Thursday, January 31, 2008

House Progress

Well I haven't posted anything in a while about the house....well that is because NOTHING has been done in a while until NOW!! Finally, our brick was ordered, delivered along with our roof. The windows were ordered IN THE WRONG SIZE and now they are here and finally in place. Below are some pics of the house as of the last few weeks.....more has gone on this week, and I will take more pictures soon.

Notice only 2 windows...the rest are in NOW...FINALLY :)

Our staircase...I love the way it spirals all the way up!

The game room with the door that leads to the patio and the other room without doors yet is the media room

The master bath...with see through fireplace to master bedroom

Sorry so dark...the master bedroom...I LOVE the big windows...I probably won't love them when the sun rises in the am....guess I better find some CURTAINS :)

They should be finishing the roof soon and start sheetrocking soon too. More pics as it comes along.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Favorite Restaurant

On Saturdays we frequent La Finca, our favorite restaurant. Mason devours his cheese enchiladas. However, he was more interested in eating our lemons than his food.

*Isn't that giggle the cutest :)

Mason LOVES:


Post Blueberry shot....HMMMMM what on earth could he be doing ;)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Big Apple

I HEART NYC :) I heart NYC more in the winter time. This past weekend I went with my mom, sister, and mother-in-law to the BIG APPLE! We had such a great time. I love going when it is cold and even when it snows! However, it was not too cold of weather this time.....last January when Jenny, Laura, Kristen and I went it was -9 wind chill FREEZING!!! We arrived Friday and jumped off the plane and headed to Canal street. We then went back to the hotel to get ready for our nice dinner out at STKhouse! What an AMAZING dinner! I think we can all say our favorite was the steak fries....oh and of course our steaks :) Then after dinner we headed to The View restaurant and lounge for Dessert! The View is in the Marriott Marquis and it rotates with views of Times Square! The next day, like always, we woke up EARLY and headed out for more shopping, sight seeing, and EATING :) We finally headed back to the hotel, Hyatt Grand Central, and got ready for the theatre. We went to see Grease. I loved all the music..I was kinda disappointed that the play did not follow the story and was different than the movie...OH WELL I still had a great time. After the theatre we headed to Carmines for a post theatre dinner at 11:00pm :) Then we decided it was about time to head back to get ready for flight home the next day. Before we left on Sunday, we ate at a diner called Pershing square...GREAT BREAKFAST!! Sunday was by far the COLDEST day we were there. We all had a BLAST and await our next trip to NYC...hopefully around Christmas time :)

Standing in the taxi line

Our UPGRADED room...View of The Chrysler Building (don't know if I would really call this an UPGRADE)

Standing in the Hyatt lobby

Sisters :)

Eating a hot dog on Canal Street YUMMMMMM :)

Times Square

Our visit to Fox was OFF air :(

My sister, mom, and me

Before the theatre

the fam
Grease....was not too happy with this show, but loved the music
Our Grease Souvenirs
Our last dinner at Carmines before we left :(

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Miracle Worker

Mason wakes up from his second nap a little cranky. He only wants to be held, doesn't want any snack, won't play with his toys, and FUSSES! Ever since he was 3 months old Mason has had this video Sesame Street's Sing Along. He has never really been one to be STILL....EVER!! He's always on the go and into EVERYTHING. Well recently Sesame Street's Sing Along is just what Mason has needed. After his second nap one day I took him to watch Sesame Street's Sing Along. Let me tell you the tears stopped flowing, the smile came back, and he danced and watched the video for the WHOLE 30 minutes. MIRACLE :) Now after his second nap he asks to watch his video...he leads us to the DVD player and starts to dance ;) Well this morning I was playing it while I got ready for the day. We left the room it was playing and went to my bathroom to finish getting ready. We could still hear the movie from our bathroom. Oh....did I mention I have all the songs MEMORIZED....apparently so does Mason. Well the saxaphone started playing the song Old McDonald Had A Farm. Right when Mason heard the music he ran to the room and started singing E-I-E-I.....before the words even came on. (He doesn't have the -O- part down yet :) What a smart cutie I have on my hands!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Come Clean

Ok....I am copying this from a person I BLOG STALK :)

Time to come clean Blog Stalkers!! It was fun for a while watching my stat counter rise everyday, but now I am CURIOUS! It all started over Christmas. We went to Sunday Church...and low and behold I saw this girl standing a far. I was racking my brain "who is that...I know do I know her...WHO IS SHE?" Then it hit was a girl who I Blog Stalk!! So crazy running into someone you have never met, but know you "know" them especially when they aren't even from Katy. SMALL WORLD!! Thank goodness she has seen my blog too and I was not the only one!! Marcus thinks I am crazy reading other's blogs that I don't know....He will walk in and say WHO IS THAT? I simply answer "I don't know" :) I love reading about other cuties around the same age as Mason and I love getting IDEAS mostly!! Anyways, come clean WHO ARE YOU?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Knock Knock.....WHO'S THERE?

