Monday, November 02, 2009


We had a blast this Halloween….even though we were ALL SICK :(  The whole month of October we have only been well for about 1 1/2 weeks…it has been NO FUN!  However, Mason was sooo excited to dress as Dash and sister as Minnie Mouse.  He was ready to fill his pumpkin full with candy.  First, we got dressed headed to Uncle Monte’s house to trick or treat and show off our costumes.  Then we headed to our clubhouse Halloween party.  There they had a magician, pizza, a clown making balloon animals and much more.  It is getting hard to take Madelyn places…she just wants get down and walk everywhere.  She doesn’t like to be held much or in a stroller :(  So we stayed for a bit then headed home around 7 to get ready to go trick or treating.  Mason was sooo excited he loved ringing the door bells and saying "trick or treat” or “Happy Halloween!”  Madelyn did not make it too long after 7…with only 1 nap and not feeling great she was ready for bed EARLY :(  When we were done we poured out all our treats and ate until we were sick :)  Halloween 09 034 Halloween 09 018 Halloween 09 044

Halloween 09 051 Halloween 09 075 Halloween 09 077

It was too cute…When they were in costume Mason would not let anyone call him or Madelyn by name you had to call them by their dressed up name…Minnie or Dash.