Friday, August 10, 2007


TIME FLIES! Where did this past year go???? I have been busy busy busy this past month. Planning a 1st BIrthday, starting to build a new home, joining the Mom's Club of Katy, and those are only a few things I have been up to this month.

1. I kept thinking "I have a while before I need to start planning Mason's first birthday," but the time crept up on me and we have less than a month to go before my lil guy turns 1!!!!!! Here are a few pics of Mason recently. He is always ON THE GO so I only have a second to get that great pic before he is off and running to the next place of discovery :)

Trying on hats in Babies R Us!!
Waving to me.....such a cutie! When you find a Texas Tech hat or ANYTHING for that matter in the Houston BUY IT!! (you usually find UT or A&M items)
Forgot to turn the pic around :( Look at that priceless smile
I usually run Mason's bath water while Marcus undresses him and then when Mason hears the water he runs into the bathroom to take his bath :) The other night he ran into the bathroom JUST LIKE THIS :)

2. The PLANS are FINAL!! We have finally reviewed our house plans and given the OK, so they are going to break ground here shortly. We have changed the plans numerous times to create the perfect house we plan on living in for quite a while. YEAH!!! I can't wait....except...I have no sense of design, so I have been tearing through magazines, touring model homes, and getting expert advice from other friends who have gone through this process. Below are pics of our lot where our houe will be started here shortly. I will gladly take ANY advice from seasoned home builders :)

3. Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking, and more Scrapbooking :)
We will be heading to Austin this weekend for Kylie's birthday party.....THEN as a great B-day present for my birthday in a few days I am headed again to NYC with my friend from College, Whitney. I know my sister would love to go too, but I am SURE we can make another trip again soon :) We are leaving Wednesday and coming back Saturday. We are (yes I LOVE HIM) going to the Justin Timberlake concert that Thursday in NYC!! I am soooo PUMPED :) I can't wait to hear 'Summer Love' We plan on doing some shopping, touring, eating, and having a GREAT time. I just LOVE NYC. We are staying at the Marriott Marquis which is in a awesome location.

As for now....I am running ragged trying to get things completed for Mason's birthday, house stuff picked out, and meeting new moms :) I just can't believe it is mid AUGUST!!