’t find a LOOOONGGG stretch of time we were home to get down and dirty and finally potty train my lil girl.  Some say their second child would watch their OLDER sibling and want to be just like them…not my Madelyn!  She did not care at all if she sat in a dirty diaper so I was unsure how this little process was going to go!  SOOO finally in August when Marcus and I returned form our vaca it was GO TIME!  I had been talking up big girl panties for quite some time so we were off to our fav store TARGET :)  There she picked out her favorite character panties and we went to the dollar isle and she picked out tons of dollar prizes and some M&M’s.  We were armed and ready!  There was no turning back!!! She again proves me wrong.

Day 1: One pee pee accident…no poo today!

Day 2:  I knew we were in for a long day of back and forth to the potty since Madelyn who is usually regular had not pooed the day before!  We had just walked in the door after making a donut run!  She said “i gotta poo poo” so I hurriedly swept her up and off we went!  We sat and sat and sat…I knew she needed to go, but was just not confident enough to go.  Well I bribed and bribed her to go and she wouldn’t.  Just as I was about to take her off the potty…our garage door to the house OPENED!  I think that startled her and  WAHLAH poo in the potty!  It literally scared the poo out of her.  From then on she has had NO problem pooing in the potty :)  HOWEVER, that afternoon she did have another pee pee accident for only 2 accidents total!

Day 3:  1 tee tee accident and LAST ACCIDENT :)  from here on “I ready to go tee tee” and she has right in the big girl potty :)  Mason wasn’t too terribly hard to potty train, but Madelyn MUCH MUCH EASIER :) 


This season is Mason’s 3rd season to play soccer….This is by far his favorite sport! He is a great little player!  We are 4 games into the season and he just keeps getting better and better.  This last game he scored 5 goals :)  The first game Marcus had to coach one of the teams (we play 3v3 and split team into 2 teams) I think Marcus really enjoyed it…the kids did great!  I am sure Coach Marcus will get a chance to coach again very soon ;)

The Purple Dragons

Sept11 128 Sept11 152

Sept11 136 Sept11 175 Sept11 159 Sept11 176 Sept11 164 Our cheerleader is trying to find some shade :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Woodlands

A few years ago my family took a family vacation to The Woodlands Resort!  After debating….we decided we would go there again this summer for our family get together again!  The kids have a blast with the many activities they offer.  We were at the pool all weekend long swimming, sliding, getting balloon animals made, face painting, listening/dancing to the band, making smores, and of course eating…drinking…and spending time together! We headed to the pool first thing in the morning and stayed pretty much till dinner time.  We would eat at the grill at the pool, and then play a little more till the little bitty ones were EXHAUSTED!  Mason even convinced Papa to slide down the big slide with him….Papa happily went ONCE  :) with him! After the fun filled weekend swimming and just hanging out our mini vacation with Nanny and Papa was over…time flies when your having fun!!! 

meachamvaca11 226 meachamvaca11 003 meachamvaca11 004 meachamvaca11 006 meachamvaca11 008 meachamvaca11 012 meachamvaca11 016 meachamvaca11 017 meachamvaca11 023 meachamvaca11 026 meachamvaca11 031 meachamvaca11 038 meachamvaca11 050 meachamvaca11 052 meachamvaca11 055 meachamvaca11 060 meachamvaca11 061 meachamvaca11 073 meachamvaca11 091 meachamvaca11 094 meachamvaca11 099 meachamvaca11 107 meachamvaca11 131 meachamvaca11 140 meachamvaca11 145 meachamvaca11 147 meachamvaca11 154 meachamvaca11 156 meachamvaca11 159 meachamvaca11 164 meachamvaca11 168 meachamvaca11 179 meachamvaca11 180 meachamvaca11 185 meachamvaca11 191 meachamvaca11 195 meachamvaca11 215 meachamvaca11 220 meachamvaca11 223 meachamvaca11 224