Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who Taught You That?!?!

I seem to be asking Mason this lately! Every now and then he will do something or say something that AMAZES me.....or......SURPRISES me :)

ex: We are in the drive through line with a field of grass across from us. Mason says, "Mommy I wanna tee tee in the grass!" WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT!!!!!!!! SURPRISE

ex: Mason makes this crazy noise with his mouth.....WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT!!!!!! AMAZED

ex: In Port Aransas we were all sitting around talking and Mason blurted out "My Birthday Coming up!" That's right Buddy! "I want a candle and cake" Of course Buddy! I then proceeded to ask him...How old will you be, Mason? He replies " TRES" and holds up three fingers in the OK hand signal! WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZED :) (Diego taught him that ;)

Port A

This Memorial Day we loaded up the car and headed to Port Aransas to spend the long weekend with Marcus' parents! Mason was so excited to go to the Ocean again :) We did lots of relaxing, swimming, collecting sea shells, eating, and cruising around the town on a golf car we rented. We had a great time!!

View from the condo

I love this picture...how sweet is that face hugging his lil sister!!

Off to the beach to build sand castles and collect sea shells

Mason was not quite sure of the waves...he was hesitant to be out in the ocean

I would place the boat near the water and the water would bring the boat back up to shore and Mason would RUN as fast as he could to get his boat before the water got him!!

Warming up to the water
This is what sister did while we were at the ocean :)

Sweet Sweet smiles :)
Daddio and DD
Silly pic :)
Our fam of 4 (Mason had had enough pics for one night)

This is what sister did the rest of the time at the beach!!
We had a wonderful time...besides the fact that out next door neighbors (ROWDY intoxicated boys who broke down their door at 2am) kept us (meaning the adults...kids slept through it all) up ALL NIGHT :(

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This month has brought on some changes in Madelyn and lots of firsts!!! Her personality is shining through and we love to watch her grow and change daily. Mason LOVES his lil sister. He loves to just go up and hug her and stare into those big brown eyes and talk to her. It melts my heart to see them smiling and interacting with each other. I know she will look up to her ACTIVE and PLAYFUL big brother!

This month Madelyn has made many milestones. She is sleeping GREAT 8:00pm-7:00am with 2 2+ hr. naps, eating wonderful (we are starting cereal...pics to come :), and she is LAID BACK! She has also began to roll over...she will NOT stay on her back...when placed on her back she quickly rolls to her belly. It hasn't phased her much while sleeping either...she will roll over and lay her lil head down and stay asleep :) She still loves to suck/chew on her hands...this is how she usually puts herself back to sleep at night. She only takes a paci while trying to fall asleep. Madelyn grabs for everything...I love when she grabs my cheeks and pulls them to her and gives me a wet one ;) SO sweet!!

This month she stayed with Nanny and Papa while Mommy, Daddy and Mason went to Dallas, she met one of mommy's great friends, Whitney, she enjoyed her first trip to Port Aransas, and we shopping with mommy a dozen times...she HEARTS to shop like me :) The months are going too quick...SLOW DOWN...I want to enjoy these precious times while Mason and Madelyn are young!

Weight: 14lbs 9ozs= 80%
Height: 24in= 70%

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cheap Seats...

....I THINK NOT!!! April 30th Marcus and I headed to Louisville, Kentucky for the Derby! I have been once before and Marcus has been the past 4 years. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this trip and look forward to it each year! I have been to many sporting events and this by far is the most exciting!

Thursday: Arrived in Louisville and headed to the hotel for some relaxation before the next two busy busy days ahead.

Friday: The Oaks. I did not take pictures this day....but we had a blast. We had great seats and enjoyed watching the beautiful horses race all day long. However, we were unsuccessful picking winning horses!

Saturday: THE DERBY!!! Can I say we had the BEST seats ever!!! They were right on the finish line!!! We got up early...got all dressed, hat on, and headed out to Churchill Downs for the Derby. If you are ever in need of a cute dress...the Derby is where to eye shop. There are so many girls with the cutest dresses and hats! It is so much fun. We decided to just WATCH the races instead of betting since we had HORRIBLE luck at the Oaks. We sat by owners of horses and even saw a few celebs close by! As the day went on...we decided we would only bet on the Derby race. SOOO I got out the book picked my horses. Of course I picked by the names, kids birth dates...you know the important things. So our bets were placed. We waited, watched and enjoyed ourselves till the Derby race.

SHOW TIME: Everyone crowds around gets set to watch eyes on the Favorite, Fresian Fire! Well by this time I had forgotten which horses we had put money on and was just cheering on the winning horse :) The race came to an end and the #8 horse Mine That Bird won! Total LONG SHOT! I then realized WE WON!!!! I bet on the #8 and 19 horse because those were the dates Mason and Madelyn were born! It was even more of a bonus he had 50-1 odds :) So we cashed in our LUCKY ticket! What a ending to a fun time at the track! I can't wait for next year...I am going ALL OUT with a huge hat :) Thanks Brad and Shannon for a wonderful time at the Derby!

Our Seats...Right on the Finish Line

Adrian Brody

LeAnn Rimes is about to sing

Walking to get in the gates

And they are off!!!

After Mine That Bird won

Mine That Bird coming down the stretch to the Finish Line

Putting the blanket of Roses on Mine That Bird

Our $15.00 WINNING ticket!

(the only downside was pumping every few hours, but I managed...and of course WE MISSED MASON AND MADELYN TONS!!!!!! Thanks Nanny and Papa for taking good care of our lil ones while we were away :)

Beach Bums

While baby sister and I were having a girl's weekend in Austin Mason headed to Port Aransas with DD and Daddio for the weekend at the beach. They had so much fun. They built sand castles, watched movies, swam, danced, rode the ferry boat, stayed up late and played and took strolls on the beach. They even rented a fun little car and drove down around....Mason loved it! I know DD and Daddio had a blast with Mason and Mason had loved every minute he was soaking up the sun with them :) We can't wait to go back...OH WAIT...we are going again on Memorial Day weekend!!! I can't wait to play in the sand with my lil guy! Thanks DD and Daddio for a fun memorable weekend with out lil guy!

Check Spelling

Madden Joseph

At the end of April baby sister and I headed to Austin to shower Madden and Jenny before his arrival in July. It was such a fun shower and he got many many cute things. He will not need any clothes for a while. Jenny has given me 2 showers and I was so ready to be able to give her one for her sweet butter ball boy :) Here are a few pics of the sweet time we had with all Jenny's friends and family!