Friday, March 28, 2008

My Silly Boy

The other day we were driving down the road and I hear from the backseat....MOR MOR MOR (aka MORE) from Mason. I say what do you want bubba? And he keeps saying MOR MOR MOR. I come to a stop light and look to see what he wants....usually it is his dog, or D (drink), or cookie (crackers) . This time he was holding up his SHOE!!!! He then proceeded to SIGN the word PLEASE and say MOR MOR MOR and SIGN more!! My silly boy LOVES shoes :)

Bath time :
Mason LOVES his bath too! We used to have a smaller tub that we put into the big tub for him when he was smaller. But when we would travel he HATED baths...we couldn't quite figure out why. He would take a bath in the sink, but still was not a fan! We finally took the smaller tub away at our house and he only took a bath in the big tub, but we kept the yellow sponge thingy in the tub for him to sit on so he would not slide. Well tonight he stood up to get a bath toy then went to sit back down. When he sat back down his bottom was not on the yellow sponge thingy. He whined and pointed to his butt for me to put the sponge back under his behind. Now we know why he will not take a bath in other tubs....they have to have the yellow sponge thingy ;)

For more of Mason's 18 month/Easter pics go here:
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~Happy Easter~

This year Easter was so much fun! (despite the Easter bunny visit :) Mason LOVED LOVED LOVED hunting Easter eggs. He had an Easter egg hunt with our playgroup, at our next door neighbors, and then again on Easter Day with the family. By then he was a PRO!! He knew to look high and low and even in his CAR TRUNK for them :) What a miracle our precious Lord gave Marcus and me!

ROUND 1: Playgroup Easter egg hunt

Found ONE!

Mason would run away after he found his eggs....he did not want anyone to take them :)

Group pic attempt

Result :)

Round 2: Neighbor's egg hunt
I am such a GREAT egg hunter!!

Round 3: Family hunt

man hunting eggs is sooo much fun :)

*We have a great family pic, but it was not taken on my camera :)


My sister and I went to see Fergie at the Houston Rodeo last week. It was SOOOO much fun :) She sang all her own songs plus all the songs she has recorded with Black Eyed Peas and Justin Timberlake. She had 2 "costume" changes during the show....usually performers don't have costume changes at the Rodeo, but FERGIE did :) The rodeo is over and I can't wait to see who the Houston Rodeo will bring next year. (what is really fun to watch is the calf scramble right before the performers sing.....the calf scramble is a bunch of students trying to "scramble" a calf into a square in the center of the field...there are 13 calves and 26 students FUNNY!!!!) Thanks for coming, Jenny!!! Mason loved seeing his aunt ninny :)

*The next day Jenny and I took Mason to get his Easter/18 month pictures taken. I know they are going to turn out SOOOO cute..I can't wait to see the rest of them :) Here are just a sneak peek

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Bunny Visit the Santa Clause visit did not go well AT ALL! I was determined that the Easter Bunny visit was going to be better....Mason was older, the Easter Bunny looked like a big stuffed WAS going to work! Here is how the day played out:

My friend and I decided to take our babes to see the bunny at Katy Mills Mall yesterday. Our there at about 10:45am to be first in line when the bunny "opens" at 11:00. Well we get there we weren't first in line but only a few were in front of us. So we waited...and waited...11:00 came and went. The photographer lady dreaded to inform us...The Bunny was late and they could not find a replacement bunny....As she is saying this you hear moms explaining to their OLDER kids "the bunny is sick" Some moms even offered to dress up in the bunny costume for the kids!! DEDICATION!! Well we decided to run real quick into a store and come back to see if the bunny had shown up. Well we were gone about 15 minutes and when we came back FINALLY the bunny had shown, but now we were further back in the line (did I mention it was spring break!!!) We waited and waited and waited some more. Finally, we are almost there..only 2 people in front of us. Well....Let me just say...they should put a time limit on how long you can TRY to make your child smile. This one lady NO LIE tried for 10+ minutes. My blood was boiling at this point....BREATHE COUNT TO TEN, Andrea. Finally Mason's turn. I back him into the bunny...he is giving the bunny high 5's, not smiling, but not SCREAMING either. I look back to see if they got a picture...NOPE. The 2+ minutes he was siting contently in the bunny's lap not 1 picture. Then SCREAM...he starts screaming...and that is when they took the picture. Ok...blood pressure just shot up again. Needless to say I did not purchase the picture, and calmly left the Bunny area with no proof that Mason did not have a fit when he sat on the bunny except after a few minutes. I would love to write about the rest of our visit to the mall that day, but I would be here for A there you have it....what a catastrophe!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Playgroup Field Trips

Trail Riders~ZOO~Houston Rodeo

We have been BUSY! Here are pictures of our playgroup's outings the past couple of weeks! Mason has so much fun playing with his lil friends :)

Trail Riders: I love Houston Rodeo time!! They have great performers, great shopping, and GREAT FUN for kids! We watched as the Salt Grass Trail Riders ride into town getting ready for the rodeo.

