Thursday, August 28, 2008

SOOO Behind

WOW! So much as gone on...I am so behind on blogging. Weeks seem to FLY! Here are a few highlights that have gone on at the Schultz household the past few weeks!!

*"Mommy, Mommy" I heard Mason cry while I was fixing his lunch. Hummmm what could he be up to now. He was in the pantry and I just thought he had found something else he wanted for lunch, but to my surprise here is what I found:

**Yes, I did sit him down and tell him he could get hurt and climbing on top of the pantry shelf was a NO NO!!! He has been a climber since day one...I think he was just 10 months the first time he climbed out of his crib...STINKER :)

*Halfway there :) This pregnancy has flown by...I blink and another month has come and gone. I have been feeling back to normal for a while which is WONDERFUL! Here are a few recent belly pics...I seem to keep growing and growing :) I have gained 6lbs so far, but I still have a ways to go..YIKES :) This past labor day weekend we went to get baby girl's crib, bedding and rocker ordered!!! Yeah so much fun :) We have a name picked out but are only 95% sure this is what we will call her, so when it is final I will let ya know. Her initials would be MDS!

**Belly pics in no particular order!

*18 weeks!!

*Thanks Laura for letting me borrow the dress ;)

*20 Weeks!!

*I believe I was about 16 weeks here ;)

*28! Another year older. This birthday passed right by. It was a fun and I started celebrating a few days before I turned the big 28. (August 20th) Marcus took me to dinner at Perry's Steakhouse, my parents came in and took me to Cheesecake Factory. I had a great birthday. Later I will show pics of my birthday presents...however I don't think it will be done for a month or so!

*2! YES, Mason is turning 2 in just 11 days!!! What am I to do?!?!? My baby boy has grown into a lil guy. We took his 2 yr pictures along with some family ones...they turned out wonderful...Thanks Ashley!!! We got Mason a train table with all the pieces, a tricycle, puzzles, a piggy bank, some books, and clothes and shoes :) I can't wait till he sees the train table put together...he will LOVE it!!! He loves reading his Thomas the Train book at night and before nap :) His birthday party is coming up and I can't wait....we will all have so much fun.

A cute pic of Mason's playgroup friends who he will be having his 2nd birthday with :)

After a long game of b-ball with Daddy!

My two men :)

**We had Mason's 2yr old pictures taken along with family pics and they turned out soo cute :) Thanks

Just a nice sunset the other day at the house I thought I would include ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where's the Camera When You Need It

Mason has been asleep for a little while now. We were settling in bed (yes we are OLD) watching the Olympics when we heard the sweetest voice speak through the video monitor. "Baby Sister, Baby Sister, Mommy" were the words he spoke....I believe he was sleep talking...I guess dreaming about lil sister we have been talking about all week!! I LOVE THAT BOY :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

"It's a.....

BOY!" Marcus and I shouted AT THE SAME TIME while we were watching the ultrasound lady scan our lil one. After having a boy and being the ultrasound GENIUS that I was I just knew we had seen lil boy parts! BOY...were we wrong ;) Who knows what we THOUGHT we saw, but it for sure was no BOY parts!! So, as the doc put it......We have Indoor Plumbing!!!! It's A GIRL...a very RELAXED but the most important HEALTHY lil girl :) The next words out of Marcus' we have to buy all NEW stuff!! YAY, shopping spree for me ;) As for momma's intuition...from the very beginning I had said "It's a just has to be ;)! So I guess I was right on target!

Baby Girl Schultz- 17 Weeks

below: Mason-17 weeks

**We tapped the ultrasound on DVD so I am going to try to upload the DVD later. After the ultrasound appt. I had an appt. with my regular doctor. I was a little nervous stepping on the scale!!!! With the way I had been indulging I just knew I was going to tip the scale. To my surprise I had only gained 2 lbs. Our lil girl looked very healthy, and relaxed. Now.....the name and nursery...OH AND ALL NEW GIRLIE THINGS :)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

On Pins and Needles

4 days left!!!! I don't think I can wait that much longer to find out INNIE or OUTIE as one of my friends would say. I have my guess if Mason will have a lil BROTHER or SISTER, but what all that matters is a healthy lil one in there ;) I have been surfing the net and searching different places and have a few ideas for the nursery! I have names that I like, but we will nail a name down once we know boy or girl. As for now it is a waiting game and soon Monday will come and we will know, but the suspense is killing me! The one good thing about this pregnancy is IT HAS FLOWN...thanks to one lil guy who keeps me really busy! Me and my two lil ones :)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mind Your Own Business

People just don't know when to keep their mouths shut! While I was visiting my parents we went to the mall and were at The Children's Place store. We were checking out and Mason was tugging on some shoes! By the way, my son LOVES shoes...he loves to put them on, take them off, choose the shoes he will wear for the day, and change shoes all day long. He loves to wear our shoes too :) It is cute! (except when we are headed out the door and he doesn't want to wear the shoes that I have picked out for him ) Anyways, Mason was tugging on some baby girl shoes by the check out counter. I was saying "no bubba, we are about to go get you some shoes those are girl shoes" When the lady at the check out register next to me had to chime in!!!! Her comment exactly, "You might as well go ahead and enroll him into gymnastics and start piano lessons" YES there are boys who do both of these things but she proceeded to finish her comment with a lil hand gesture....a LIMP HAND GESTURE!!! My sister chimed in HE IS ALL BOY!!!! I about shouted out...well I will leave it to your imagination.....