Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Tigers

Mason had his first soccer game this Saturday.  I did not know what to expect…We have been pumping him up, playing soccer every day with him, talking it up!!  He was PUMPED for his first game.  The team practices for 30 minutes before the game then the game is 30 minutes following practice.  I do have to say that is nice.  It was so cute watching a team of 3 yr. olds practice :)  It was even better watching them play.  They play 5 on 5 with no goalie.  Soooo…Saturday we headed out to our first game.  We got Mason all suited up ready to run wild!  It was SUPER hot outside and I knew Madelyn would not make it too long in the heat.  Once we arrived Mason and Daddy kicked the ball around until everyone showed up.  Then the team practiced before their first game.  It was soo cute watching them….It was fun chaos!!!!!  Madelyn made it for 45 minutes before she was exhausted, hot and just not wanting any part of being in the hot sun anymore, so I had to leave with just 15 minutes left in the game.  Of course the 15 minutes I was gone…Mason SCORED…not just once but 2 times :)  The ball got loose from the crowd of players and Mason ran up and dribbled to the goal…thank goodness it was the right one ;)  The Tigers won 4-2.  They like to keep score and have a winning team and a loosing team to teach the kids.  I was so proud of Mason listening to his coach, being nice to his teammates and playing hard. He LOVED his first soccer game he kept telling me.  He was so pooped he passed out on the way home! 

First Soccer Game 012  First Soccer Game 017 First Soccer Game 026 First Soccer Game 036  First Soccer Game 095 First Soccer Game 071First Soccer Game 112 First Soccer Game 114

Friday, September 25, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure!

**Sorry you have to tilt your head. We were at our friends Laura and Peyton's house to show them I am not crazy and let Madelyn show off her new trick...WALKING :) Here she is in action...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Step, Two Step, Three Steps....and MORE!

At only 8 short months Madelyn is walking!!! She is getting more fearless each day. I thought since Mason walked early Madelyn would give me a breather and just sit like a little lady on the floor and play contently with her toys around her….WISHFUL THINKING! :) I have my running shoes on and am exhausted at the end of each day…they keep me on my toes!!!

She went on to take a few more steps until she reached our Kangaroo Climber!


Here are a few snapshots of the past couple of weeks! My babies are growing like weeds!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Carnies Came To Town....

Just for Mason's 3rd Birthday Party!!!! After
MANY birthday party celebrations for our playgroup buddies it was Mason turn to host his Carnival Birthday Party! We celebrated as a family on his real birthday and then this past weekend we got ready to PARTY with all our friends and family!!!! Thank you thank you thank you so much to all the grandparents...I could not have pulled this off without your help!!! Seeing Mason's big smile and amazed stare as he arrived at his party was priceless. Happy Birthday Buddy!

The Cake and Cupcakes

The Favors

One would throw the tennis ball then they would all run after it...they did this for a long while :)

I rented a was a big hit. They LOVED it ;)

Singing Happy Birthday....Mason blew out his candles early...He was ANXIOUS to eat his cake ;)

Playing Ring Around the Rosies...they started it all by was tooo cute!!

Giving baby sister kisses....Thanks to Nanny, Papa, and DD for taking care of her during the party!


Monday, September 14, 2009

2 Steps

For a bit now Madelyn has been standing for periods of time on her own. She recently has taken her FIRST STEPS. She will only take about 2 then plop on her booty! SLOW DOWN lil girl!!!! She can also be sitting by herself and stand up on her own. It is so cute because Mason will cheer her on...and yell "baby sister took 2 steps" I know he can't wait for her to walk so they can chase each other around the house and WEAR ME OUT :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday lil Rascal!

You are our will always be our baby! 3 sweet, fun filled, happy, and fulfilling years you have been here and we are so excited to see what the next 3+ will bring in our lives together. Curious, particular, outgoing, talkative, imaginative, big hearted are just a few simple words to describe you. I love how you love your sister, how you look up to your daddy, how you love me to read you books and stories each night, how you look forward to your grandparents to come see you. You are full of life and love and we love you lil rascal. Happy Happy 3rd birthday!!

**Birthday Party pics to come after Saturday's Carnival Birthday party!!! We gave Mason a new big bike and fishing pole for his birthday along with some other lil things. We had a busy day at school, riding our new bike, catching a HUGE catfish that broke Daddy's rod, and running through the back yard!! We love you buddy!! Happy Birthday!