Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for…our two lil ones, family, friends, health…and so so so much more.  This year we headed down to Austin to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  This year we decided to take advantage of someone else’s cooking at Texas Land and Cattle!! We ate tons of yummy steak, desserts, and had a great time visiting with the whole family!  That night Marcus, my dad and Paul went to the FREEZING cold UT A&M game!!  After the game, my mom, sister and I headed out for Black Friday shopping.  That was an adventure all in itself!!!  We had a wonderful time playing with cousins, eating, and shopping…I just can’t believe Christmas is almost here!! 

Thanksgiving10 080 Thanksgiving10 087

Thanksgiving10 100 Thanksgiving10 118

Thanksgiving10 129 Thanksgiving10 131


Our backyard palms lit for christmas :) We have lights on the front too but I did not get a pic of that yet!   These pics don’t do it justice…it looks even better! 

Thanksgiving10 149 Thanksgiving10 151

Thanksgiving10 167 Thanksgiving10 168

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playing Catch Up!!

The past couple months have flown by and we have been very busy!! Needless to say I am behind!  Here is what we have been up to…

~Mason played soccer again this Fall and this season was MUCH MUCH better than last.  He LOVED it!!!  One game he scored 6 goals!!! He was on FIRE :) I think me may “try” basketball in the winter!!

1stsoccer2010 016 1stsoccer2010 053 1stsoccer2010 067

~Halloween:  We went to the yearly pumpkin patch, but Mason wanted every pumpkin and Madelyn just wanted to run around.  We did however come home with a wagon full!!  This year I handed the Halloween Express magazine to Mason to pick his costume!  It was kinda early when he chose to be the Black Spiderman.  I was nervous once I ordered it he would change his mind and it would be too late…but he was so excited for Halloween to come to put his costume on.  Madelyn…I figured I have at least one more Halloween where I can choose her costume (even though she is a girl who KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS!!!)…so she was a bumble bee.  She loves to dress up.  When Mason puts his costumes on or plays dress up she is right there with him dressing up as Iron Man, Spiderman, or whatever costume Mason is not wearing :)  On Halloween we went to a fun festival in our neighborhood and then went trick or treating around the neighborhood.  Mason had a blast….Madelyn was not a fan of the festival but loved getting new candy at each door we knocked at.  She would have to try all the candy even before we got home!  Mason had so much fun going around getting candy and seeing all the kids in their costumes! 

Fall2010 031 Fall2010 075

Fall2010 132 Fall2010 101 Fall2010 144

~Mason’s Thanksgiving Feast:  The kids had a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast.  They did a little class program for us parents in their classroom before they DUG in!!  Mason had a such a sweet class with wonderful teachers and kids. 

Fall2010 263 Fall2010 254 Fall2010 275 Fall2010 269

Fall2010 284

~Other Fun pics…

Fall2010 207 Waiting to give Santa their list…Madelyn NOT a fan…Mason could have sat on his lap for hours talking to him :)

Fall2010 230 Hula Hooping…one gift Mason has asked Santa for :)

Fall2010 195 Not many times do I get a pic with my two…and Mason was not feeling it!!!

Fall2010 174 Climbing a tree at DD’s house!! LOOKS CAN BE DECIEVING :)