Thursday, May 27, 2010

Turks and Caicos

This past week we took a fabulous family vacation with Marcus’ parents and brother.  We headed to the Beaches Turks and Caicos.  I knew as we were landing the water was going to be nothing short of amazing!!!  It was an awesome vacation with lots of fun in the sun!  The weather was wonderful, the resort was AWESOME (would totally recommend for families) and the kids had a blast.  They loved playing in the pool with DD and Daddio, building sand castles and collecting sea shells, and the absolutely loved the water park on the resort grounds.  I think Madelyn loved all the yummy sweets she consumed!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful vacation!

How do you pass time in the Miami airport……(our first flight left at 6:00am and the kids were up since 3:45….but they did AMAZING…slept on both flights :)

Beach vaca2010 045 Beach vaca2010 049

Look who was there to greet us at the resort: BERT! Madelyn not so sure…

Beach vaca2010 059 Beach vaca2010 062

The Room…it was 2 steps away from the pool :) very convenient

Beach vaca2010 072 Beach vaca2010 078

One room had bunk beds and yes…Mason slept up top one night!  I wasn’t sure he would stay all night up there, but the last night he did and loved it!!!

Beach vaca2010 082 Beach vaca2010 102 Beach vaca2010 094

Day 1: Swim, EAT, Play…playing on our patio before we suited up for the day

 Beach vaca2010 122 

We had a cabana at the pool and beach reserved for us everyday that way the littles could get out of the heat and in the shade.  It was fully stocked with all the drinks and food we needed.  That is what is nice about an all inclusive resort :)

 Beach vaca2010 127Beach vaca2010 124

Beach vaca2010 137 Beach vaca2010 143

Beach vaca2010 141

Water Park FUN!!!

At the water park there was EVERYTHING you could imagine for the kids…restaurant with sesame street characters, popsicles, a smoothie bar, ice cream, pirate ship splash park, slides, surf simulator, lazy river, and much more!  We would hit the water park every day…sometimes just with Mason when Madelyn was asleep since he wanted to do slides and she was much happier just swimming in the baby pool. 

Beach vaca2010 183 Beach vaca2010 192 Beach vaca2010 333 Beach vaca2010 338

The Pool: we spent the majority of time here swimming in the morning, eating lunch and just hanging out!  It was nice that when we put sister down for a nap we would just take the video monitor with us to our cabana and swim and we would be just steps away! Mason was starting swim lessons the day we returned from the Turks, but while we were there we worked on swimming…he eventually started to love to go under and remembered everything he was taught last year from lessons!! I am so glad….I just hope sister loves it as much…she starts lessons in just 1 month!!!

Beach vaca2010 181 Beach vaca2010 158 Beach vaca2010 216 Beach vaca2010 170

Beach vaca2010 224 Beach vaca2010 326

The Beach: This was by far the most beautiful beach and water I have seen!  Mason loved building and destroying sandcastles while Madelyn was not sure about the sand in her toes! 

Beach vaca2010 495 Beach vaca2010 457 Beach vaca2010 461 Beach vaca2010 421 Beach vaca2010 440 Beach vaca2010 416 Beach vaca2010 410 Beach vaca2010 383

The Fam:

Beach vaca2010 312 Beach vaca2010 251 Beach vaca2010 574  Beach vaca2010 426

Beach vaca2010 544 Beach vaca2010 612 Beach vaca2010 617 Beach vaca2010 614


We had a great time, thanks DD and Daddio!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Swim in the new pool

I was dying to get the kids in…so we suited up and headed to play in the pool for the first time!  They loved it… we swam for over an hour before we had to get suited up for Mason’s tee-ball practice.

Pool 084 Pool 086

Pool 100 Pool 098 Pool 104 Pool 111

Pics of the Pool

After 3 LONG months of waiting…our POOL is finished.  It has been finished for about a month and we LOVE LOVE LOVE having it!  The kids are in swim lessons and excited to swim every day! We have a big step that they play on with a fountain and Mason loves to get in the hot tub…it is like a mini kid pool when it is not heated :)  I can’t wait to swim all summer long and even into fall with our Houston weather!!


Pool 003 Pool 002

Hot tub, fountain                                 Wet edge…Hot Tub

Pool 010 Pool 013

Infinity edge to lake                                   Fire strip

Pool 016 Pool 058

      Path to boat                            Pool at night

Pool 030 Pool 052

the fountains shoot really high :)        more night pics