Monday, April 20, 2009

Disney On Ice

Last night we took Mason and Madelyn to see Disney on Ice. It was so much fun. I knew Mason would love it since Mickey and the gang was in it, but was not sure how much it would hold his interest since it was about all the Disney movies which we had not seen. As we drove up to Reliant Mason pointed out that this was where he went to the Rodeo several weeks back. He is sooo observant :) He had been sooo excited the whole day to go! Needless to say...he had a blast and loved watching all the different characters on skates. Now he wants some skates :) His favorite was watching the monkeys in The Lion King and Goofy falling down all the time :) Sister slept through some of it, but when she was awake she was in awe too...from all the lights, fireworks and falling bubbles! We had a blast and can't wait for another show to come so we can take Mason!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Months that is....Time is soaring and Madelyn is growing and changing!!

This month we have been quite busy traveling to Austin 2 times, going to Disney on Ice, taking lots of walks, and learning many many new things!
Sleep: This month Madelyn has changed her sleeping and it has thrown me for a loop :) I was so spoiled with her 7+weeks of AWESOME sleeping that this month has really made me TIRED! Madelyn usually goes to sleep around 8:00-9:00pm and would wake around 4:30-5:00am the next day to eat and quickly fall asleep again until 7:30ish! I was in HEAVEN...until the past couple weeks :( My sweet lil girl has started waking 2 times and sometimes 3 times during the night...I forgot how tired that can make a momma especially when I was spoiled with her awesome sleeping habits the past few months. Some nights she does do great and only wakes once....3 nights in a row she did not wake at all :) Hopefully we will get back on track soon :) She is sleeping in her crib. I will lay her down at the end of the bed and by the time I get her she is sideways at the opposite end! She is a mover just like her bro when she sleeps!!

Eating: Madelyn is eating every 3-4 hours. She will eat 6 or more ounces!! I am still nursing and she is getting a bottle too. When she is getting a bottle she doesn't like to be held she likes to be sitting in her bouncy seat or swing...TOOT! Madelyn doesn't fall asleep nursing or on the bottle like Mason did.

Naps: She is famous for the 45 minute nap!!! After 45 minutes her big brown eyes open wide and she is ready to play again. If she has a short morning nap she will usually take a longer afternoon nap and vice versa.

Madelyn loves to chew/suck on her hands....she even sucks her thumb sometimes. She does like the paci but only when she is falling asleep. She is rolling to her side...I know she can roll over if she wanted to :) She is our lil angel!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Hour

Every Tuesday and Thursday after I pick up Mason from MDO, baby sister, Mason, I go to Sonic to get a happy hour drink and snack. Mason gets to pick his drink (usually chocolate milk) and snack to eat. It is such a fun time...I hop in the backseat between my two babies and we talk about what a fun day he had at school and he tells me all his friends he played with. We sing the songs they sang at school too! (thank goodness he still thinks I sing great...and no one else can hear...that I am aware of :) Usually baby sister sleeps through the whole thing...even the tone deaf (ALL GIRLS CHOIR-Laura) singing! One day she will be joining us much fun! When the drinks are gone and our snack is finished...Mason pleas for me to stay in the backseat with him longer. I love these times we share together...and can't wait for the many many more to come :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy 30th, Marcus!

Happy Birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day :) We love you very much!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! & Egg Hunt-Take 5

What a wonderful day! We started out the day with our Easter egg hunt at our house. Then Mason and Madelyn opened their Easter baskets before we were off to church! I love that Mason loves church...he loves his classroom and loves coming to "big church" and singing song too! We sometimes have to pry him from his classroom. Easter Sunday was a bitter sweet day. Ever since Marcus and I were married we searched for a church and we finally found one we both loved so we joined Covenant Lutheran. (we have been going there for about 5yrs) We loved the pastor!! It was a smaller church, but one that we knew we wanted to be apart of. This Easter Sunday was our pastor's last sermon...he was called to move on. We are so sad to see him go...but know he will touch lives and bring more people to know God with his love and passion for Christ! So, we all sat on Easter Sunday listening to the sermon knowing this would possibly be the last time for a while we see or hear him. After church we headed home for some relaxation. We had a wonderful Easter!

This is what baby sister did while we hunted eggs :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Hunt-Take 4

Today we had our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. We had a great time! They had a petting zoo, bounce house and an Easter egg hunt and Mason had a blast...he HATED leaving. Right when we got there we got a quick pic with the Easter bunny. Mason was not a fan last year so I did not trek all the way to the mall to see the bunny just so happened they had one there and it was perfect. As you can tell he was still kinda sister was unaware a big bunny was right behind her :) I am sure that will change next year!! It was kinda cool and breezy outside, but that did not stop us from having a good time. Again, he was so excited to get MORE Easter eggs with treats inside! It was fun to meet more people in the neighborhood who has kids the same ages as ours :) We can't wait till the next neighborhood function...4th of July Boat Parade! (we did this last year but did not decorate our boat...this year we're going all out :)