Sunday, January 24, 2010


How can you keep a 3 yr old occupied ALL DAY LONG???  Have a tractor dig a HUGE hole in your backyard!  They came and dug on Thursday of last week.  Mason was ready to swim that night…It will be a LONG few months of “Can we swim yet???”  Mason was so excited to wake up to the sound of the tractor I could hardly get him and Madelyn away from the window…he wanted to go dig with them.  He even went to get his shovel to help!  Needless to say we are so excited and can’t wait to SWIM ALL SUMMER LONG!! 

Pool 045 Pool 024

                                                                Notice baby doll had to watch too!

Pool 035 Pool 019 Pool 046

Pool 029 Pool 042

Can you say HURRY!!!!                            

Pool 039

I love this face!!!



Happy Birthday Precious B

What a wonderful wonderful year we have had with our lil girl!  As the saying goes, “Time Flies When You are Having Fun!”  We had a small get together to celebrate Madelyn and her first year :)  We go to the doctor at the end of January so I will have her yr. stats then.  Here are some of the things our BIG TODDLER is doing:

  • Walking (started a 8 months)
  • Saying several words: Ba Ba Doll, Daa (dog), up, Mama, Dada, Bi (bite)
  • Loves Whole Milk from her sippy cups
  • Eats whatever we eat…(never really ate baby food)
  • Claps
  • Shakes her head NO
  • Points at everything she wants
  • Loves to carry purses
  • Loves to put things in her purse and take them right back out (could do this for a LONG time)
  • Loves to play in her bed for a bit before you can get her out
  • Seems to gravitate more to men :) Will let Papa and Daddio carry her around and hold her…The grandma’s get a little jealous, but she warms up to them really fast too! 
  • LOVES LOVES LOVES her baby doll…sleeps with it…we take it everywhere!
  • Fake cries to get what she wants
  • Takes 2 naps ranging from 1 hr to 1 1/2 hrs
  • Loves to look at pictures…especially the ones I have framed lining our staircase.
  • Would EAT ALL DAY LONG if I let her!
  • Doesn’t like Peaches
  • Tries to do everything her brother does!!!

I know I am probably missing a few…We love her so much and love watching her grow and change DAILY!  Happy Happy Birthday lil Girl…we love you so!!!!Madelyn's 1st Birthday 112Madelyn's 1st Birthday 107 Madelyn's 1st Birthday 091 Madelyn's 1st Birthday 095 Madelyn's 1st Birthday 093

Madelyn's 1st Birthday 132 Madelyn's 1st Birthday 146  Madelyn's 1st Birthday 159 

Madelyn's 1st Birthday 048 Madelyn's 1st Birthday 059 Madelyn's 1st Birthday 096 Madelyn's 1st Birthday 069

Madelyn's 1st Birthday 101 Madelyn's 1st Birthday 152

Madelyn's 1st Birthday 160

We had a wonderful day and Madelyn ate too much sugar that afternoon at her party she DID NOT NAP :)  She was so happy to just roam around the game room carrying her purses and playing with her new toys :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I guess I can mark this down as Madelyn’s first “real” word!  For the last couple of weeks she runs to Mason’s chair, the couch, the ottoman, our arms and moans for us to pick her UP.  So we have been saying UP all the time.  Today was too cute…she came running over to me sitting in the chair and she said UP if a big girl voice…and I picked her up and she rested her sweet lil non hair head on my chest…it was too precious!  Even though Madelyn has her own “sounds” for her baby doll and other fav. toys, and has been saying momma and dada,  I have to count UP as her first real word!

REALLY…can my baby be turning 1 in only 9 short days!!!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Christmas ‘09

This was such an exciting Christmas.  Mason was so excited for Santa to come visit and for Jesus’ birthday!  Madelyn…well last year I was frantically getting ready for her arrival and this year she was all over the place…what a difference 1 yr can make.  I can’t wait to see both my babies next year at Christmas…I love living Christmas through their eyes.  Marcus’ parents came down to celebrate with us before we headed out to Austin to celebrate with my family.  Mason kept saying, “I am too excited for Christmas!”  The only sad part was both my babies were sick with RSV :(

WARNING…Lots of pictures!!


Christmas09 004 Christmas09 011

Christmas Eve we opened up gifts from DD and Daddio…Madelyn loved pulling Daddio around the house and he was more than happy to follow behind :)

Christmas09 029 Christmas09 018

Christmas09 015 Christmas09 034



 Christmas09 077 Christmas09 082

Christmas09 079 Christmas09 089

Christmas09 117 Christmas09 153


Christmas09 142 Christmas09 136

By Noon on Christmas we were opening round 3 of gifts in Austin.  Thank you Jenny and Paul for hosting and cooking a WONDERFUL Christmas Dinner!!

Christmas09 178 Christmas09 198


The Babies…Look at Madden…he has the most beautiful blue eyes…and IS THE HAPPIEST BABY EVER!!!

Christmas09 199 Christmas09 210 Christmas09 204

Playing games…Marcus played Wii Tennis and Mason loved playing Twister with Kylie..notice Madelyn interrupting the game :) She wants to be everywhere Mason and Kylie were.  Sorry for the blurr. 

Christmas09 206 Christmas09 212

The family pic…Iove this one Madden is getting Kylie’s headband :)1