Tuesday, December 30, 2008

37-38 Weeks

I had my 38 week appt. early trying to squeeze all my weekly appts. in before the holidays. This past Monday I was anxious to see what the doc had to say. Now that Christmas is over the next BIG EVENT will be Madelyn's birth! I am excited, nervous, anxious, and very very BLESSED!!! At my 37 week appt. I had an ultrasound and got to see Miss Madelyn again. She weighed in around 6lbs and had little hair that the ultrasound lady could see. She was measuring right on track and looked PERFECT! Then Monday I knew some PRE-LABOR things had been going on so I was ready to see if I had progressed any since the week before. I am now 2 cm dilated almost fully effaced and she is LOW LOW LOW! I really did not need the doc to tell me that one :) She thinks within a week or so she might make her appearance! If that is true she just might come on our ANNIVERSARY, January 5th!!! Now is the waiting game. I have had more energy since Christmas and am taking advantage of it taking Mason to the park and running last minute errands. My next appt. is January 5th for another ultrasound UNLESS Madelyn decides she is ready to see us before then :) I leave you with the LAST belly pic I will take before I head to the hospital!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas: Round 3

What a wonderful Christmas we had! It is so fun to experience Christmas through a child's eye!! Marcus' parents came down to Houston to spend Christmas with us and we had a wonderful time :) Thanks so much for everything!! Now....tick tick tick...anytime we could be welcoming Madelyn into our Family!!!

The gifts were ready to be opened....(yes...I did not decorate my tree to the fullest this year.... with my due date close and I really need a 12ft or bigger tree next year...this tree looked TINY compared to the huge ceilings of our new house)

DD and Daddio came to Houston this year to celebrate with us on Christmas. We were all ready for our Christmas Eve service :)

The cookies were laid out for Santa...

After Mason was down for the night...Daddy and Daddio went to work assembling Mason's Extreme Coaster

Still working.....

All finished...I could not wait to see the look on Mason's face when he saw his BIG TOY Santa brought him :)

Santa left some wrapped gifts under the tree but he also left these few items that he did not wrap :) (except for the scooter...my Aunt Debbie got that for him)

Christmas Morning:

Look at that HUGE grin on that boy's face. We tried to keep him in the game room upstairs to have breakfast before the festivities began, but once he saw that Santa had come...he was down the stairs in a flash!

Checking out some of his loot :)

Yes...that is a microwave...ONE OF HIS FAVORITE toys!

Now time to unwrap all the gifts Santa, Mommy and Daddy and DD and Daddio brought! MICKEY....This was his first gift to open and he just wanted to play with that instead of opening more :) He LOVES LOVES LOVES Mickey :)

Books Books and more Books! This kids LOVES to read :) We shall see how long this lasts...I hope for a long long time.

Madelyn's got some fun gifts too: Burp cloths that are so soft I don't want her to spit up on them and some glittery letters to hang in her room :)

Another fun toy Mason just loves...."Play Butterflies"

Unwrapping the portable DVD player...not to sure what it was!

Some more of Mason's things he received from all of us on Christmas! We still had ONE last thing to give him.....I was so excited to see how he would react...I remember when I was young getting out of bed early, coming down the stairs to see what Santa had left me. It is so fun to see and feel that all over again with Mason.

Practicing on the scooter before we headed out for the last big surprise!

What's That!!?!?!???

He already knew what to do! Yes, we were all still in our PJ's we could not WAIT any longer...well I could not wait any longer to show him his new toy :)


And he's off!!!!

The coaster took him as far as the next door neighbors house! The moment the car stopped...Mason JUMPED UP and yelled...AGAIN!!! YES, Marcus was in the street watching and waiting for him as he sped down the driveway :)

Shaving with his new Shaving Kit :)

With DD and Daddio before dinner at Lupe Tortillas the day after Christmas

The Girls (we will be adding Madelyn any day now ;)

The boys...Mason ready to PLAY!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

*Here is our Christmas card this year! I love searching for the perfect card. I also love love love getting Christmas cards in the mail :) Hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas! Thanks Ashley for taking such great pics of our family :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby Sister's Room

Here are a few pictures of Madelyn's nursery! My mom and Marcus' mom helped me out ( well pretty much did it themselves) with the paint finish and I couldn't have done it without them!!! THANK YOU :) I love her room and so does Mason! He loves going in and saying baby sister's room and rocking in her chair. He also has wanted to sleep in her crib! I just know he is going to be an AWESOME big brother!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Playhouse Disney Live

Today we headed out to the Toyota Center for some Sunday Family Fun! We got these tickets a while back to take Mason to Playhouse Disney Live. I wasn't sure how it was going to go....if he would sit still, if he would be scared, if he would even care! Well....it was AWESOME! We were on the front row just to the left of the stage. Mason had a great time and we loved seeing his excitement watching the whole 2 hr show!!! Mason was even picked to go on stage and do the Hot Dog Dance! We have done the Hot Dog Dance a BILLION times at home. I wasn't sure he would go, but he eagerly went on stage and it was SOOOO CUTE!! By the end of the day he was POOPED and crashed on the way home :)

All ready to go!

We're HERE!

Little Einsteins
Tigger and Pooh
He sat like this the WHOLE time!

Handy Manny and the tools

Glow in the dark tools!

Break time!
A mouth full of fruit chews :)

All ready to do the Hot Dog Dance with Mickey!