Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Call Me Crazy

After a few weeks of ENDLESS diapers and a 2 yr old ready to potty train...I decided it was time to say goodbye to the Pampers and hello to Mickey and Thomas big boy undies :)

Day 1: Feb. 9th- We had 3 accidents, but realized he DID NOT LIKE pee pee running down his legs!

Day 2: Feb. 10th- Mason had school today. They have a policy that they can't come in underwear until they have 2 weeks accident free! So Mason will wear his pull up and his Mickey underwear over the pull up until he is accident free. They will take them to the potty often and when Mason tells them he has to go. He did great at school and pee peed on the potty.

Day 3: Feb. 11th- Morning no accidents :) Evening one accident...daddy took Mason to play outside and they were playing too hard and forgot to come in and take a restroom break! Only 1 accident today!

Day 4: Feb. 12th-School again...No accidents at home after school!

Day 5: Feb. 13th-After one accident of tee tee in the morning...Mason decided he did NOT LIKE that feeling anymore! He went poo poo in the potty, "I POO POO A LOT" as Mason said, and was accident free the rest of the day. Today he started telling us more ON HIS OWN that he needed to go to the big potty.

Day 6: Feb.14th-After playing all morning and a trip to Target we are accident free and "I POO POO A LOT" again in the big potty!

.....So far we are on our way! Mason wears his SLEEP UNDIES (pull-ups) for nap and bed time and we put Mickey, Thomas, or Lightening McQueen over them. With the first week almost under our belt....Mason has surprised me once more and done an amazing job taking on this new task! He is SUCH A BIG BOY!


Cole said...

i am bowing down to you!

Nedd Family said...

Woman you are seriously a nut! You crack me up with how you are taking on these big milestones. Can't believe you are flying right through them and this last one with a newborn. Goodness gracious! Hope Hunter catches on quick with this one!