Monday, July 28, 2008

Kick Kick Kick

Well that is what Mason says when he is swimming in the pool :) But these last few weeks I have felt the lil one "kick kick kick" as Mason would say. Of course it has not been a strong kick or sensation, just a lil swish or flutter! I usually feel it while I am laying flat on my back and just resting. I debated whether this was really it, but as the weeks went by and I kept feeling the same sensation/flutter I knew it had to be the lil guy/gal swimming around. I also have a heart monitor and when I listen to the heart beat I can hear him/her moving all around and sometime when they are moving around and I am listening to the heartbeat I can feel the same flutters. What a fun feeling! I can't wait till Mason feels his sister/brother....but I can't wait to find out boy or girl :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

13-14 week check up

Today's appt. was very uneventful. They listened for the heartbeat and did an exam and well that is about it. We decided not to get the ultrascreen done...we did not have it done with Mason and decided against it again this go round too. So......the big day August 11th!!!!! We find out if Mason will have a lil bro or sweet lil sister in January. I made the appt. for EARLY in the morning so I did not have to be antsy all day long. We would love a little brother for Mason to be close with like Marcus' brother, Monte, and him are, or a sister that he can look after.....just a healthy lil one is all we pray for :) So get your votes in before August 11th!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Woodlands

This past weekend we went to The Woodlands with my family for a lil vacation getaway. We stayed at The Woodlands Resort, I LOVED IT! It was beautiful and very kid friendly. While we were there we ate, swam, feed the ducks and turtles, ate some more, swam, made smores, and CRASHED! We ventured out to Market Street where we had dinner at Tommy Bahama's Restaurant and Mason and Kylie played in the splash pad. It was such a fun relaxing weekend by the pool!

Here are some of the fun things we did :)

On the road again...I love this pic because you can see his TEETH he is FINALLY getting in!!!

Cousins...Mason LOVES Kylie

See Nanny and Papa

Part of the amazing pool...with 2 huge slides and a smaller one for Mason

Just a funny pic of my lil guy :)

Part of the golf grounds

Ready for the POOL....we were at the pool at 9:00am and did not leave until 4:00!!!

Playing on the splash pad with Paul...FUN FUN FUN

Having fun in the pool...YES I wore a bikini!?!? YIKES :)

Mason played LOTS of basketball

We threw rocks in the bushes

Kylie and Mason fed the turtles and ducks

We made smores..YUMMY!! I think Mason held on and LICKED the marshmallow for HOURS!

Something funny Mason does when he gets into an elevator: He backs up to the back wall, crosses his feet and taps his top foot....NEVER FAILS every time he gets into the elevator. Again, still holding onto his marshmallow

We got dressed up and went to dinner at Tommy Bahama's Restaurant in Market Place

My sister, Jenny, and Kylie at dinner

YUMMY ketchup...Mason dips everything in ketchup he LOVES it ;)

After dinner in their nice clothes...Mason and Kylie went to this splash pad outside of Tommy Bahama's and had a blast getting soaking wet!

Another shot at a family picture Mason was sooo tired :(

Night night time...he was one pooped boy at the end of each day ;)

Mason just did not want to cooperate with the family picture..he wanted to stand and jump off the rocks

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Baby Schultz #2

It is finally sinking in that Mason is going to be a big brother and not the baby anymore...even though he will always be my baby :)

May 14: Surprise! Well sort of. We had just got back from our family trip to Mexico. I had been feeling fine but in the back of my mind just thought....I'M PREGNANT! So I waited and waited and well nothing :) Two days past and the 14th rolled around. I was treating Mason and myself to McDonald's pancakes that morning...and the Wallgreens happened to be open and well off I went to buy the test! I debated...when should I take it, but being inpatient, we headed home and before we even indulged in our pancakes from the golden arches....I was off to the bathroom. When I tested with Mason the first test came up negative then a day later it was positive. Well with #2 the TWO PINK LINES popped up in no time....I WAS PREGNANT! However, that one lil test did not suffice...I took quite a few more to convince me :) Now all I had to do was spread the great news to Marcus and our families!

The Week in between: I immediately called my doc and scheduled my first appt. and ultrasound! The week in between finding out and waiting was long and restless. I could hardly stand it...I wanted to see that lil bean right away! I had begun to feel tired and bloated and started napping when Mason took his naps...better take them while I can get them.

May 21st: I was antsy, excited, and NERVOUS. My appt. was not until 2:45 so Marcus could join me! Mason went as well....It was a family affair :) Well we saw the doc....nothing exciting happened during the appt, but then it was ULTRASOUND time! I was only 5 1/2 weeks when we saw the baby it was a small lil white fuzzy blob, but THERE WAS A HEARTBEAT and it was AMAZING!! My due date: January 16th

Symptoms: They came pretty much after I found out I was pregnant...and have yet to go away :( energy, especially running after a very active lil boy! lest I have not been sick, but nauseated morning, noon and NIGHT...especially right during bed time YUCK! I even lost 3 lb's. SMELLS....very mild, but with Mason this is what would make me very sick and GET SICK! Did I mention is by far 10 times worse this time 'round than with Mason!

June 7th: Minor scare. I had the same scare with Mason, so I was a TAD BIT calmer this time around. Marcus was out of town this weekend and I had friends in for a girl's weekend. Thanks to my great friend Mav who stayed up all night with me at the ER to find out baby #2 was doing just fine. Since I am RH- I had to see my doctor on Monday to have a Rhogam shot and my 3rd ultrasound. This time we heard the heart beating at 176 BPM's at 8 weeks!! It was reassuring getting to see lil S thriving and the heart beating eased my fears!

This brings me to my last two posts I have already posted! Each night we lie in bed and listen to lil S's heart beating and it is such an amazing sound. I look at Mason everyday and think....what a WONDERFUL big brother he will be and what a lucky lil baby to have him as their best friend. As for now....I am still feeling minor symptoms and very dizzy at times. I know this two shall pass and the little flutter will come shortly!

Below are belly pics...YES with #2 I popped out QUICK! Somehow I did not get a belly pic at week 7 or 9 :)

Week 5 ( we had just found out that Wednesday!)

Week 6: I couldn't button my jeans :(

Week 8: you can see a little pooch (thanks Mav for staying up til 4am with me!!)

Week 10

Week 11: just look at those tired eyes :)

Week 12: Still growing (look at that cute lil head poking through :)