Katy Police!!! WHAT!! That's right...the other afternoon we had a stern knock at our front door. I thought for a moment...who in the world??? Well Marcus, Mason and I went to open the door to find a Katy Police officer standing there. Yep....Mason with phone in hand had called the police. The officer wanted, for precautionary reasons, to take a look around the house....IT WAS MIDDAY! So he took a look around and WE TOOK THE PHONE FROM MASON :) and replaced it with his PLAY cell phone. I was happy to know they only took a few minutes to get to us! BUT, calling the police is ONLY for emergencies.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

January 5, 2002

This day 6 years ago I married my wonderful husband and most AMAZING father, Marcus! We celebrated our anniversary this year with a night out. We had a great dinner at Americas and hotel stay at the Intercontinental Hotel. (thanks $60...what a steal) My parents came to stay with the lil guy while we enjoyed our night....thanks bunches!! WOW 6 wonderful years...(actually more since we dated for 3 1/2 before we got engaged :) many memories, a son we are so thankful for, I just can't wait to see what the next 6+ years holds for us. Each year gets better and better!! Marcus, THANK YOU for putting up with me, taking care of Mason and me, and giving our family more than we could ever dream of!

Memorable Moments from the past 6 years: We were talking during our night out remembering the "memorable moments" in our was fun to see what moments stuck out in my head and the ones Marcus remembered. Most of the funny ones were from our first year of Marriage!!!!

My most memorable moment:
I came home in January (shortly after the honeymoon) from getting my hair cut. Marcus was on the phone when I got home. It was CHASE credit card calling to verify the money that has been spent on the credit card. The CHASE employee was JUST CHECKING because in the last few days there had been more activity on the credit card than there had been in the past several months!!

Marcus' most memorable moment:
We decided to take a Saturday trip to Galveston to see the beach. We loaded up the cooler, towels, and headed down to the beach. Ever since high school I get REALLY bad fever blisters due to stress, sun, or extreme cold weather. I made sure I packed my lip balm SPF 30!! Well we got to the beach....laid around for a while, then decided we were gunna call it a day and go to dinner and head back home. Well if you know know I am one WHITE gal. I don't tan easily. You probably know where this is going. I was so concerned about getting a fever blister I did not pack any sun screen for me. If you know Marcus he looks like a different breed when he gets in the sun if you know what I mean. Long story short...I was a LOBSTER!! I could only take COLD showers, could barley move. I know it had to be a 3rd degree burn :) Anyways, I learned my lesson and will never burn like that again. I think I peeled 5 layers of skin off in the weeks to come.

Like I said before...I get fever blisters EASILY!! We headed off to Jamaica to stay where we stayed on our honeymoon! I learned quickly...TAKE SUNSCREEN. Well this time I was so concerned with scorching myself again...I did not apply my lip balm quite as often as I should have. By the end of our trip I had 6...yes 6 or more blisters that filled my whole bottom lip! I was know as BUBBA GUMP that trip :( Since then we have traveled to many beaches and I have learned my LOBSTER and no BUBBA GUMP lips :)

Of of the most memorable moments OF ALL....When I found out I was pregnant. We hadn't tried for too long and was so excited on January 12th to realize we were gunna have a baby!! My pregnancy was a roller coaster of emotions and Marcus was there for me every morning/evening/day/ALL THE TIME sickness, my worrying through my first trimester due to a few scary situations, THE DELIVERY from you know where, and then my long road to recovery. I could not have done it without him by my side! (however next time NO EPIDURAL for me)

Watching my husband be the best father anyone could ask for. He is naturally a pro!! Marcus walks in the door from work....Mason drops everything and runs to him....I love that. (he also forgets about mama when daddeeeee is around) I love their special bond!

Yes...there are many many many more I could be here for a long while typing our most memorable moments. I love you, Marcus! Thank you for all the memories you have given me and the many more we will make together.

On to Antigua this of our gifts to each other.....a trip during the summer.