Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Baby!

Mason at 4 and Madelyn almost 2= BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!  Mason understands, anticipates, excites, LOVES everything about Christmas!  He loves to tell us the story of Jesus’ birth, loves to sing Christmas songs, loves the thought of Santa coming down the chimney to HIS house! I remember all the excitement and magic this time of year brought me when I was young, and I love to “relive” this special time through my kids!  It is truly the best! 

December 2010 107 Elfie!  Made an appearance a little after Thanksgiving ready to “hide and watch” to make sure Mason and Madelyn were being good!  Madelyn…could have cared less!  Mason…loved playing hide and seek with Elfie every morning.  He did question his ability to fly back to the North Pole…and wondered why he was like his “stuffed animals” and not “real” looking!  YIKES!  Seriously his questions were making me question how much longer Santa would really be REAL!

SantaMadelynBday 004Twas’ the night before Christmas…Well really December 23rd (we were traveling to Abilene for Christmas so Santa stopped at our pad a few days early)  We sat out cookies, milk and of course our list making sure Santa really knew what we wanted….since Elfie could have forgotten to tell him!

SantaMadelynBday 005Our stockings were hung….And FILLED to the BRIM with fun $1.00 isle items and an umbrella and flash light and movies!   

 SantaMadelynBday 013 SantaMadelynBday 019

Santa came and he DELIVERED!  Mason’s fav gift was his POLICE car and Madelyn loves her Dora Backpack and Elmo doctor kit!  They both love playing in the kitchen! 

Mason woke first and could NOT stand it!  He was ready to JUMP out of the bed and run downstairs to see if Santa came! 

SantaMadelynBday 029 SantaMadelynBday 032SantaMadelynBday 035 He was so so so SPEECHLESS!  He ran downstairs and did not know what to do!  He ran straight for the police car and pretty much stayed in it for a while!  At this time Madelyn was awake and ready to come see her stash! 

SantaMadelynBday 040  SantaMadelynBday 045

SantaMadelynBday 046

They played for a good while.  Marcus and I got ready loaded up the car and we were off to Abilene to DD and Daddio’s house!  I thought it would be hard for the kids to leave their new toys behind only a few hours after they got them, but they grabbed a few of their fav toys and that kept them somewhat happy in the 5hr car ride :)  SantaMadelynBday 088

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Nanny and Papa!

Nanny and Papa traveled up Houston to spend Christmas with us!  The kids were so excited to see them and even more excited to see their trunk full of fun gifts they brought!  They loved bringing in the gifts and putting them under the tree until it was time to tear into them!

December 2010 095 December 2010 096 December 2010 076

December 2010 113December 2010 135                          December 2010 188                       December 2010 190Thank you Nanny and Papa for a Wonderful Christmas!  Mason LOVES his guitar and Madelyn loves her baby stroller and play set!  They always love to spend time with yall.  We also loved our gifts too!  Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Party Time!!!

Here are a few pics of Mason and Madelyn’s Christmas parties at school! 

December 2010 245 December 2010 247

December 2010 255

December 2010 264 December 2010 267

December 2010 272

They both had a book exchange and fun treats!  They were most excited about the balloon they each got!

Children of the World

Mason’s class was “Children of the World” in the Christmas Program!  They were sooo soooo precious!!!  He loved every minute of his performance on the stage! 

December 2010 033 December 2010 060 December 2010 028 December 2010 057

Christmas in NYC

I have been dying to go to NYC to see the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center!!!  SOOOOOO….this year was the year!  A friend, Nicole, and I went for a quick trip up to NYC to see the tree and of course SHOP :)

We got there the day it was lit.  We decided we didn’t want to be STUCK standing watching the tree, so we walked and shopped up and down 5th and listened to Mariah Carey, Josh Grobin.  Then when the tree was lit we took pictures and headed back to the Plaza.  We then took the whole next day to SHOP SHOP SHOP till we dropped :)  We ate a quick breakfast then we were off.  While we were eating in the hotel Nicole spotted Tommy Hilfiger!  That was our only Celeb siting except for the restaurant we had dinner at…Jessica Alba had a private party there!!!  It was a fast FURIOUS trip, but so so much fun!!!

December2010 013 December2010 022 December2010 030 December2010 037

Christmas Tree Pics

Here are a few pics of the littles by the Christmas Tree!  They love to go hold their gifts and smile big for a quick pic! 

December2010 052 December 2010 004 December 2010 218

December 2010 220 December 2010 222


Mason these days….He LOVES LOVES LOVES to pretend play.  He loves to dress up in his super hero costumes and his police man costume.  He is such a little smarty pants!  He is fully of questions and loves to tell stories!  He is Mr. Independant! He loves to do everything his self and even loves to do everything for Madely….I am sure that will change!  He loves Tom and Jerry, Batman, Mickey Mouse, and Max and Ruby (which I can’t for the life of me figure out why?!?!?!)  He enjoys school!  He has many friends he loves to play with there and enjoys learning and playing.  He goes 5 days a week and if his birthday wasn’t in September he would EAT UP kindergarten!!  He is asking for a power wheels police car, batman house, Iron Man, games for Christmas!


Madelyn these days…She is my STINKER!  She know what she wants and SHE WILL GET IT….if she can help it :)  She has the sweetest lil voice who asks for DIEGO every day.  Madelyn loves to watch Diego, Dora and Tom and Jerry with Mason.  She is getting into Mickey Mouse too!  I can get her to wear bows because Minnie wears them :)  She LOVES Cookie Monster on her Diapers…I buy Pampers and she HAS to have the EXACT diaper with Cookie Monster and Big Bird on the back…when I run out of that exact diaper…I have to work my magic and “lie” and tell her they are on there or she will go BANANAS!!!!!  She goes potty on the BIG POTTY every night and sometimes throughout the day….however I do have a feeling she is going to be harder to potty train than Mason…STUBBORN!!!  She loves for me to sing Jesus Loves Me at bed and loves to wear her Cow PJ’s :) She is asking…(even though she doesn’t know it…) for babies, kitchen, books, and Elmo for Christmas.