Monday, December 14, 2009

All I Want For Christmas…

Today Mason and Madelyn went to visit Santa!  The past years Mason wanted NOTHING to do with Santa…this year was different.  I had been talking about going to see him all morning and getting him excited about going.  Only time would tell.  Madelyn, on the other hand usually cries in others arms other than mommy and daddy…so I pretty much “thought” I knew how her visit would go.  So we arrived and before I could even stop the stroller Mason jumped out and was sitting in Santa’s lap already discussing what toys he wanted.  I took Madelyn over crossing my fingers and sat her on his lap.  She was content…not crying…not smiling…just staring at him.  I think it helped that Mason was on his lap with her.  So JUST IN CASE we did not capture the moment at the Mall I took a few pictures of them all dressed up before we headed off.  The picture I did get at the mall was ok…neither of them were smiling… but hey…they weren’t screaming either :) 

Santa Visit09 003 Santa Visit09 015 Santa Visit09 018

Santa Visit09 036All they want for Christmas:

Mason’s List: 

  1. Lightening  McQueen Race Track
  2. Diego Rescue Pack
  3. Texas Tech Football Helmet (every time football is on he asks to have this..)
  4. Games
  5. Cookies (gets this from his momma…chocolate chip cookies are my weakness ;)
  6. Chocolate

Madelyn’s List:

  1. Her Two front teeth (they are coming in and would be much happier if they made their appearance BEFORE Christmas :)
  2. Baby Doll (she has a specific doll she carries everywhere LOVES it)
  3. Busy Zoo Block
  4. The Learning Kitchen
  5. Glo Worm
  6. Activity Table

I have a few more things up my sleeve I think they will love!  I can’t wait. Only 11 days left!!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Rare Winter Fun!!!

Everyone knows it is not that often you see SNOW in Houston.  All week long on the news they kept saying snow on Friday.  I just brushed it off thinking if it did snow it would be a little flurry that would melt before it even hit the ground.  Well Friday rolled around and we had sleet/water/ice mix all morning.  So I thought that was it.  Then, Mason’s teacher called and said that they were closing school at NOON….ARE YOU KIDDING!!! The roads weren’t icy, slick or snow even on the ground.  CRAZY!  Anyways, we headed Friday to pick Mason up from school and as we were leaving it started to snow a little more.  By the time we picked him up the snow flakes were getting bigger and bigger.  By the time we got home….SNOW WAS EVERYWHERE!  YAY…we were all so excited! Mason thought we were going to go skiing right then and there.  (Only because we are heading to Vail this Feb. for a family trip with my family and have talked about how it SNOWS there and we will get to ski)  So of course we bundled up and headed outside for some snow FUN!  Mason however did not like the snow flakes falling and getting into his eyes so he had to wear his sunglasses :)  What a wonderful Friday Afternoon!  Funny thing…we are looking to put a pool in and we had a meeting with a pool guy that afternoon as it was SNOWING :)

November 082 November 100  November 116 November 231

November 143 November 158 November 204 November 131

Mason had so much fun building a snowman, having a snowball fight and just running around sliding in the snow ;)  Poor Madelyn watched from the window!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Here are a few pics of the decorations around the house.  My challenge this year was to decorate my 12ft. tree I purchased ;)  I still need to get more for the tree…that will come next year!

November 033 November 032 November 038

November 049 November 051

November 052 November 118

That is the start to my decorating…:)

Thanksgiving ‘09

This year we stayed put in Houston and Marcus’ parents came up to share Thanksgiving with us and his brother, Monte.  We had a wonderful time.  Lots of FOOD, FOOTBALL, FISHING, and Decorating for Christmas!  Oh yeah…SHOPPING :)  It was fast and furious just like always, but such a wonderful Thanksgiving!  The kids had a great time playing with DD and Daddio and stuffing their bellies…especially with pecan pie!  Thanksgiving09 002Thanksgiving09 019 Thanksgiving09 026

Yes…Madelyn ate ALMOST ALL of the plate full above ;)  She is a bottomless pit :)

Thanksgiving09 029 Thanksgiving09 038