Friday, March 27, 2009

Afternoon Stroll

Mason loves to ride his bike. We gave it to him for his second birthday and he loves to go on bike rides. We will ride for over an hour at times. After Mason wakes from his nap (weather permitting) I load up baby sister in her stroller and we take off. We ride to the water, down to the rocks, and back numerous times before he is ready to do something else. Madelyn is usually pretty content sleeping while we take our strolls.

**Mason had some pretty bad bed head during this ride...the only thing that will tame his fly away thin hair:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 Month Doctor Appointment

Today was Madelyn's 2 month check up. It was NOT PRETTY! Mason always did "fine" with his shots but not lil misses! Dr. Nelms came in checked her out and said we have a very beautiful happy healthy baby girl :)

Weight: 11lb 11oz-67%

Height: 23in- 66%

Head: 15 1/2in-60%

Yeah for a growing lil girl!!!

Then the dreaded shots and rotavirus vaccine. I was a little nervous about the rotavirus vaccine because every time I give her her vitamins she THROWS UP! YUCK!!! I had dressed her in a dress to go visit Daddy and meet his coworkers for the first time after her appointment. And my hunch was right...right after they gradually gave her the rotavirus vaccine it came straight up with all her breakfast! So....we had to change her from her cute dress :( She couldn't calm down she was having a FIT! Next they gave her the shots....that just made the FIT escalate. It took me a while to calm her down, but when I did she took a good afternoon nap :) I SOOOO dread the 4 month rotavirus vaccine :( Here are a few of my favorite pictures I took today....I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my brown eyed girl....she melts my heart!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Look what Mason found.....

The Easter Bunny came early! Mason and Daddy were cleaning the windows in the backyard and they came across this-

I tried my best to get a good pic without the mother duck flying in and snapping at my hiney! We found them in the bushes up against our house right under our bedroom window :) We shall see how many hatch into baby ducks.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Every Feb/March we get's RODEO time ;) Last year Mason had a blast watching the trail riders come through Katy and going to the rodeo. This year was a bit different since we have a new member to the family.... I did not attempt to take Mason to the rodeo with our playgroup by myself! We waited for Daddy to take off work and go with us. Let me just say our rodeo experience this year was DRAMA!

It started off GREAT! We started off at the petting zoo...Mason was hesitant at first but enjoyed feeding the animals. Daddy took him in to pet the animals while I fed Madelyn. Daddy did a great job getting do good action shots of Mason!

Then after the petting zoo we went to see the cows..and watch one getting milked. Can you spot Mason and Daddy?

From when Mason was itty bitty he loved TRACTORS!! SO, off to ride the big tractors. This was his favorite part of the Rodeo last year. He did not want to get off :)

NOW FOR THE DRAMA!!! I needed some chap stick so I reached down to the bottom of my stroller to unpack the basket to get to my purse which was hidden at the BACK of the basket. Well...IT WAS GONE!!!!!!!!!!! Everything was in my purse, keys, ID, Credit Cards, phone...everything. There was NO way the purse just fell was hidden behind the camera case, diaper bag, sling, and blanket. I retraced my steps...and knew it has to have been gone during the petting zoo. NO PURSE! The lady at the petting zoo did say a MOM can by and took this black purse (the color of my purse) that her daughter left. So I was off to lost and found to report my purse stolen!!! At this time I was in a were we going to get credit cards...EVERYTHING! As I was walking into the lost and found room a Police officer was walking in with my purse! I was SOOO SHOCKED to see my purse and HAPPY! At first they asked for my ID to make sure that I was who I said and that it was my ID was in my purse. SO they took one look at the ID (YES it was still there :) and decided it was me and handed over my purse. I rummaged through my purse to see what was missing...NOTHING...everything was still there in the same place it was left. I was LUCKY! It's a mystery...there was no way my purse fell out someone had to take it, but not quite sure who took it and ended up not stealing a single thing in my purse!

Now that the drama was over...back to the rodeo. We decided it was time to go to the carnival. We bought some tickets rode some rides and played basketball. Of course you can't go to a carnival without a Funnel Cake...Mason's favorite ;) Overall, the rodeo was a success, but I was ready to leave and get back home for a much needed nap :)

Yes..Madleyn is in the sling...she loves it :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 Months

Times flies much faster with the 2nd one (so everyone says :)! I remember back to Mason's first few months...and they went quick, but not as quick as these last few have gone. Night and Day...that is all I have to say about my two babies :) Not only do I have a boy and girl (the obvious difference) I have two different babies that I LOVE dearly. That is a different post all in itself! Today Madelyn turned 2 months old! She is a VERY HAPPY baby...easy going, laid back, and full of smiles. She is a big lil girl :)
(We go to the doctor Thursday the 26th so I will update with her stats and pics.)