Waiting patiently for the riders to come

Look that them?!?

So much fun :)

Ok...I think that's the end.

ZOO: A few days later we visited the Houston ZOO. Mason LOVE LOVE LOVES animals, so needless to say he enjoyed the ZOO tremendously!

All lined up and ready to go :)

Mason had a blast on the carousel and at the park inside the zoo!

Houston Rodeo: What does a cow say, Mason? MOOOOOOOOOOO MOOOOOOOOO!! He loves Mooing (is that a word) He mooed in the bath, getting ready for bed...pretty much all night! It was a riot :) At the rodeo we went to the petting zoo and petted baby goats, turtles, and ponies. Then we headed to have their pictures taken in the John Deere tractor. I just knew what was gunna happen when Mason's turn was over.....A MAJOR BREAKDOWN...just like he has when he had to get out of the car at the haircut place!! The boy LOVES cars and he would have been content if we just played in the tractor all day. Next we took them over for a pony ride. Mason loved it for the first loop then decided he would rather me hold him the rest of the ride. What a fun time we had....There is soo much more we DID NOT get to see and can't wait to go back. Mason was pooped by the end of the day and so was I :)

Masona and Jackson....look at those concerned faces :) Too cute!
WOW!! Why is that goat standing on that turtle?!?!?
He loved petting the Pony
Look MOM!! I am taller than the goat ;)

He enjoyed being up close with the goats, ponies, and turtles.

Mason LOVED being up high in the Tractor ;)

Look at my lil cowboy :)

Lap one...happy on the pony......

Lap two...ready to get OFF the pony!

One TIRED boy! Can you see his lunch all over his shirt!!

Last Tuesday night our playgroup had a's night out at the rodeo. We went to see Rascall Flatts...they were AWESOME!!! They sounded just as good live as on the radio. This next week Jenny and I go see Fergie at the rodeo amd Marcus and I are going to see Pat Green...SOOOO FUN!!!! They also have some GREAT shops there too :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Will My Son Ever Get Any More TEETH!!

Ok...Mason is 1 1/2 yrs old and he only has 6 teeth!!! He got his first tooth at nine months and the second right before his first birthday. His top four came in in January. He has four on top and two on bottom. WILL HE EVER GET ANY MORE TEETH!!! I know they say the longer it takes them to come in the longer it is till they loose them and the better off they are, but I hate to see what life at the Schultz house will be like when all Mason's MOLARS decide to make an appearance at ONCE!!! Patience is a that I have been better at since being a teacher and having Mason :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More progress at our new casa...

New updates on the house!! Changes happen every HOUR!!! Soon it will be HOME :)

The brick...the roof is still being put on, I guess it takes a while for a tile roof to be put on...they have been putting it on for a LONG TIME!!!!!! Also, they have not acid washed the brick, so when that is done it will be a little darker.

The Island...this side book shelves
....this side cabinets and a trash cabinet
most of the cabinetry put in....Burnt Sienna (the UGLY color in a box of crayons), but the color of my cabinets which I love :) they also have an ebony stain on them as well
My vanity area in the Master Bath...same cabinet color and stain :)
Our desk area
only part of the laundry you can see the wall color with the trim color :)
the mantle in our bathroom...they painted the bathroom the wrong color....OOPS...they are fixing that soon :)
The crosses ceiling in the dining room...the molding is not up yet and they also painted this room the wrong color!!!!!!!!!!!! We also have our wine room off the dining room...I will post pictures of that when they finish the built-ins and put the wrought iron door up :)

Staircase...they have put the banister up, but not stained it yet
The back of the house
One of our new little friends....the lake is stocked with what ever kind of fish that is...I can't wait till we get our boat and we can cruise around the lake ;)
Du as Mason would say :)