Monday, October 08, 2012

My New Paradise!

Last year one of my best friends and I went to St. Thomas for our annual girls trip!  I.FELL.IN.LOVE!  Soooo I just knew our 10yr anniversary trip would have to be to St. John! Last year Whitney and I stayed in St. Thomas and visited St. John….however, I knew when I went back we would have to stay on St. John.  We stayed at Caneel Bay…ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! We were there for only 4 nights and I am counting down the days till our return!  A few of our friends came with us on the trip and that made it more fun!  Before we went…I had our trip planned out….A day venturing around St. John ( on a moped….that is a whole other story) visiting the many beaches, eating at Skinny Legs! Another day boating over to the BVI’s to Virgin Gorda Baths and Soggy Dollar bar!  By far the BEST DAY!!!  The our last day was relaxing on the 7 YES 7 beaches that Caneel bay has on their property…along with Donkeys :) This trip was a wonderful relaxing ending to our summer vacationing!  From our Matt’s Magical Moped Adventure (Marcus was DENIED on driving a moped and I nearly had a wreck trying to show him how easy it was Ha!…we had a Jeep instead!) to our new business venture Curly’s, to our unmentionables….everyone is ready for round 2!

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3rd Annual Beaches Vacation

Yes….July was a busy month of vacation after vacation after vacation.  It was NOT supposed to happen that way.  Our family was SUPPOSED to go on our vacation in June.  I’m pulling out the bags, getting organized and about to start packing just 2 days before our week long trip to the Turks.  Just when I was about to start pulling out the kids clothes I got the EMAIL!  “Beaches Turks and Caicos will be closed until June 13 due to a virus outbreak through out the resort and island therefore you will need to cancel or reschedule your vacation for another time.”  SERIOUSLY…I about had a heart attack.  I quickly called Beaches to confirm the email…and YES our nightmare had come true…our vacation cancelled :(  After several calls, hours later we were able to reschedule our trip for July….(most people had to cancel and reschedule for the following year…that's how booked this resort gets!!!)  Luckily we were able to squeeze in our 7 nights in July in our same room we usually book and they paid our change fees for our flights.  AND Marcus was able to move his vacation time without a problem.  SO all in all I was glad to move it since I HATE PUKE and that was the last thing I wanted was anyone to be sick on our family vacation…talk about another nightmare!!!  So after putting away all the bags and telling the kids we were not going we had another month of waiting till our much anticipated trip….However, it was well worth the wait!  July came quickly and we were off on our 6am flight to Turks!  We had a BLAST! We even had a Football Star sighting :) Willie Mcginest!   The kids loved every minute of the sun, sand, and seashells!  We ate way too much, got ice cream every night, visited the water park each day, walked down the beach and collected sea shells, relaxed in our cabana, and enjoyed our 7 days of sun! Before we left we booked our vacation again for next year in July!  Beaches never fails us :)