Eating: She eats every 3-4 hrs during the day. She is a great burper and doesn't spit up at all. I swear she would go forever all day and not eat if I did not make her. She is a quick eater..she will nurse for about 10 minutes total!!! At first I worried, but when she has had bottles I have pumped at least 4 ounces and she guzzles them down :)

Sleep: I like " routine," so we started early with Madelyn's bed time routine. I LOVE my sleep and you know with a newborn and lil one around...sleep is hard to come by. I hate to type this then Madelyn prove me wrong, but she is one HECK of a sleeper AT NIGHT that is :) She takes a little cat nap around six for about 45 minutes. Then when we put both Mason and Madelyn in the bath at around 7:45...sometimes earlier sometimes later :). Then Madelyn eats one last time around 8:15 she is swaddled then off to dreamland. I put her down around 8:45. She sleeps till 7:30am!! Sometimes she wakes around 5:30am but just for a little snack then back to sleep. That is right almost 12 hours!!!! She is one happy camper in the morning too! At first I did not swaddle Madelyn..she did not seem to like it, but momma did not like waking up because she was hitting herself in the face and waking herself up. When she would wake herself up I would think she was hungry and try to feed her. She would nurse for about 2 minutes just to fall fast asleep again. SOOO, I decided I was going to try swaddling again and WALAAAAA...she liked it and stayed asleep longer ;) YEAH for swaddling. (something Mason HATED with a passion)

Likes: Madelyn loves watching the ceiling fan, her mobile, and laying on her play mat. She "sometime" likes the swing :) She is very content when I put her in the baby sling. She will fall fast asleep. She likes the strolls we take while big brother rides his bike! She likes to be held too! She loves to burry her face when she is trying to fall asleep.

Dislikes: She is not a fan of being tired...when she is tired she will let you know then just a few minutes later she will be off to dreamland. She likes her paci, but at certain when she is trying to fall asleep. Otherwise, she spits it out! She dislikes loud noises. She can tell when I leave the room. I left her in her swing to put something up and as soon as I left she started to cry. I quickly went back into the game room to see what was the matter and as soon as I walked in and said "baby sister girl" she got the hugest grin on her sweet lil face. Naps are not on the top of her list right now. She seems to cat nap all day unless we are on the go then she will sleep in her stroller or in the car. As long as I am getting good rest at night I am a happy camper ;)

The sweetest moments are right after she eats she looks up at me with those big brown eyes and gives me the cutest grin and sweetest giggles. She is irresistible :) I think I was much to nervous the first time around and did not get to fully enjoy all the little things and with the second I am finding myself soaking in every little smile, laugh, coo, cry! It is truly amazing how much they grow and learn in such a short time! I don't know how good of a "girl" mom I will be. I can't seem to remember to put bows in her hair...or put her MILLIONS of cute shoes on her. Boys are simple, shorts and a shirt and maybe a comb through the hair and we were good to go :) I am a girly girl though, but also a tomboy so I guess I will get the hang of getting my girl all dolled up. At least I don't have to worry about doing her hair for a while...she doesn't have much :) And by the looks of it...if she is like her daddy or momma she will have THIN FINE hair...poor girl!

Monday, March 16, 2009

~Spring Break~

This week Mason had his first Spring Break! He headed to Austin for a couple days to stay with my parents. He had such a wonderful time. He headed down Sunday and stayed till Wednesday. Baby sister, daddy and I were left back in Houston and were sad to not have Mason here to keep us company! The house was MUCH MUCH quieter without him here and we missed him so. HOWEVER, Mason had such a wonderful time in Austin I don't think we were missed too much. Here are a few pictures of Mason's fun filled Spring Break in Austin.

Spring Break Checklist:

  1. Ride Choo Choo Train at Zilker Park- CHECK

  2. Ride bike around neighborhood-CHECK

  3. Get Ice Cream with Aunt Jenny- CHECK

  4. Watch Cars with Nanny and Papa-CHECK

  5. Stay up WAY past bed time- CHECK PLUS

  6. Run Nanny and Papa Ragged- CHECK PLUS PLUS

When I went to pick Mason up on Wednesday he had had a BLAST and was ready to tell me all about it :) I was soooo ready to see my lil guy again. He kept giving me hugs and I held on tight. On the way home Mason and Madelyn slept....thank goodness...did not know how that was going to go traveling with the both of them for the first time :) Now Mason is ready to go ransack DD and Daddio's house ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mr. Postman

*This picture was taken at MDO when they were learning about community helpers...of course he choose to dress like the mailman :)
Mason is really into pretend play. He loves to pretend he is cooking for me with his play food and microwave. He also loves to pretend play with his stuffed animals. When we are outside riding his bike...he sometimes pretends he is the mailman delivering the mail. When he is quietly playing he is always "pretend" is so cute to hear the conversations and see the "pretending" he comes up with! He has quite the imagination :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm In Love With A....


If you want to see the most precious smile or hear the sweetest little laugh and coos....just put Madelyn under the ceiling fan :) She loves to watch it...she can spot them a mile away in every room. She also loves watching her mobile on her play mat and her swing! It is sooo cute!

*please excuse the unmade bed and weird was hard to get them both in the pic since our ceilings are really high!

Sunday, March 08, 2009


My baby... my baby is 2 1/2 yrs old! I can't believe it....time has flown! He has grown in so many ways. It amazes me how much they learn in just their first few years of life. I can't wait to see what the next few years, decades hold in store for you, Mason! You are one boy full of life and personality and I love watching you grow and change DAILY!
*We have been fully potty trained now for several weeks! YAY!!!